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Clubstiletto – Lunch is Served

This is a very unique video series. Mistress Juliette and Countess Isabella decide to have lunch together. Countess Isabella enjoys using Her slaves as objects and the two Ladies sit on one of Isabella’s slaves just like a human couch. They completely ignore him and he is simply an object for them to sit on. Mistress Juliette sits on his face without mercy the entire time and we have no idea how the slave survived. Countess Isabella sits on his stomach non-stop. The two of them enjoy lunch and chat about their favorite slaves and the things they love to do to them. This is all very real and natural. It is a glimpse into the life of the two Ladies having a normal lunch and conversing about various things while treating slaves like objects. During the lunch, Countess Isabella’s slave waiter serves them wine and food as they sit on their human couch. he receives hard face slaps for his errors from both Ladies. This video series is complete objectification at its finest. There is no actual asslicking but the facesitting and smothering is very real for the entire series. It’s a really good series we know you will enjoy if you love objectification and facesitting.

Mistress: Countess Isabella, Mistress Yuliya
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Yuliya – Ass Cleaning Lessons

Mistress Yuliya decides to give Her slave some more ass licking lessons. She starts off with a brief but hard beating on his ass to inspire him to do better when following Her orders. Then She mounts his face and commands, “Sniff My ass like I taught you.” The slave obeys and Mistress Yuliya enjoys sitting hard on his face to make sniffing difficult. Then She orders, “Stick your tongue out… imagine you’re a cow with a nice long tongue.. I want you to lick My ass crack up and down with nice… long…. licks.” Mistress Yuliya takes the slave through all the various phases of ass cleaning, including serving as toilet paper. She orders Her slave to stick out his tongue and She rubs Her asshole all over it. She rubs his nose in Her ass and goes for great smothering action. She wants Her ass cleaned and She wants it cleaned NOW! “you are nothing but My toilet paper,” She says. She sits full weight and Her ass almost swallows the slave’s face. Great camera angles. Her ass looks amazing in this scene!

Mistress: Mistress Yuliya
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Clubstiletto – Toilet Paper Tongue Mistress Yuliya

Clubstiletto - Toilet Paper Tongue Mistress Yuliya

This is one of the hottest human toilet paper videos ever filmed! The slave is confined to the bathroom with clamps on his tongue. Mistress Yuliya is determined to stretch his tongue so it can serve properly as her personal toilet paper. She enters the bathroom and starts to tug on the clamps and explains why she wants his tongue stretched so much. then she tells her slave that she need to take a dump. She sits on the toilet and rests her feet on his face as she does her business.

She realizes she is going to blast some wicked farts so she pulls his head between her legs and forces him to smell all the rich aroma of her farts and her dump. She laughs as the slave struggles with the smell. Now it’s time for cleanup duties. Mistress Yuliya stands up and commands her slave to serve as her human toilet paper. She shows him how dirty her ass is. It is time to lick it clean. The poor creature obeys his beloved Mistress and starts to lick her ass. She orders him to lick up and down her entire ass crack and also swirl his tongue around her ass cheeks to catch any stray filth.

Then she orders him to do some deep cleaning as she continues to degrade him. She moves through various positions so he can have good access to the depths of her asshole. At the end, she checks that her ass is perfectly clean and presents it to the camera so you can see how clean it is too. She parts her cheeks wide for your inspection. Then she puts the clamps back on her slave’s tongue and leaves him secured in the bathroom until the next time he must perform his duties.

Mistress: Mistress Yuliya
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