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Clubdom: Madame Nikki’s Demanding Slut Training

Madame Nikki is a cruel and demanding Mistress who is here to take no nonsense and really dominate these pathetic excuses for men. Nikki is here to destroy her slut’s holes and really use him like the whore that he is and she is not going to be nice. She plows his pathetic ass hard and deep with her cock, knowing exactly how used it makes him feel, all while verbally degrading him, and laughing with her sadistic smile.
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Clubdom: Cry for Madame Nikki

“Should I fuck an ass, or whip a bitch? ANSWER ME!” Madame Nikki yells at her caged slave. “Whatever Goddess desires!” her caged slave yelps in fear. “You’re useless! I think I will whip a bitch.” Nikki struts over to the slave strung up in the corner and decides to whip him and make him suffer. “Cry for me!” Madame Nikki demands. She really wants him to cry. Nikki taunts with her cruel words and makes her slave beg for more while she continues to whip him.
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Clubdom: Nikki Brooks High Heel Humiliation/Heel Slut for Demanding Madame

Madame Nikki has really been unleashing all of her cruelty on the slaves here at Clubdom. She isn’t stopping anytime soon and she continues her tormenting of her current slave. She knows how horny he is, so she decides to humiliate him by making him worship her gorgeous sky-high heels. He must suck on her heel like it’s a cock and lick the bottoms of her shoes. Her gorgeous body is so close to him but she doesn’t let him have it. She demands him to do whatever she wants, and is really bossy. After a while she pulls out a spoon… “This spoon is going to hold the only protein you are allowed to have the entire week…” Madame Nikki says. She then allows him to touch his cock while he continues to lick the heels. Nikki makes him cum into the spoon and feeds it to him, making him feel more humiliated and used than ever before.
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Clubdom: Nikki Brooks Chindo Dildo Pussy Pleasure/Madame Nikkis Pleasure Pet

“Do you like that pussy? HUH?” Madame Nikki asks her slave. “Yes Goddess” he whimpers, staring at her gorgeous pussy. Madame Nikki knows her slave is horny and desperate. “I bet you want that wet pussy, don’t you?” she says. Nikki pretends that she is going to allow her slave to lick her pussy and then slaps him away, laughing at what a fool he is. She plays with her pussy and tells him that he can never have her pussy, he’s too pathetic. Even his cock is too small. Nikki allows him to pleasure her with a dildo gag, knowing it is completely humiliating for him. She mocks him the entire time while constantly keeping what he wants barely an inch from his face. “You do get my pussy wet, one way or another. Especially when you cry.” Listen to Nikki tell this slave what his true role is while she cums, getting off on her own cruelty.
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Clubdom: Nikki Brooks Caning a Helpless Man

Madame Nikki sees her new pathetic sissy maid slave cleaning her dungeon. She can see his ass sticking out from under his dress and she decides that she would like to see some delicious cane stripes across it. Nikki is a real sadist and wants to show her slave who is in charge around here. Catching him off guard and destroying his flesh is the only way he will remember his place. Madame Nikki doesn’t like the way her slave moans and she corrects him with her vicious words and continues until he moans in a way that she enjoys. “Yummy” she says, inspecting her work. She then makes him count her wacks, for pure fun, to see if he can even keep up, all while mocking him and making him beg her for more. “Please, please cane me Madame” he pleads.
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