Tag: Mistress Rachael

Clubdom: Brat Doms Slave Dinner

Goddess Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori lock their little latex slave in the kitchen pantry while playing with his friend Bobby, that is under the impression its dinner time. Little does he know the Goddesses have another kind of meal in store for him. Shaking and terrified, they bring him out to play, laying him down on the table to prove his willingness, and worthiness. Goddess Mena strokes his pathetic dick, while Goddess Rachael moans in ecstasy from making him eat her pussy, getting it all juicy and wet. The Goddesses switch places on their new slave and finally giving him permission to spill his disgusting filth all over himself, making him eat it instead of the meal he thought he was going to get.
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Clubdom: Fucking Fifi’s Gaping Ass (August 23th 2017)

The Estates resident maid FiFi is dusting the dungeon floor with a feather duster shoved up her ass. Mistress Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori are amused and snap their fingers telling FiFi it’s time for him to clean off their big 12 inch strapons. "Wrap your lips around my big black cock and lube it up so I can fuck your man pussy." Fifi complies. They bend the bitch over and sadistically thrust their big huge cock in and out of both his fuck holes. Taking turns at pound his ass while stretching his gaping ass wide open. Mistress Mena now flips the bitch on his back so she can drive her cock even deeper. After she has finished fucking the bitch they both tell him to get back to cleaning. He grabs the feather duster with his hand and starts to dust and told "oh no, go back to the way you were, put it back in your ass."
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Clubdom: Dreaming Of Cock

These Goddess’s know all you dream of is big black cock stretching out your pathetic man cunt you fantasize about Goddess Rilynn Rae and Mistress Roxii Blair pounding your little pussy owning you completely, dominating, you and then allowing you to stroke that little 2″ inch slut stick only to lick up your own filth and get back in your cage.
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Clubdom: They Milked That Bitch

Time for another monthly milking on the estate Goddess Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori milk their sluts filth right out of him but first the tease and twist his pathetic cock and balls edging the slut right to the brink then stopping and laughing at him the woman are cruel and love the power they have over their male slaves finally they let the slave shoot a load, then feed him every last drop
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Clubdom: Sadistic Anal Stretching of Slave 227 (June 12th 2017)

Mistress Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori are bratty spoiled Femdom anal stretching queens. They just love using mens pussy holes to Fuck Hard and stretch wide open until the pathetic bitches scream for mercy, it’s what makes them wet. The power of owning every male slut. They have their bitch bent over the fuck horse Goddess Rachael sits stroking her huge 12″ black strap on cock as she smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke right into the slaves face and asks him to beg her to fuck his hole finally the ladies really tear into this bitch fucking him hard and long making him scream for every inch
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Clubdom: Worship My Asshole You Slut

Goddess Rachael Madori and Mistress Mena Li are relaxing enjoying a smoke talking just how much they love owning men, As Slave boy Toby just stares and drools at their feet , they tease and torment him blowing smoke in his face and using him as an ashtray. Mena lets him smell her boot , the ladies laugh at how pathetic he is Then they let him smell their Goddess Pussies and finally Rachael says she has a task for the bitch and instructs Toby boy to worship her beautiful ass, but makes sure to tell him he better get her off , she is ruthless and uses his face as her fuck toy violently grinding her asshole into his face until she reaches orgasm.
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