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Kates Palace – Stony way into milk heaven 1

MISS DIANA’S new slave aspirant has the right stuff; he just doesn’t know it yet. If he would think it through, he’d realize the jam he’s in could be the perfect fit – for HER. What more could a whimpering mass of jellyflesh want than a CONFIDENT MISTRESS, SADISTIC-TO-THE-BONE, who is happy to let him wallow in his manifest shortcomings. Naively hoping for gentle treatment, the wailing slave-wannabe gets precisely what he begs for as THE BITCHTRESS OF MERCY tenders up to his control buttons with the kindest little pinchers he ever did feel. Unimpressed with his paltry vocabulary and inadequate tongue, THE MODESTLY BLACK-LATEX-CLAD GENTLATRIX soon has the novice bootlicker floundering in the muck of his pitiful desires from one rude awakening to the next. Setting a “breathtaking” pace without batting an eye, MISTRESS smiles in total triumph as SHE effortlessly ensnares the little lost slave in the dark maze of his fantasies. A particularly perverse mask gets him completely off balance and well out of range of his moral compass. Take my word for it; you’d best not think too much about what might happen if you ever caught THIS LADY in a bad mood.
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Kates Palace – Domina Kate – Filmmaker in Trouble 1

DOMINA KATE wants to show LADY LARA HER exciting new toys, but SHE forgot to put a muzzle on the cocky cameraman. Have you ever seen such an impatient little creature? Before he knows it, SHE’S made him the protagonist in his own film. LADY LARA handles a mean camera, so what goes around cums around! The intimidated rubber slave tells HER he wants to go home, but THE TIGER has got him by HER TAIL now, and a lovely wee black tail it is, straight out of the Palace’s deep, deep throat department! Who’s talkin‘ now? DOMINA KATE is such a BUSY WOMAN, but for this little slave slut SHE has all the time in the world. To further encourage a more cooperative attitude, THE STERN DOMINA fits him out with a pretty proboscis and ties HER Rubber Nose Bear up real comfy in a latex bed. All the better to fist you with, my dear! Then SHE treats the protesting pachyderm to a tender taste of his own shiny trunk…wherever it fits! Is he in heaven or is he in HELL? Wherever it is, the time passes slowly, and the big, black Bomb Plug SHE shoves up his greasy, gaping slave hole doesn’t make it pass any faster. Do THE LADIES think he has atoned for his sins? Not by a long shot!
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Primal Fetish: Iron Hawk’s Fatal Encounter with Radioactive Girl MP4 Optimum

Iron Hawk is invulnerable and totally confident as she confronts Radioactive girl in her hideout. But, of course Radioactive Girl lets on that it is a trap, and insults Iron Hawk by being very condescending….

Iron Hawk finds herself outmatched and RG keeps up the insults as she destroys the ever weakening heroine. She uses her nuclear power touch on the invulnerable superheriones most sensitive spot, causing agony and ecstasy at the same time. Then she moves in and gives Iron Hawk a heavy dose of radiation poisoning

Now Iron Hawk is restrained in RG’s lab where she is going to have the unique energy that makes her special drained. Since Iron Hawk is invulnerable RG is once more going to take advantage of the superheroines only vulnerable place. Iron Hawk is too weak to fight it, and she tries to hold onto her energy, knowing that once it is gone she won’t be special anymore, but, whenever the thrusting brings her to orgasm she can’t hold back and more of her energy is drained

Iron Hawk gets weaker and weaker, and after RG checks the limp superheroine’s pulse it isn’t clear if losing her powers was more than she could survive.
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The Pact (the Arcane Sorceress)

Singing a creepy latin jingle I lure you to me, a mysterious woman wearing a black mask. I know your sexual needs and I know the way to save you from yourself. I allow you to touch yourself being involved in this erotic hipno crescendo, but at only one condition. I want something in return: you. You will be slave to me for all your life, my servant, my inferior. This is the price you have to pay, this is our pact. Due to my magical powers, you can’t get out of this pact. Just one look in the eyes of my magical owl and the spell is cast on you. After that, you are allowed to masturbate and do what I say. You’re going to cum at my command, and eat your seed for me. This is your first duty as a slave. “Wherever you go, you are bond forever to this pact” Inspired by the Italian movie “The arcane sorcerer”. Featuring: erotic magic, mesmerize, mask fetish, gloves, pendant, masturbation instruction, cum eating instruction, female domination, pantyhose, high heels, seduction, gothic.
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