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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Beg Me To Sell You My Socks Loser

Miss Honey Barefeet

Hi there foot loser. I know you’re already turned on as you stare at my gym socks. And I know you’re hoping they’re smelly and I know you wish you could jerk your dick with my stinky socks. Do you want these smelly, worn out gym socks? I know you want me to smother your face with them. You’re such a predictable horny addict. It’s really easy to tease you with them.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Of My Feet Even As I Dump You

Description: Miss Honey Barefeet

I know you’re so excited to get this video reply from me. I got your email and I decided to record a video to tell you why we can’t be together and why we can’t even be friends. You and I would never work, I will never be with you. I mean just look at yourself, you’re a foot freak, you’re staring at my feet while I’m trying to talk to you. I’m trying to tell you some important things and you can’t take your eyes off of my feet. You can’t even process what I’m telling you because you’re so fixated on my feet.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Severe Verbal Humiliation Makes You So Fucking Hard And That’s So Fucked Up (October 13th 2017)

Miss Honey Barefeet

I know sometimes you stupid losers wonder if I feel bad about degrading you. I know I make you do dehumanizing things and verbally mindfuck you until you hate yourself. And the answer is No. I don’t give a fuck about you or your existence. You’re just a fucking jerkoff loser who spends all day wanking. Why would I give a fuck about you? Why would I feel bad about humiliating you when all I’m doing is telling you the truth? You should be fucking thanking me and listening to me instead of jerking off to my words. But you can’t help yourself because you’re that fucking stupid!

Really I’m not sorry at all, I just don’t care. If you’re watching this clip then you’re a stupid, pathetic jerkahholic. So no, I don’t feel bad at all. You’re totally worthless. And you fucking love this! I know you’re jerking so hard right now and honestly I think it’s fucking sad. Really. So I’m just going to keep reminding you how I feel about you, and how fucked up you are because you love it, you need it. You couldn’t even resist buying this clip!

You can’t stop jerking off to this fucked up $.h.!.tt!! You’re not normal, you’re not a man, you’re not even worthy of this kind of attention, no matter how fucked up it is. You see no matter how badly I treat you, you come back for more. And the worse I treat you, the more you like it. Stupid, pathetic, jerkoff sluts like you deserve nothing but humiliation! Being degraded and treated like $.h.!.tt is the best part of your day. It makes you cock rock hard! You really are pathetic.

Honestly you’re not even worthy of this attention, of hearing my contempt for you. So I’m not sorry for treating you like a loser! Fuck you! You’re a fucking moron. If I spit in your face and laughed, you’d thank me and ask for more. That’s not normal! You’re so gross! I really hate idiots like you. And maybe the most fucked up part of all of this is that you Pay for it! I fucking love fucktards like you who beg and pay to be treated like $.h.!.tt.. You’re fucking worthless. The only use I have for you is to clean the soles of my heels with your tongue while I verbally annihilate you.

Is there any limit to how fucking low you will go? I don’t think you can stop yourself from doing fucked up $.h.!.tt that’s way beyond your limits. Admit it loser, you’re not normal. Jerking off to this $.h.!.tt isn’t normal. And you can’t fucking stop. Just look at how fucking hard I’ve made you.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Worship My Feet With My Lover’s Cock Up Your Ass

Miss Honey Barefeet

You have a serious obsession with feet and cocks. I know how horny and fucked up you feel when you’re looking at my toes. You’re feeling week and slutty. Thinking about my lover’s big cock is such a tease for you, isn’t it? And my feet are so tempting, aren’t they? You just can’t help yourself. You’re one confused, sick, fucked up freak.

I want you on your knees, worshiping my delicious feet. I want you face down, ass up and spread those cheeks. You’re such a lucky anal slut. You’re going to learn how to serve both your Mistress and her lover at the same time. You’re going to take his cock in your ass as you worship my feet. Inhale me, inhale my feet and get intoxicated by their smell as you take his cock up your ass. You’re so depraved. I know you’re loving this.

Kiss, worship and sniff my feet as you feel his cock sliding in and out of your ass. I’m going to make sure he fucks you so hard. You dirty, filthy anal foot slut. Nothing feels better than worshiping my feet and being fucked in the ass. I want you to moan as you kiss my feet and take your Master’s cock in your ass. LOL! That’s it. You like that don’t you? You love feeling that big alpha male cock stretching your ass. You love being such a dirty foot loser, knowing that nothing feels better than serving my feet while offering up your ass, LOL! Your ass is useless unless it’s serving my lover’s big dick.

