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Obeynikita: Fuck Whore

My cock was starving for a good fuck and then this whore walked in… well, it crawled in. Then it got its arms bound in lots of leather straps and its head encased in full thick black leather tied tight in the back. The perfect faceless, nameless boi-hole for me to fuck like it was a street corner whore! I slap its pussy with my big black cock before shoving it in deep and pounding until I’m satisfied with all those leather muffled moans coming from it’s sensory deprived head. It gets a little fresh air when I decide it’s time for this little whore to lick my cock clean so it’s ready for the next time I want to fuck it.
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Obeynikita: Face Down on the Floor

I dressed my fuck-toy in a tight leather corset, fishnets and shiny patent "fuck me" ankle boots before allowing it to crawl to my feet and kiss my gorgeous Louboutin boots. Then I strapped it’s head into a thick leather deprivation hood so it could concentrate fully on the pounding it was about to receive. It really is so convenient to have a place to lock it’s wrists into while I take full advantage of my fuck-hole for the evening! Having it locked away made it easy to press it beneath my boot sole until it was laid out on the floor and begging to get fucked long, deep and hard. And that’s just what I did… I plungered my little pussy hole until I was satisfied and fuck-boi was gasping for breath under its strict leather confines. As is normal, it got put away in my steel cage and locked down for the night.
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Obeynikita: My Shoe Box

I just added this fantastic new piece to my private fetish chambers. While it serves as a platform for my chair, it also allows me to put a slave’s head inside the box under my feet and lock its wrists and neck in place. I can then decide to leave it in the small dark enclosure while I still have access to the rest of its body or I can open the hatch above its head so it can lick my heels, worship my nylons or kiss my feet. This little slut was all too eager to try out my new shoe box… notice how excited "my" cock gets when I just mention worshiping my feet! Such a lucky slave to get so much of my attention and so close to my gorgeous Louboutin Daffodils, sheer black nylons and bare feet.

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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: My Human Smoke Filter

It’s so nice to return to the dungeon after an elegant evening out to find my human air cleaner right where I left it… like it had any choice. Now, it has no choice but to fulfill the service I’ve tasked it with — to filter my smoke! Such a lucky little object. I do enjoy a nice cigar to cap off the evening’s affairs and having a little sadistic fun just adds to my night. I don’t really care that it doesn’t smoke — it just lives to serve. So very amusing to use that cock as my ashtray after I blow copious amounts of smoke into it’s mask for it to consume and freshen up the room.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: VFMC Punished & Fucked

Crawl into my cage, slut! I want you to see what’s in store for a little whore like you because you’re next once I’m done with this bitch. Of course you can watch while I have some fun cropping its ass to a nice shade of bright red before I slam its fuck-hole long, hard and deep with my rubber dick. This is what you so desperately crave, isn’t it? That’s it… beg me to fuck you and then tell me what a total slut you are. This one is definitely a total slut. It practically begs me to suck my dirty cock clean after it’s been plunged into its pussy. Are you ready to be taken out now?
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Oh Did You Think You Were Gonna Cum?

So funny this little piglet thought I was going to let it cum after I got back from my vacation. I hadn’t allowed it release for a few months prior, so I have no idea why it would think I’d allow it to when I returned. Wishful thinking, I guess. Only thing is that means it was thinking about its own pleasure and not about me! And that’s a big no-no! So, I just decided to get it hard, stroke it with my leather gloved hand and smooth boot sole, and not let it cum. Instead I pressed the spikes of my leather corset into its flesh and whipped its ass red. Maybe I’ll ruin its orgasm the next time I let it cum.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Cum On My Boots

I’ve been conditioning my shoe slave so it’s only able to become sexually aroused by the sight, taste and smell of my high heeled footwear. It keeps the slut focused right where it belongs — under my boot soles! So, every few weeks I allow it to cum on my shoes or boots, but he has to lick them clean afterwards, of course. Watch while I jerk it’s cock so it cums on my thigh high leather bitch boots with 12 inch heels.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Spanking The Maidboi

Every slut should learn the proper way to care for my hosiery and there’s really only one way to make sure they pay attention… a good old fashion over the knee spanking when they don’t do it right.
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obeynikita Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Shoe Gagged

I love using my slut’s weaknesses to my total advantage. It’s so easy to control men when I know exactly what makes them salivate like little hungry puppies. This slut is obsessed with shoes and boots. Lucky for it I adore high heeled footwear too. I gagged it with a shoe gag, tore its fishnets and teased its drippy cock with the studs on my ankle boots until it was begging to cum. I didn’t allow it release this time. It just came on my thigh high boots like last week. I like to keep it focused on it’s proper place — beneath my 6 inch heels. 720 HD
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Gagged & Punished

It’s so funny when you bois think all your little needs and wants are going to be catered to when you crawl to my heels and beg to be my bitch. This is about you catering to me! And when I’m tired of hearing your little face hole whine all day about what you want, I simply stuff a bright red ball gag in it and do things to you that I want… like punishing you until you really start to understand your place in my world. I zipped my little London bitch into a latex straight jacket and plugged its mouth before shoving a nice big black butt plug in its other hole. Then I cropped, paddled and whipped its ass to make it moan for mercy through its spit and gag. I let it sniff my shoe and nylon foot just as a tease before whipping it again. Continuous punishment and rewards will eventually break the slave. If it doesn’t they will simply be discarded.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Paddle Slut

