Tag: Mistress Michelle

Club Dom: Michelle & Tangent: Caning Coach Jackson

Coach Jackson has been spying on poor Miss Mathews and makes very rude comments to her. She tells her teacher and principal on him. Professor Michelle and Principal Tangent decide to make the coach regret his ways and they call him into their office. He denies being a jerk to Miss Mathews, but they can see right through him, after all, they deal with men like him from time to time and this is why their school is so well-run, because they discipline all of the men employees themselves. spank and paddle him. The clip begins when they decide to really destroy him, with their canes. The three women, yes even Ricky, take turns putting the coach in his place, punishing him thoroughly with their hard firm canes.
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Club Dom: Natalya, Paris, & Michelle Ass Worship/Fur Goddesses Sunbathing Ass Worship

After having their feet worshipped, Mistresses Natalia and Paris order their slave to worship their asses. When they have had enough, Natalia shoves the slave into the pool and orders him to stay there until they allow him to get out.
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Club Dom: Michelle Lacy & Natalya Human Ashtray/Human Ashtray For Mistress

Mistress Natalya Sadici and Michelle Lacy use their slave as a human ashtray blowing smoke in his face and using his mouth to flick their cigarette in, And instruct you to go ahead and stroke that tiny pathetic excuse you call a dick that they call a micro penis or dicklet, that’s right slut you have just the length of time it takes them to finish their smoke to finish spilling your disgusting filth and then slurp up every last drop as you wish you could be their human ashtray and have these beautiful Goddes’s blowing smoke in your face.
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Club Dom: Michelle Lacy & Natalya Highheel Worship/High Heel Licking Bitch

Club Dom: Michelle Lacy & Natalya Highheel Worship/High Heel Licking Bitch

Mistress Michelle Lacy and Mistress Natalya Sadici have a job for their pathetic bitch slave. They make him lay on his back as they begin to shove each heel down his throat making this worthless slave gag. As Mistress Michelle and Natalya take turns getting their high heels licked clean. They tell their slave that if he can make their heels shine like new, they might let him play with his pathetic 2” dick. Highly excited, this pathetic loser quickly springs to a kneeling position and beings pulling on his needle dick. As the worthless bitch pumps away at his cockette, both MistressLacy and Natalya are overcome with fits of laughter due to the spectacle before them. Grunting and bucking like a wild animal, the slave lustfully pumps his hand-pussy as both Mistresses demand he quickly spill his filth. Eager to obey, this slut whore sprays his disgusting load all over the dungeon floor, making a huge mess. Of course, the Mistresses demand their dungeon be left spotless, grabbing the slave by the hair and mopping up his manfilth with his tongue and face.
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Club Dom: Michelle Lacy Cock CBT

GODDESS Michelle Lacy has her slave strapped to a diamond plate metal cross. This pathetic slut thinks he’s going to get milked. All he wants is attention from his Goddess and attention to his pathetic slut stick. Its been over 40 days since his filth sacks have been drained. But Goddess Michelle has different ideas. She see decides it’s time to cane this bitches cock with a single cock cane. She says “this is all you wanted, right? Attention to your slut stick? If you like that, wait till you feel this!” Revealing to him four single cock canes and begins striking him over and over again. Grabbing his pathetic slut sacks Goddess Michelle starts caning them too. The bitch got his wish. All the slave ever wanted was some attention. So that’s what she gave him..
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