But my feet are worth it, just look how weak you are. Everything about my feet makes you so horny. You can barely handle it. Your cock is hard with my feet in your face and my lover’s cock in your ass. You live for this. Get ready to take that alpha cock load right up your asshole. You’ll do it for my feet, they make you feel so dirty and slutty but you love it. You love being filthy foot slut for my gorgeous toes. Feel his cock pulsating in your ass as you kiss my toes loser. Feel that load filling up your ass, feel how dirty you’ve become. My toes addict you, that make your mind blank so that you will do whatever I want. You’ll get so nasty for me.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Your Cock Controls Your Brain And Your Bank Account, I’m Just Here To Guide You

Miss Honey Barefeet

Have you been useful to me lately? Have you been buying my clips and sending me your cash? Of course you have because it turns you on so much, doesn’t it jerky boy? You’re addicted to paying. You need to pay to get off. You love to binge and stroke. I know about your addiction and I know it gets you so excited when your bank account gets lower and lower. Your cock is twitching just hearing me talk about it. And there is no cure, it will never end, it will never go away. You can’t escape it. It just gets you higher and higher. It gets you off so hard. It’s just a little fun game you can’t stop playing. You love that intense mindfuck.

I wonder what you feel when you look at your credit card statement with all your porn and femdom spending? I know you must be filled with regret seeing how much you’ve spent. Spending is like a d.r.u.g.. for you loser. You know it’s dangerous and it’s hurting you but you just need it. You just can’t stop binging and paying until you cum. And then it starts all over again. You’re a slave to the needs of your cock. You think you’re a slave for me, but it’s your own rock hard cock that’s controlling your brain and you’re bank account. I’m just here to guide you.

I’m so deep in your head, talking to you about your addiction, and it just makes you jerk it faster, doesn’t it? You’re such a jerkaholic that you need it more and more. You need it to get more intense so you need to spend more. And all I do is laugh at your stupidity. And you pay me just to hear me laugh at you. You pay for my attention and you find that you need it more and more, the addiction just grows. I know you’re so fucking hard right now. You can’t help it. You feel the rush of excitement, your head is dizzy, as you jerk with one hand and have your credit card in the other.

It feels so good, you love getting so weak and handing me your money. You get so hard thinking about going broke for me. You want to push your limits further. I know you can barely hold yourself back now. When you’re this horny you’re almost begging to pay. You need to feel that rush. Click and send. Yes, that feels so good. Admit it. It gets you so fucking high that you don’t even realize what you’re doing. Your cock just feels so good, filled with the pleasure of giving me your money. You love that feeling of that power exchange when you give me your money.

You work so hard to earn it, and then you just give it to me, because it’s so hot when I drain your bank account. Now stop touching your cock and watch it just throb in the air. Look how fucking hard this gets you! It’s like I told you, your cock has this power over you. Your cock turns you into a complete pay piggy loser. You’re so pathetic. Your cock just doesn’t work unless you’re spending your money on me. And you need it to work, it’s all you think about. You’re so fucked and you did it to yourself loser. I’m going to fuck you over harder than you’ve ever been fucked over. How hard did that just make you?
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet:You’re A Sucker For Bratty College Cheerleader Ass

Miss Honey Barefeet

You fucking loser, you’re such a perv for hot bratty college co-eds. And you love it even more when they humiliate you. And you especially love college cheerleaders. It’s one of your huge weaknesses. You fucking linger and perv all the time. I know it, you’re an old creep and a perv. You hang around the games, hoping to get a peek under our short skirts because you love hot young college cheerleader ass in panties. You love the way you have to look so hard just to get a peek beneath my skirt. You wait for it. It makes you so horny and makes you act so foolish. You are a filthy perverted loser and you know it. You’re addicted to college brat ass.

And you know the only way to get my attention is with your money. If you want to stare up my skirt and hear me giggle at you, you have to pay for it. Otherwise I wouldn’t pay any attention to you. You have to pay for the privilege to stare at my ass under this short little cheerleader skirt. You get so horny and stupid when you stare at my ass. And you love it even more when I’m mean and bratty towards you. You love when I take your cash and tell you to fuck off and flip you off as I walk away. And you have to pay because I know what a pervert you are.

