Mistress – T: Dark Magic Seduction – Virtual Sex

Custom vid, no name mentioned.

This is a 2 part video, both parts are in this 20 minute scene. 2 cum shots, the first one a virtual hand release the second virtual sex (virtual pussy licking with close up views & virtual fucking with me riding you to climax).

You are the young prince in line for the throne. I am a dark priestess that your father, the King, has been enthralled with. I have actually been working my magic, seducing him into being my puppet. I’ve arranged for him to marry us. As I seduce you & talk about our wedding night as I stroke you off, sealing the deal.

The 2nd part is our wedding night. I have gotten your parents out of the way & now you will rule as king with me by your side. I reveal the rest of my plan as I seduce you & take your virginity. I had applied a potion to my pussy before straddling your face. While licking my pussy you ingest that potion & now you’ll impregnate me. This will be your last fertile load, all ejaculations after will be impotent. I’ll be the only woman to produce an heir to the throne, thus securing my position of power & control.
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Mandy Flores: Girl Next Door Possession

Custom. It’s a video that involves a guy entering and possessing a woman’s body. A guy is practicing astral projection to spy on his hot neighbor while she does yoga but he ends up accidentally entering and taking over her body. At first he can’t believe that he’s actually in her body. He thinks about getting out of her body so he can spy on her some more, but then realizes that he can have a lot more fun being in her body. He first feels up and explores her body trying to contain his excitement, groping her boobs, squeezing her ass, and rubbing her crotch, surprised by the feeling of having a vagina instead of a dick. The guy then decides to mess with the woman a little by first taking off all of her clothes and then jumping out of her body. The woman wonders why she blacked out and why she’s naked. Before she can put her clothes back on the guy jumps into her body again. The possessed woman then proceeds to fondle and squeeze her boobs and grope, spank and spread her ass cheeks, admiring how soft and jiggly they are. She then plays around with her vagina, surprised by the pleasure she gets, and sees how far she can stick her fingers in it and then sniffs and sucks on her fingers, enjoying the smell and taste. She then masturbates by fucking her vagina and ass with dildos. The possessed woman then stuffs her panties into her pussy so that they get covered in her juices and then she pulls them out and puts them back on. The guy then decides that he wants to see what it’s like to pee in her body, but instead of going to the bathroom she decides to just pee in her panties. The clip ends with the guy deciding that he’s spent enough time in his neighbor’s body and that it’s time to leave, so he gets out of her body, leaving her confused as to why her ass and pussy are now sore, how her panties got back on, and how she peed herself.
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GG Fetish Media: Trained Agent – Koa

Koa is intercepted while exercising at the park. She is trained into obedience by a man who turns her into an agent to carry out his missions against his enemies. The tables are turned though, when his adversary trains Koa and reprograms her to fight for him instead.
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Meana Wolf: Inner Demon

We all have our inner demons… Meana’s just happens to be a soul sucking succubus who fucks the life out of her boyfriends. She doesn’t know it’s happening of course… she just wakes up naked, with lifeless young men around her and the taste of cum in her mouth. She doesn’t even know if she’s a virgin or not. As soon as she gets horny, the succubus takes over. Ready to seduce and destroy the young lad Meana has been working up the courage to get close to. You kiss and touch her… so sweet and innocent… until the beast comes for you. Your soul belongs to her… you just don’t know it yet.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana is unaware of the danger that lies within her: A demonic succubus that destroys her boyfriends. The deep blackness in her eyes pulls you in… her sexuality draws you further. You’re helpless to resist the power of her sex as she slowly fucks the life out of you like a savage beast. **Succubus. Demon. Demon Transformation. Demon Voice. Vampire Fetish. Energy Vampire. Sexual Energy Feeding. Cum in Mouth. Executrix. Mesmerize. Erotic Magic**
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Mandy Flores: Black magic executrix feat: Mandy Flores Magic Control

