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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Yoga Pants Mindfuck, Instant Mind Numbing Stupidity

Macey Jade

Go ahead and just stare at my perfect, juicy, perky ass in these tight yoga pants. Fixate your gaze upon my round, delicious ass cheeks. Just feel yourself grow stupid for it. Because we both know, that any time I show you my ass in yoga pants you go completely stupid. Completely fucking stupid for this ass. It’s almost like my yoga pants are a tool that I use, just to make you fucking men so weak. They drive you crazy, and the longer you stare the dumber you get. It’s so fun and easy.

All men, submissive or not, loser or not, all of you go weak at the sight of yoga pants. But it’s not just the yoga pants that make you stupid, it’s when they’re on a woman with an ass like mine. Instant mind numbing stupidity. But the best part is I can tell you how stupid you are, and how weak these pants make you, and that turns you on even more. My ass is so powerful, so mind numbing, that is just instantly addicts you. And the fact that this ass owns you, makes it even hotter, doesn’t it? And that is where the submission in you comes in to play. You just want to submit to my ass.

You see not only do you fall dumber and dumber with each movement of my ass in these pants, but you love every second of it. I’m manipulating you with just my ass. You’re growing more weak by the second. You just want to drop to the floor, worship my ass, and surrender to me. My ass owns your cock which makes it so easy to have my way with you. You’re that easy to control. You are that easy to own. Admit it, my ass owns you.

And I let you stroke to it because it makes you even dumber and weaker. You’re on your knees, just jerking to my ass. Losing your mind. Because my ass owns you. Because you’re stupid. You’re weak for my ass. And your rock hard cock just makes you even more of an addict for my ass. It’s just that easy loser. Your my ass addicted jerk off worshiper. I know exactly how to use my ass to have my way with you.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Let It Twitch And Throb As I Tease And Deny You

Macey Jade

A loser like you, never gets what he wants. You never get your needs met. All you get is fucked with, tortured, humiliated, and denied. And you pay handsomely for this treatment. So go ahead and pull your disgusting, ew, dick out, and let it just sit there. Because I am far too hot for you to stroke to. I’m way out of your league. All a loser like you deserves, is nothing but denial.

You’re just sitting there with that disgusting look on your face, eyes wide, mouth open, drooling, staring at what a loser like you will never have. Feeling your disgusting penis grow hard. And there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it. The only chance you could have with a girl like me is actually being given the permission to stroke. Ew, gross! You’re so fucking pathetic. Do you wanna stroke, you pitiful fucking loser?

Does the jerkaholic pig wanna stroke to me? Ewwwww, fuck you, yea fucking right! As if I would ever allow you to touch yourself while staring at my body. SO fucking gross! Disgusting. Never. You are unworthy. Just sitting there with your cock out, twitching. Watch it bounce, but you can’t touch it. Just let it twitch in agony. Tease, denial, humiliation, that’s all you deserve.

Sit on your hands while I use my hands to trace my perfect curves. The only time a disgusting loser like you gets to masturbate in my presence, is when you sacrifice for me. When you pay as you’re being degraded all the while. Torturing you with this view makes this so much fun for me, as you sit on your hands, just wishing that I would let you. But all you’re getting today is beautiful, sweet denial.

I’ll bet you wish that I was allowing you to jerk as I destroy your brain and your bank account. But today I’m just destroying your head with denial. Making you crave my abuse even more. You miss it. Soon you’ll be begging for my abuse, anything to touch that horny cock. But it’s not coming, not today. Mindfuck yourself with what you’ll never have, mindfuck yourself with the denial.
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