I love teasing loser rejects like you who never have sex with hot girls like me. It’s so easy. So go on, pay and worship my ass, worship it under my skirt. I know how addicted you are. How desperate you are for a glimpse. Look at my tight little ass in these cute panties. It’s making your dick twitch so hard. You can’t get enough loser. And I love taking your money. So go on, worship my ass, sniff it. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you jerk your filthy dick in front of me. Tell me how grateful you are that I shake my ass around in front of your stupid face.

You can’t get enough of my ass, you can’t stop stroking. It’s so pathetic. You desperately crave to touch it but I’d never let you loser! My ass is for real men. I only date football players. And look at yourself, you’re just a fucking loser for me to tease and abuse. You’re a sucker for my ass. You’re jerking off and craving to be dominated by my ass. My ass has complete control over you. You’re so horny and stupid for me. My ass gives meaning to your pathetic life. It’s all you can think about. You’re such a sucker.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: My Heels Taste So Good To Your Brain Without Even Licking Them

Miss Honey Barefeet

Come here footboy, I know you can’t take your eyes off of my new strappy high heels. They are so fucking sexy, aren’t they? They make my legs look so hot! I know how desperately you want to touch them and kiss them and worship them. But for now, just stare at them, they’re new and I don’t want your gross mouth near them! Just stare and jerk your cock. I know they make you so hard.

My legs in these shoes just scramble your brain. You can’t stop jerking to them. Just stare loser. Look at my delicious painted toes just peeking out of my heels, making you so weak and so horny. You’re so weak and so silly with your foot fetish addiction. I love taking advantage of you and mindfucking you with my legs and feet. Just look at them. Do you think you’re worthy of worshiping these heels?

Maybe I’ll let you lick my toes as long as you don’t get your tongue near my new high heels. They’re way more valuable to me than you are loser. Go on, kiss my toes while you jerk your cock. That’s fucking ecstasy for you. My shoes are so delicious, they taste good to your brain even without licking them. I think maybe I’ll let you lick the soles, you can’t really mess those up. Would you like that?

It’s a privilege to worship these heels. I’m being so generous letting you lick the soles. You could stare at my feet and heels all day and night, it’s never enough for a foot freak like you. My feet are so precious and these heels are so powerful, they make you so weak. Give in to my heels loser. You need these heels in your life. These heels are your weakness, they’re your destruction. I love the power I have over you, having you right at my feet where you belong. So weak and so horny. You’re already so addicted, you’re so weak you don’t even realize what I’m doing to your mind with just my feet. Let my feet take over your weak, submissive brain. You will keep coming back and begging to serve my feet because it’s never enough for a foot boy like you.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Edge Your Cash Cock As I Play With The Triggers In Your Piggy Brain

Miss Honey Barefeet

Hi loser, you couldn’t resist, you had to come back. I’m sure you’re on the automatic rebill membership, you’re so addicted to us brats. Every day you come on this site and jerk, and edge, and pay, and worship. You stare at how fucking perfect I am and jerk your cock like a zombie. It’s really easy to control you, to take advantage of you, as I turn your brain to mush. I train you, reprogram you, torture you and you love it, you live for it. Just admit it, you love jerking to hot, dominant women who know how to make your cock twitch in the air. You love to edge when you’re being teased and denied and slowly you give up all control. Your stupid horny throbbing cock controls you and I control that cock.

I know you’re rock hard right now as stare at me and listen to my words. You’re just my jerk off zombie. Your brain melts when your cock gets hard. You stare at my curves as you edge your cock. You can’t fucking resist. Stroke, stroke, stroke loser. Feel how much it turns you on to see me. You’re hard cock is making you so stupid but you don’t care, you don’t care how much money you spend. In fact, you lose track of how much you’ve spent when you’re horny and stupid like this. You jerk and pay, jerk and pay, it’s your dark little secret. Your dangerous addiction.

But I know you’re just a stupid pay pig. It’s sad and pathetic how easily you are parted from your cash. I barely have to do anything, you practically beg me for it. You’re a fucked up jerk off idiot that I drain. You know you can’t get laid, even if you pay, so you’ve resorted to paying just to jerk. So I manipulate you out of your cash while I laugh at you and fuck my boyfriend. You’re such an idiot piggy. Thank god I don’t have to see your face.