An agency where males request their d.eath under the control of women. Desperate because of financial problems, with a fetish for femme fatales. if a man enters into the FFA, he can be sure he will never leave it alive…You read his file: naturally submissive, with a fetish for dominant women. He developed his executrix fetish when he saw for the first time Xenia On top in James Bond Golden Eye. I fully understand your fetish for girls like Xenia or me. I will take care of everything for you to satisfy your last wish….Please, lean back on the execution table and relax, let me take care of you.. You show some handcuffs and inform him that you are going to cuff his arms and wrists. You then pick transparent plastic film and begin to wrap his belly. While you rope him, you describe him how much do you like males perfectly bounded, how much do you enjoy executing males. And he will not be an exception. Slave gets more and more afraid and struggles, but you announce him that its too late: he cant escape anymore. You finish cuffing him and wrapping him. You then pick a glass of water and pick a pill. This, my fellow servant, is the poison youve been begging for years. You let it drop on the glass of water. This poison will make your heart stop when you will ejaculate and it will help me to you during the Black Magic session Now you can begin the final ritual. With sexy movements, you stand up, tease him caressing his face and explain him that he is part of a Human Sacrifice Ritual. But for this, you need him to be hard. You begin to masturbate him, very slowly until he gets completely hard. You smile to him: You are ready.. You crouch in front of him and say the Magic Words: Amoris, Desidium, Sacrifice you him, holding his face with both of your hands and staring at him Enslave yourself to me, dont be afraid. You ride him harder and harder..My dominance will take your soul forever. His heart doesnt beat anymore. And he stops struggling a few seconds later. Good boy di.e di.e for me softly, whispering. After his de.ath, you check his neck is not pulsating anymore and leaves the room.
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Audio – Ally Brinken – Dumb-Fuck + Humiliation POV – McKenzie Alex – My Voice And Paying Me Will Make Your Cock Tingle (Findom ASMR) + Lee Allure – Dark Side Chastity + Mistress Amethyst – Powerless + Isabella Valentine – Jackpot 12 + Amethyst – At My Heels + Madame Y – RE-MAPPING Cum from Nipple Stimulation

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Modern Magic

I am a modern day witch.. Descended from powerful women who possessed powers beyond your reckoning. Can you deny that you feel a pull to devote yourself and you’ve never even met me? How could I accomplish such a thing if I did not possess a deep inner magic that pulls you to me like a moth to a flame? The longer you look upon me, the stronger the spell beomes. Keep looking.. keep stroking. You will never be free.
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Miss Kelle Martina – Cursed

So, youve come to me with a little problem. You seem to be a chronic masturbator, is that it? Youve tried everything? I think I have just the thing for you. A Spell. You dont believe in magic? Well, if you dont get any results, you can simply go and Ill give you your money back. My magic works best when you mentally go blank and let your gut take over.

My spell worsens your masturbation addiction and makes you into a compulsive masturbator who belongs only to me with one little catch
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LDB Mistress: Braces Brainwash!

*Binaural Beats* Hi, welcome back to my new video! You’re addicted to me, i already know it! I want you to relax, follow my sensual voice…welcome to my world. I’m ready to fuck your brain with my braces. I want you to relax all of your muscles, stay focused on my braces and start to jerk it for me. You just can’t stop…i know how to make you feel great! Enjoy!
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A femme fatale( BLACK WIDOW) is a mysterious and seductive woman(so true) whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and situations.A femme fatale tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm, and sexual allure. In some situations, she uses lying or coercion rather than charm. She may also make use of some subduing weapon such as sheer gloves, hpsiery sheer body , sexy legs, sensual lips . h*pnotic eyes..Her ability to entrance and hypnotise her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural; hence, the femme fatale today is still often described as having a power akin to an enchantress, seductress, vampire, witch, or demon, having some power over men.Whats Goddess Celine ‘ s secret weapon to enslave Her victim??Lets see
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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Ass Worship Manipulation

Custom vid for Sam, his name is mentioned a few times. I am brainwashing you into worshiping my ass & being completely under my spell & under my control. I have you bound with only the ability to stroke your dick with one hand & bring the other hand up to your face. Taped in your hand is a bottle containing a special potion that I instruct you to INHALE. Each time you INHALE your reality is altered & you become easier to manipulate.

