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SEX AND SUBMISSION: October 20, 2017 – Tommy Pistol and Marica Hase

Asian cutie Marica Hase is Tommy Pistol’s little fuck doll when Tommy accidentally kidnaps the Wrong Girl. Somebody hired him to find a Japanese girl in the Santa Monica mountains but in fact he was supposed to get a Korean girl in the San Juan mountains.
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: October 11, 2017 – Marica Hase, Nathan Bronson, Eddie Jaye, Jay Savage and Rob Piper

Innocent mail order bride Marica Hase arrives to meet her new husband with stars sparkling in her eyes. Instead of a house in the hills, Marica finds out she’ll be living in a cage like property! Her new husband lays down the new rules of the arrangement – she has to fuck all of his friends! The studs take turns holding her down and sexing her up!
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EVERYTHING BUTT: August 11, 2017 – Lea Lexis , Marica Hase and Sheena Ryder

Sheena Rider is a bad ass biker bitch looking to impress the Biker Bar Boss Lady, Lea Lexis, by bringing in a cute innocent prospect for the biker gang. Sheena proudly drags in a super cute, tiny Asian wanna be tough girl into the lesbian biker bar in hopes of impressing the mean Boss. Lea is intrigued by the adorable little asian prospect, dressed in a red leather jacket and slutty biker girl clothing. The Biker Gang is quick on getting little miss Marica Hase undress, her bottom stripped naked and bent over a bar stool. Lea and Sheena take turns spanking Marica’s cute bubble butt. They put a hook in her ass and make her take anal punishment while she’s made to eat and sniff ass. Marica wasn’t expecting this kind of a Hazing but she’s willing to do what ever it take to make it in to the lesbian biker gang. Since Marica’s butthole is too tiny to impress Lea, Lea demands that Sheena get on all fours to show Marica what kind of a gapping asshole she expects out of her affiliates. Sheena take one for the team taking big toys and fingers in the ass. She wants to impress her boss so badly that she even tries to take Lea’s entire fist. She struggles and grunts, groans with pain and pleasure. She sweats through the struggle but never gives up. If Sheena can impress Lea, the Lea will allow Sheena to try to get her fist into the little butthole of Marica Hase. Marica must take things really slow as Sheena prods her asshole with fingers and hand. Marica loves pushing herself. She is in ecstasy has Sheena fingers her asshole. Lea lexis isn’t impressed with the fisting the girls take so she breaks out her strap on and fucks each of these girls until they are cumming all over each other. The girls are tormented with hard dildo cock being rammed in and out of the already abused buttholes.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: December 13, 2016 – Marica Hase , Cherie Deville and Tommy Pistol

Foreign Student Punished for Disobeying the Master’s House Rule.

Adorable foreign student Marica Hase is spending her Spring studying abroad and is staying at. When she breaks the number one house rule, that nobody enters Tommy Pistol’s office, she learns the true meaning of punishment. Tommy and pain-slut wife Cherie Deville team up on her and cane, flog, and electrocute her. Ultimately Marica gets spit on, face-fucked, pussy and ass pounded, and cum swaps with Cherie, all while in brutal bondage.
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KINK UNIVERSITY: May 09, 2016 – Danarama , The Pope and Marica Hase

KINK UNIVERSITY:  May 09, 2016 – Danarama , The Pope and Marica Hase
KINK UNIVERSITY:  May 09, 2016 – Danarama , The Pope and Marica Hase
KINK UNIVERSITY:  May 09, 2016 – Danarama , The Pope and Marica Hase

Learn successful rope bondage techniques for tying a partner for sex during suspension. JP “The Pope”, director of shares and shows his porn-proven secrets for tying flying sex bondage. From partial suspension sex techniques to full shibari suspension for advanced riggers, you’ll learn the important tips for maximizing comfort, simplifying your ties, and ensuring easy penetration. Then Danarama puts this bondage to use as he fucks Asian bondage porn star Marica Hase, who enjoys and delivers great oral sex while flying in ropes.

For more information on Suspension Safety, please see Suspension Safety, with Lew Rubens on Kink University.

