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Femdom Empire – Austin Lynn – The Puppy Game

Femdom Empire - Austin Lynn - The Puppy Game
Austin Lynn

Mistress Austin tells her slave that she is in the mood to play a game; she is going to make him into her human puppy! The slave is reluctant to play at first, but once Austin shocks him with her hand held electric prod, he quickly complies with her wishes. Austin locks on a latex puppy hood, then takes her puppy for a walk, training him how to walk properly on her leash. Austin realizes that something is missing – her puppy has no tail. She remedies this by shoving a huge butt plug, complete with a pup’s tail, up his ass. After passing her visual inspection, the puppy is taught some tricks, like playing , before Austin decides to reward her slave by letting him worship at her boots. Austin then tells her slave that she has decided to keep him as her 24/7 puppy forever, then orders him to kiss her ass as a sign of his humble compliance. She then leads him away to be locked in his new kennel until she wants to play with him again.

Featuring: Austin Lynn
Categories: Anal Play, Puppy Play
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Ella Kross – Making My Sissy Whore Suck a Big, Black Cock!

Ella Kross - Making My Sissy Whore Suck a Big, Black Cock!
Ella Kross

As my sissy slut kneels before me I laugh at how ridiculous the silly whore looks. Lately she’s been fantasizing about fucking her school’s football team, so I help her out by using my big strap-on and huge black dildo to teach her how to suck cock. I slap her ass repeatedly as she gets down on all fours and takes the black dildo so deep in her throat that she gags. I laugh at what a stupid slut she is as she chokes on it, reveling at how absurd she looks in her skimpy little skirt and blonde wig. “Be a good girl for your mommy,” I say as I continue smacking her ass, making sure she sucks the big, black cock properly for me. “Suck this cock, I said!” I demand as I slap away at her ass until it’s raw and red. I hold the back of her guide her movements to make sure she’s taking the huge dick all the way to the back of her throat. When I’m finished with her she’ll be the best cock-sucking whore in town! Now it’s time to teach her how to take a big dick in her tight little asshole, and bending her over I use my strap-on to do just that.
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Chantel the Sissy Slut Loves Being Fisted and Proves It!

Ella Kross - Chantel the Sissy Slut Loves Being Fisted and Proves It!

“So, slut, do you like my long, latex gloves?” I ask as I lube them up while Chantel, the sissy slut, watches nervously. Lady Asmondena sits behind me, smiling devilishly as she anticipates what`s to come. I make the slut turn around and slide my lubed-up latex hand into her ass while Lady Asmondena lights a cigarette and watches the action. “Let`s see what she can take,” I say as I push my arm further and further into Chantel`s loose asshole. I`m in up to my elbow and this sissy slut`s doing a surprisingly good job of taking it! “I`ve been a big fan of fisting for so many years,” Chantel the Slut confesses while Lady Asmondena and I crack up. Her cavernous asshole proves she`s not kidding as I fit two hands inside of her! Lady Asmondena and I have way too much fun with this sissy slut.
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