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Mistress Giselle keeps her slave strung up and helpless with his hole completely vulnerable to her XL strap-on cock! She takes no mercy in destroying his slut-ass while taking away every last piece of manhood with her 12" dick.
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it’s Halloween & I’m in the mood to fuck everyone’s pumpkin lol
I lube my massive cock up & taunt him a little before stretching his tight Pumpkin hole merciless with my cock.
Forcing my big cock deep down his manpussy until I have him gapping and begging for mercy riding that edge and dripping cum. Good boy take it deep for me, relax I want it real deep hmm yes
I love ruff sex and i love to fuck my slaves hard. I call the shots and I fuck until I’m done. Beg all you want it won’t do you any good, but do i love it when you beg for mercy
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Danish Femdom: Tie N’ Tease

Slave in chastity and leather suspension has to go through orgasmcontrol, Denial, CBT and teasing before getting the final reward with Mistress’ Strapon.
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Houseofgord: Remote Mobi Fucking Machine

Well, well, well… Looks like Darling is back. And seems that Gord has set up a new version of the Mobi-Fuck machine. See, the last incarnation of the Mobi-Fuck was set up to screw the girls Doggie Style. This version, as you can see will be screwing Darling as she is in an upright and slightly inclined position. Obviously we have her restrained differently too. There’s an armiture bar that we strap her to for back support.
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Houseofgord: Air Chair

Jewell is one of our favorite models because not only is stunningly hot but also is a complete trooper about being tied and tested in even Gord’s most bizarre contraptions. Here she tries out the Air Chair while Claire Adams pushes the buttons. Jewell waits patiently while Claire sets up the controller for the air chair’s pneumatic fucking mechanism.
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Houseofgord: Butt Thrust Walker

Darling is bolted into the butt thrust frame and forced to exercise. This contraption forces the girls to walk with their backs arched and their asses thrust out in a provocative manner. It is certainly working here. Some electrics help to motivate her along her path.
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Houseofgord: Reyja Wood Crated

Reyja Wood, one of our favorite submissives is here and Lydia wants to box her up. Wait, this is no ordinary box, so, there are a few surprises. Reyja is too horny to just wait there, strapped down in a display box. As you would guess, Lydia has something planned to keep Reyja occupied! Check it out!
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Houseofgord: Gord Girl Orgasm Training

Mistress Liliyana begins orgasm training with Sierra and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sierra gets a taste of her pussy and begins her long journey learning to orgasm on command with a remote-control electric collar secured around her neck. Gord Girl Sierra needs a lot of training, and playful yet strict Liliyana is up for the task.
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Houseofgord: Erin Sinclair Squat Fuck

Erin Sinclair gets another round of orgasms when she goes for a ride on one of our latest modifications: The Squat Fuck machine! Lola wanted a new girl to play with so Lydia took some time off to attend to other kinky business. That’s cool though because both Erin and Lola are hot and have a little crush on each other…
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Houseofgord: Sarah Jane Ceylon Air Chair

Description: Sarah Jane is back for a hot, orgasmic ride on the Air Chair! She was mounted on the front of Gord’s truck last time, and so she’s never "had" the chair before… She’s bound to LOVE this one, because EVERY girl that has ever ridden it LOVES it and needs to be pryed away from it! Feast your eyes…
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Houseofgord: Kendra James Gag Training

Sweet Kendra James is back to test out the strength of her jaw! So, Lydia has set her up on the Ball Gag Trainer… This thing seems simple, but it can be torturous! Here’s why: Lydia has set up all types of distractions for Kendra, and, as she bites down to keep herself from springing up… Well, just see for yourselves!!!
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Houseofgord: The Erection Set

This week we stopped by Lovingly Handmade Pornography to enjoy some biscuit sandwiches and happened to bump into Ruby and Endza. We invited them to join us after lunch and Russell decided to show us his latest piece of equipment. Before we knew it, Endza had stripped her clothes off and was climbing it bending over it and showing off her perfect pussy and ass..

We sat back to enjoy the show while Ruby put Endza through her paces. Enjoy this week’s update, We certainly did!
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Houseofgord: Natalie Minx Foldy Fucked

Natalie Minx is strapped onto the spreader bars tightly. Her legs are tightly strapped in and her waist in strictly trussed into place. Her arms are cuffed behind her back and a gag stuffed into her mouth. In this treacherous position she is then forced up and down on to a dildo that fucks her with out relief… in and out, in and out, in and out…
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Houseofgord: Adrianna Air Chair

Adrianna revisits the Air Chair. What a reunion. Gord originally built this diabolical device for Adrianna. This chair is an air powered fucking machine. Not only is Adrianna cinched in tight, but once Lydia throws a switch then air cylinders pull the straps even tighter. Adrianna can barely breathe. All the while, the dildo is pumping into her pussy and the vibrator is buzzing right at her clit. Lydia completes the impact with a couple of TENS pads right on her ass cheeks. Adrianna is cinched and fucked until she can take no more.
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Houseofgord: Lucia Ommph! Ommph! Fucked

Hogtied, balanced on knees, arched backward, clamped, collared, gagged, vibrated, stuffed and helpless. It’s a great way to machine fuck a girl.
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