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Spanked In Uniform – The Birchrod Inn Episode 19

Amy is a personal maid and she is not obedient and submissive enough by her Mistress so she was sent to the Birchrod Inn for some strict and painfull training. She got her first sound spanking when she didn’t offer Mr. Johnson a glass of water correctly. Later in the day she got a sound paddling for not putting the correct sugar and milk in His coffee. The next morning the lazy little madam overslept and was 19 minutes late so she got 19 hard strokes of the birch on her bare bottom.
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Spanked In Uniform – The Birchrod Inn Episode 17

Angel was sent to the Birchrod Inn for 3 days and she was forced to watch Chervana get spanked for being late with the coffee that morning. During cleaning Chervana noticed Angel’s delightfull spankable bottom so instead of reporting Angel’s bad cleaning to Mr. Johnson, she took matters into her own hands and put Angel over her knee. That evening Mr. Jonhson was to paddle Angel for not cleaning the ashtrays in the bar but as he took her panties down, he saw that her bottom was allready red and sore. Chervana was called and both girls got a sound leather paddling side by side. Soon after that both girls dashed outside and sat in the snow to cool down their two hot bottoms.
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Spanked In Uniform – The Birchrod Inn Episode 13

The new maid at the Birchrod Inn the,18 year old Kami was told to bring a guest his breakfast in bed and she screwed up the order so the owner Mr. Johnson put the little madam over His knee and gave her a sound spanking. Later in the day Kami didn’t clean the barbeque so she was lain over the arm of the sofa and she got a sound birching. During the barbeque that evening Kami was forced to stand against the wall, her well spanked and birched bottom on display for all the guests to see
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Spanked In Uniform – The Birchrod Inn Episode 11

The last spanking and leather paddling didn’t have much effect on Pandora because the next day Mr. Johnson caught her wanting to post a letter to her lawyer in which she accused him of sexual harrasment, human rights violations etc. Mr. Johnson was furious so He pulled her across His knee and gave her a HARD proper spanking! Later she got her thighs smacked for not curtesing properly and she got the special Birchrod Inn training. Serving drinks properly, ashtray positioning, kissing feet etc. She was transformed from a hoity toity little madam into a submissive, compliant, proper little maid.
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Spanked In Uniform – Europe Airlines Episode 8

Due to the ash cloud over Europe from the Islandic volcano, all flights were grounded. Mr. Johnson gave stewardess Pandora the order to assist the stranded passengers but when one passenger got annoyed, instead of calming him down and giving him food and drink vouchers, Pandora decided to go home. She was caught and Mr. Johnson took her up to his office and gave her a sound spanking over his knee and a good dose of the birch on her bare bottom over his desk. Then she was ordered to go back downstairs and help.
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