This is a long, intense, interactive jerk off instruction with dreamy visuals designed to take you deeper. Entrance/mesmerize could also describe this kind of scene. Not required but best enjoyed if you watch with some kind of mind-altering substance to increase the effect *wink*.
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Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Magic K.!.l.l.er Pussy

Humiliation POV Princess Lacey: Magic K.!.l.l.er Pussy

Princess Lacey

So you want to worship my pussy? Well, I must warn you, my pussy has magical powers. My pussy is a real man eater. Every second you stare at my pussy, every thought you have about my pussy, my pussy will suck up all of your life force. My pussy will k.!.l.l. you, the longer you stare at it and the more you think about it. My pussy will suck all of your strength, all of your life power, all of your youth, and wisdom. It will take from you everything that keeps you alive. And you dont even get to fuck it.

You would never get to fuck my divine, magical, powerful pussy. My pussy is holy, it is goddess pussy. It will suck the life out of you. Do you still want to worship it? Do you even dare look at it? Its already sucking from you because I know youre thinking about it. You cant stop thinking about my divine pussy before you. Youre looking arent you? Youre looking and thinking about it now. And it is just taking everything from you. You are feeling your mind melting as my pussy absorbs everything from you. I dare you to look away. I dare you to turn this clip off and stop thinking about my pussy but I know you cant resist it.

You want it to end you, you want it to take everything from you. You want it to just destroy you because my pussy is fucking divine and you cant resist it. Youre obsessed, you cant take your eyes off of it, and I wont even show it to you without panties on. If I did, it would k.!.l.l. you instantly. And I want to drain your life force slowly, its going to suck everything from you. To let my pussy k.1.l.l. instantly would be too good for you. You need to suffer. I want you to have a slow .

Stare and let it fucking suck every ounce of life from your body. Feel its power. My pussy fucking owns you. And it will own you until the moment it k.!.l.l.s you. How much longer can you handle it? Your mind is complete mush and once it drains your life completely, I will just throw you away like garbage. Give all of your life force to it, you have no choice. Let it end you. You probably never thought that this is how you would d.!.e., my divine, magical pussy, sucking you dry. Youre withering away to nothing. Now enjoy the last moments of your life as you stare at my pussy. Youre just another victim to my magical pussy.
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Goddess Madam Violet: Dangerously Dependant cock Training

Goddess Madam Violet: Dangerously Dependant cock Training

Weve established that I own your cock; its simply so much happier, more content in My possession. But there are so many ways to compound this fact, to elicit feelings, reactions, chemical, physiological and psychological chain reactionsto really make you live the experience, to feel and know profoundly that your stunning diabolical Goddess owns and controls your cockThis training session will make sure your cock needs Me. Sounds innocent enough, but NEED is a powerful emotion, NEED comes from a place of weakness, need takes away your power, your control, and gives it to Me. An addiction is with you for life. I use a classic, traditional induction and deepening techniques, not unlike what I would use for My vanilla clients, but with a very dark twist. I do so love contrast. Sit back, relax, and watch My swinging pendant. Watch as it glints and gleams and swings back and forth, getting sleepier and sleepier, using anchors and triggers to take you down even more, and then down those familiar stairs, all the way down to the very bottom. Then like I said, your dick is about to gain a very unhealthy dependance on Me. It will NEED Me only Me. I will programme you to know that I do not share. When your mind is wide open like that, and you are firmly in My clutches.eyes glazed as you lose yourself in My body, stroking mindlessly, deliciously. All the programming just slides right in, it is so easy. Disarm you with My body, and undo you with My voice, with My words I am manipulating the actual physical wiring in, your brain this is REAL. I really shouldnt be allowed to fuck with mens minds like this. I am far too powerful. Contains Eye fixation induction, deepeners, finger snaps, anchors, triggers, suggestions, nlp, breast worship, holdups, cum countdown, binaural tones
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