And as soon as I started talking about ruining you financially, your hand started jerking faster, didn’t it? It feels so good doesn’t it? When I touch those triggers in your stupid piggy brain. Go ahead loser, pump it, that’s all you know how to do, you’re a chronic masturbator. Look how horny and stupid you get when you stare at me, jerk to me, and pay me. You fucking live for this abuse. You crave it. Jerk off losers like you don’t have girlfriends because you don’t even want to have sex. You prefer to pay and stroke. It feels so much better than pussy. You’d rather have your brain fucked than ever touch a pussy ever again.

You pay to be addicted, and then all you want to do is pay more. It’s a never ending cycle because you know you need to spend more each time to reach that same high. Look at my hot body loser and know it’s not for you. Pay pigs like you can only jerk and drool, edge and pay. I’m turning you into a mush brain jerk off zombie addict. And you love it. You just can’t stop touching yourself, it’s stronger than your will. And the hornier you get, the more you want to pay. You pay because it’s hot, because it’s become the only way you can cum. You need it more and more, like the air that you breathe. I want you to get deeper into this addiction. You know you can’t stop until you’re completely drained. Now take your hands off of your cock and let it just twitch in the air. Only I can do that to you. Now edge that cash cock for me. You can’t resist. You know you can’t stop, it’s stronger than you.
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Humiliation POV: Worship My Heels Or You’re Fired

Miss Honey Barefeet

We need to talk about something serious with your behavior at the office. I’ve been getting complaints that you’re disturbing female coworkers in our company. It seems you stare at their legs and feet in an inappropriate manner. What do you have to say about that? You see I can’t have any sexual harassment complaints in my company so we have two options. Either I’m going to fire you, or you need to be punished. Oh you don’t want to get fired? Well then for a punishment we need to see how far you can go with that disturbing fetish of yours. I want you to tell me all about it and tell me why female legs and feet and heels attract you.

I want you to get down on the floor in front of me and I want you to worship my legs. Yes I’m serious. Worship my heels and my feet. You want to save your job, don’t you? Worship my feet on your knees or get fired, it’s that simple. See this is your place, on your knees before me. It just feels right, doesn’t it? I can tell by the way you’re staring that you love my high heel office pumps. You can’t take your eyes off of them, I can see they’re turning you on. I know you get a little hard on in your pants every time you stare at one of your female coworkers legs and feet and heels. I know that right now you’re desperate to touch my pumps. You want it, I know it, show me how much you worship my office pumps. And you better do a good job if you want to save your job.

Go on, touch them, smell them, I’ll even let you lick them. Yes, I know you love this. It’s going to be so easy to keep you under control once I have you beneath my heels. I know my heel dangle drives you crazy. I see how you can’t take your eyes off of my heels as I dangle them from my toes in front of your face. And I know you want to be stroking your cock as you stare from below at my heels, don’t you? It’s ok, go on, admit it. I can see the bulge growing. Open your pants and pull your cock out. You can’t say no. If you refuse, you’re fired, you can get up and leave.

Good boy, pull your cock out and show me how you’re going to stroke it for my feet and heels. Look how hard you are, I can see you’re really excited about stroking your cock for your boss’s feet. Look at my feet in my sheer pantyhose, I know you like that too. You’re so easy to manipulate. Worship my feet while you jerk down there. Rub them, kiss them, smell them. In order to cure your addiction and make sure you don’t bother your coworkers any more, you’re going to need to come here every day to worship my feet and heels, do you understand? I want you stroking your cock every day to my heels, I want you to feel shame and embarrassment so you’ll never again bother any female working in our office. You’ve got such a strong and serious addiction to feet and heels and this is how I’m going to keep you in line and make you a more productive employee. Lucky for you I’ve got so many pairs of pumps for you to worship. You’re so weak, look at you on your knees stroking so hard for my feet and heels. Maybe you should suck on my heels while you jerk. Suck it. Suck and stroke. That’s it. I know you’re loving licking your boss’s heels. You’re getting so addicted and so weak. It’s so easy to manipulate your mind. You’re mine now, I totally own you. Your career now belongs to me.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Your Horny Cock Makes You Stupid For My Bratty Socks

Miss Honey Barefeet

Hey loser, I know you were so surprised when I asked you to meet me. No we’re not going on a date, but we do have a special appointment together. You see I heard that you had a little secret and I wanted to see if it was true. I heard you have a foot fetish, that you have a weakness for girls in white socks. You even like it if they’re dirty and smelly. So I need to see this for myself. So I want you to get down on your knees and show me how you love feet and socks, how you love smelling them, rubbing them, worshiping them. I think it’s amusing, I love being entertained like this, LOL!