What a little slut! It gets its bare dicklet on my latex sheet and it turns into a horny bed humper! Perhaps a nice thick leather paddle repeatedly smacked on its ass will curb its enthusiasm somewhat. As expected it just gets more hot and bothered when my extreme high heel and sheer black hosed feet get near its head. I let it touch my pantyhose a little and kiss my heels, but not before making its flesh bright red!
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Cry For My Dick Whore

It really is funny when you little piglets beg to be my sissy bitch and then find out what that really entails. Maybe this one thought it would be all about pretty frilly girly things and pink lip-gloss. Nope. I strapped a rubber sissy sex doll hood around its head, put a bra and panties on it, locked up its clittly and shoved it in my swing. Legs up, ass open, sweetie… my big black dick is gonna plunge deep in that boi pussy cock socket you used to call an asshole. Cry all you want, whore, it just turns me on. All you can do is lay there and take it with that stupid frozen fuck me harder look on your face. See what I mean? Funny!
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Lick The Floor Bootworm

This slithering little worm is really only good for keeping the floor clean so my boot soles don’t get dirty. Who needs a swiffer when it’s got a wet tongue in that mop head tethered to my leash? Aww poor thing… I bet it thought I was going to allow it to lick and cum on my new Casadei knee high black leather laced up boots when I took it out of my cage. Stupid worm! It will thank me later for allowing it to lick my spit and ash off the floor like a good little bitch. Then I lock it back up until the next time my floor needs a good mop.157
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Smoking Boots

You’re lucky I’m even allowing you to look at these super gorgeous black leather Casadei knee high zip and lace boots with oh so high metal stiletto heels. Your tongue isn’t going anywhere near them, but you can be a good boot boi, kneel on the floor and watch me smoke a cigarette while my long red nails caress the soft Italian leather. And don’t you dare touch that little thing between your legs. Just let my boots take control of you, take over your entire existence. You’d do anything for just a sniff of that leather. What about the inside after my damp pantyhose feet come out? I said no touching, bitch!

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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Long Nails & Leather Gloves

My nail bitch doesn’t even need to see my long glossy red nails or arm length soft leather gloves. It can simply feel them brush against its flesh and that cock of mine springs right to attention. And its so much fun for me to make sure it remains weak and wanting wishing it could see the shiny clear coat as I stroke what belongs to me. It may cum only after it begs for my permission, but it already knows it will be licking it all off my nails. Just part of the ever revolving cycle that keeps it plunging deeper and deeper in submission to my gorgeous nails.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Nail Whore Gets Gagged

I’m just back from the salon with a fresh set of glossy red claws. They’re always so sharp when new, never good for sliding delicate nylons on my legs. So, I use my little piglet here as a human emery board to soften my new nails. I know it hurts when I scratch all over it s helpless flesh. It probably thought I was going to allow it to cum on my manicure. Nope, I decided to use its throat to soften the edges. All that gagging must be good for this purpose. If not, its just fun to make sure my nails control every breath it takes.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Heel Fuck

I simply adore slipping my nylon smothered feet into a new pair of stiletto heels. Just look at these gorgeous black patent ankle strapped studded beauties with a shiny six inch metal heel. The perfect choice in footwear to make all you little shoe-bois drool when you see me out and about, or in this case, when I want to make my personal shoe-boi feel totally owned from the inside out. That shiny silver heel fits perfectly plunging deep down inside my cock’s pee hole! Such a lucky little heel-fucker. It gets to kiss and lick, get fucked by and shine up my pretty heels with its natural shine and that shoe rag it used to call a tongue. Then it gets to drive me to my dinner appointment.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Leopard Heel Slave

Look at these gorgeous shiny super high platform leopard pumps! The stiletto heels are so thin and sharp at the very end they’re perfect for teaching slithering little slug bois their proper place under my soles. So funny when it groans as I press deep into its weak flesh. All the more reason to strap that cock up and attach a leash. That way I can yank on it and make it do whatever I want. Not only did this bitch get to enjoy the taste of my new heels, it got to eat my spit and ash from a bowl.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Lucky Little Pantyhose Fucker

This little slut would do anything to get near my gorgeous smooth shiny black sheer pantyhose. I know you’re drooling all over yourself just looking at them too. Look at the contrast between my super shiny patent pumps and the silkiness of my legs. Can you hear that slight swoosh of the fabric when I pop my foot into my shoe? You know exactly what I’m talking about. That little sound practically controls this foot licker’s entire existence. See how hard "my" dick gets when I tie it up with a pair of used hose so tight I’ll have to cut them off. It’s ready to explode when I ride it with my sheer bottom and spit in its mouth. I hadn’t allowed it release for a few months so I let it blow a big load on my silky feet. Then I jammed my cum soaked foot deep down its throat and made it suck it clean. Such a lucky little fuck.
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