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WHIPPED ASS: April 12, 2018 – Cherry Torn and Olive Glass

Olive is super excited to shoot for Whipped Ass, and she wants it all: spanking, flogging, fucking, anal, pussy licking…everything! She’s a natural submissive, ready to please, and with Cherry Torn calling the shots, she gets it all and more! Cherry spanks her and inspects her, teaching her how to show gratitude, and the importance of asking for permission before cumming.
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FUCKING MACHINES: March 28, 2018 – Olive Glass

Olive is slowly starting to make her rounds at Kink.com. She is sexy as fuck with an amazing all natural body and tits to die for. She has decided to give us a chance to convert her to a machine slut. The process is pretty simple. We get her warmed up with a vibe and then fuck her with our machines. The part that turns her into the machine slut is that she gets addicted to being fucked harder, faster, and better than any human could ever fuck her. She powers through machine after machine and smiles as much as she orgasm, which is basically non-stop all damn day. We set a goal and achieved it by making her cum harder than she ever has before. Olive is a keeper, and we plan to keep her satisfied every fucking time we see her.
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Female Worship – Olive Glass – Dinner

Dinner can mean a night at an expensive restaurant eating the finest foods, or it can mean going down on the woman you adore. For Olive Glass tonight it is most definitely the latter.
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Female Worship – Olive Glass – I Made You Dinner

How nice of Olive Glass to make her man dinner. It’s even kinder of her to lie back on the dining room table to offer him a first taste of her buffet, after which he will go make their actual dinner.
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Female Worship – Olive Glass – Kiss My Thighs First

Olive Glass likes to be teased, to have her man first start with her thighs, slowly kissing and caressing them. But not for too long because eventually she wants him diving in for the prize.
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Female Worship – Tell Me How Sweet My Ass Tastes

Olive Glass knows her ass tastes sweet. But sometimes she likes to hear it from her devoted males as they partake in the reward of worshipping between her ass cheeks.
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Female Worship – Olive Glass – You Love When I Give You Orders

The male that Olive Glass currently has working around the house both loves to lick her pussy and loves to take orders from her. So it stands to reason that his favorite thing is being ordered to orally adore her.
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Female Worship – Olive Glass – I Love How Well You Take Orders

Olive Glass adores this male, not just because of how well he pampers her but because he is always responsive to her orders. An obedient adoring male always puts her in the mood to be worshipped.
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HARDTIED: Apr 26, 2017: Caught In The Act | Olive Glass

Olive Glass is in need of a place to relieve herself and she will accept pretty well anything at this point. She is running from door to door frantically trying to find a kind person to let her in to use their bathroom when she gives up and decides to pee next to a random house.

Turns out Olive chose the wrong house to relieve herself by. When O.T. comes by and sees her crouched down and pissing he is in no way happy with what he finds. In fact, he is so angry that he grabs her by her hair and drags her inside. As far as he is concerned, it is time for this girl to pay for her indecency.

He ties her up to a pole by her neck, despite her protest. He torments her, wrapping her in rope, stuffing her own panties into her mouth, and bending her over. He uses a cattle prod, shocking her over her skin. He spanks her. He flogs her. He tugs at bits of her with a crotch rope and nipple clamps and makes her suffer for the wrong she has done.
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