Note: Rope Suspension Bondage can be dangerous. This video is meant for experienced rope bondage riggers only. Practice these techniques at your own risk.
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WHIPPED ASS: Apr 29, 2016 – Chanel Preston and Marica Hase

WHIPPED ASS: Apr 29, 2016 - Chanel Preston  and Marica Hase

Marica Hase becomes another hot toy for Chanel Preston to play with! Enjoy a dungeon scene filled with bondage, flogging, caning, finger banging, the dildo gag, dick-on-a-stick, pussy licking and pussy and anal strap-on!
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THE TRAINING OF O: Apr 29, 2016 – Marica Hase and Axel Aces

THE TRAINING OF O: Apr 29, 2016 - Marica Hase  and Axel Aces

Cute and sexy Marica Hase is eager to endure the rigors of rough handling, Japanese style rope bondage, discipline, hard blow jobs, pussy pounding fucking and deep anal sex.
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HOGTIED: Mar 17, 2016 – The Pope , Marica Hase and Anna De Ville

Grueling predicament bondage, torment, flogging, nipple clamps, choking, pussy licking, massive orgasms,hogtied,HOGTIED, The Pope , Marica Hase ,Anna De Ville,

Take bondage legend, Marica Hase, and put her with a bondage newbie, Anna DeVille and tie them together a make them pleasure each other as they are being tormented. This sounds like enough, but we continue the process throughout the entire day. the bondage gets to be more grueling and the suffering is increasing with every scene.
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Mar 16, 2016 – Tommy Pistol , Steve Holmes , John Strong , Jon Jon , Marica Hase and Bill Bailey

HARDCORE GANG BANG: Mar 16, 2016 - Tommy Pistol , Steve Holmes , John Strong , Jon Jon , Marica Hase and Bill Bailey

You know what they say, when you give a mouse a cookie… Well, when Miss Marica Hase gives her eager Japanese students a few dirty words to pick up women, all of a sudden she’s fantasizing about shoving all five of their thick cocks into as many of her holes as possible, as much as possible, and in as fucking filthy a way as her adorable face and deliciously supple body can take! And really, there’s no one that does it better than Marica. She takes DOUBLE ANAL, DOUBLE VAG, and DOUBLE PENETRATION, writhing and moaning in unforgivable metal bondage, begging to cum again and again, covered in spit, and trying to shove three cocks in her mouth at once like the hungry little slut that she is. Ultimately, she gets what she deserves, gobbling up all five of their filthy loads with a smile on her face before waking up from the dream in her classroom, ready to teach her next group of students a lesson in how to do the best fucking gangbang you’ve ever seen….
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PUBLIC DISGRACE: Apr 24, 2015 – John Strong and Marica Hase

PUBLIC DISGRACE: Apr 24, 2015 - John Strong  and Marica Hase

Japanese slut Marica is shamed in an adult store in front of a group of horny guys. She takes a visit to the glory hole booths where she sucks and fucks a huge stranger cocks. This anal slut then gets dragged to the front of the theater where she gets pounded in all holes by big cocks.
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Jun 13, 2014 – Darling , Ramon Nomar , Marica Hase


Format: MP4
Duration: 59 Minutes
Size: 650 Mb
Resolution: 960×540

In part 2 of Bound for the Apocalypse, Darling escapes the chains of one sadistic hunter and finds herself naked and alone in the hot desert. Meanwhile, sex slave Marica Hase is taken from her cage to please her cruel master. Darling is once again captured by another savage and joins Marica in her sexual slavery. Includes fantasy role-play, rough sex, anal sex, outdoor bondage and corporal punishment!
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May 3, 2013 – Marica Hase

Format: WMV
Duration: 60 Minutes
Size: 942 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Marica starts her day on Device already clearly well used. The white oozing nectar drips from her chin, collecting in a pile on the floor. Marica is tormented with the cane, nipple clamps, face torment, and made to jerk a thick black cock off. Second, Marica is bound in a way that makes her stare at her reflection. Japanese girls are easily humiliated. Face torment and distortion is hard for them to take and even harder when they have to see what they look like. Labial clamps are attached to the nipple clamps. She is flogged, hard. Her ass and cunt get violated at the same time as she gets a vibrator on her clit. She drools on her reflection. Finally she is bound in a strict leather single arm binder and strap bondage. Completely helpless her only use is to be a sex object, her ass is spanked a nice cherry red and she is hoisted into the air. She is spun around and single tailed like a pinata. A dick on a stick with a vibrator is tied into it. It cums because it knows that is its purpose and all it is good for.
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Mar 28, 2013 – Marica Hase + 243 Pictures

Format: WMV
Duration: 61 Minutes
Size: 774 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Claire Adams is a sexually violent predator at a civil detainee facility run by the state whom engages in Predator Games – where they unleash their SVP’s on unknowing victims and study what happens. Marica Hase is carefully selected as Claire’s prey du jour. Once she has been subdued by Claire, Marica is subjected to intricate Asian influenced rope bondage, humiliating sex acts, and a thorough pounding from strap on play. A NOT TO BE MISSED FEATURE FANTASY UPDATE!
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