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Real Spankings Institute – Kiki J’s Arrival to The Institute

Miss Betty drags Kiki J into the office where she is put into corner time to wait for The Dean. Upon his arrival, the Dean strips her clothes and then puts her through a series of positions and instructions. She is then given a hard strapping on the bare bottom.
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Real Spankings Institute – Stella’s Afternoon with Miss Betty (Part 2 of 2)

Miss Betty returns with some white panties and decides another strapping is in order for the uniform infraction. Stella is bent over yet again, and given a spanking with a much heavier strap. She is then told to put on her white panties, and get back to work.
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Real Spankings Institute – Stella’s Afternoon with Miss Betty (Part 1 of 2)

Stella is sent to detention to see Miss Betty. Stella knows she has a strapping coming to her for being sent there in the first place. She is bent over and as she is about to be spanked, Miss Betty discovers that Stella is not wearing regulation white panties. A leather strap is applied to her bottom, the offending panties are removed, and Miss Betty heads off to find her the correct uniform.
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Real Spankings Institute – Kestrel is Caught Without Panties (Part 2 of 2)

Miss Betty returns with a tawse and puts Kestrel through three different positions to be spanked in. She is then dismissed to go put her uniform on, this time with panties.
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Paradise Films GmbH: Paraphil

This BDSM film focuses on the rather complex mental play that occurs between a top and bottom. It will arouse, excite, and repel you at the same time.
Like the pain of ropes against the skin and the pleasure felt when your captor touches you, this movie has it all. Welcome to the other side…
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