Look at my pretty feet in these cute white socks. I’ll bet they drive you crazy. Sniff them, love them, I’ll bet you’d love it if I put them on your face. I want you to inhale the scent from my socks and let it intoxicate you. Don’t be shy, show me how you’re going to worship my beautiful bratty feet and socks. I can see your cock is hard, it’s popping a little boner in your pants, lol. Awww are you embarrassed? You should be, it’s pathetic that your cock gets hard for my socks. You know I’m taking advantage of you right now and you’re secretly loving it. You love it deep inside your pathetic loser soul. I know you’ve wanted for so long to worship my feet and socks. You’ve been dreaming about it, haven’t you jerky boy?

I know how bad you want to pull your cock out. Go on, open your pants, show me how you’re gonna stroke that loser dick for my beautiful feet and socks. Look at them and jerk it. Look at my soft cotton socks on my delicious feet. Inhale them, smell my feet. Your poor horny cock is making you so stupid for my feet. You want them so badly. You’re quivering. We’re going to have so much fun, my feet, your cock and your money. I mean you didn’t think you were going to get my feet for free, did you? No fucking way loser! You have to pay to worship my delicious feet.

I’m turning you into my little foot slave and I love it, you love it. I love having you at my feet. You’re so horny, you look so stupid when you’re horny loser. Your face has such a blank look to it. You are a loser for my feet and nothing is going to change that. Jerk your loser dick to my bratty feet while I mock you and show you how stupid you look. You just can’t help yourself, making a fool of yourself for me. You’re so pathetic. Do you have any idea how stupid you look? What do you like more, my feet or the fact that I’m calling you a loser? I love playing with you this way, making fun of you, manipulating your stupid loser brain. I wanna push your addiction to my feet even further. You’re so weak, a weak little foot slave. Fuck you loser.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Bratty Lollipop Pigtailed Schoolgirl Sock and Feet Mindfuck

Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Bratty Lollipop Pigtailed Schoolgirl Sock and Feet Mindfuck

Miss Honey Barefeet

Hi there loser. I knew as soon as you saw this clip youd start jerking for me. I look so hot as a school girl, sucking on my lollipop with my cute, white ankle socks. Youre going to get so addicted to me loser. Youre going to need to stroke your pathetic dick for me more and more while you look at my feet. I know they turn you on so much. Youre such a sucker for bratty schoolgirl feet, arent you loser? Awww look how hard you get when I call you a loser, youre so pathetic.

Do you like my cute ruffled socks? Do you want to sniff and worship them? Of course you do. Now Im going to show you my cute feet. Arent they so perfect? Dont you just love my toes? I know they turn you on more than pussy. Youre such a dirty foot freak, jerking off to my feet. Watch as I roll my lolli all over my toes. I know youre desperate to lick it off. Suck my delicious feet loser. Suck each toe and then lick the soles. Look at yourself you filthy pervert. My feet are such a turn on for you, you just cant get enough. Stroke it for my feet loser. Show me how pathetic you are.

Youre getting more and more addicted to my feet the more you jerk to them. You love a hot bratty girls feet. You just cant get enough. You crave my feet, my soles, my wrinkles, my arches. Youre such a jerkoff addict. Show me how you pump that cock to my feet. I want you to edge for my feet loser. And dont you dare cum until I let you. I want you to edge until you have blue balls, lol. I just love teasing you like this. I like to fuck with you loser.

I know youd love to rub your cock on my beautiful wrinkled soles, but of course thats not going to happen, because my delicious feet are not for jerkoff losers like you. Maybe Id let you suck on them, thats all youre good for, being my foot bitch loser. I know you’d love licking the lollipop off of my delicious toes. Now just stare at my feet. No more stroking. I want that cock to twitch in the air while you stare at my gorgeous feet. I know you love being dominated by my feet. Worship every curve of them loser. Youre so weak and horny for my feet. Youre getting so addicted. Kiss my arch loser. Good boy. I love when you are obedient. Im going to have so much fun with you loser.

I know youd love to be my personal foot slave. Id make you worship my feet every day. Youre such a fucked up freak, loser. Look at how hard your cock is. But no stroking while youre worshiping my feet. Let it just throb in the air. LOL youre such an idiot! Fuck you loser!
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