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Humiliation POV Princess Macey Jade: Hump Your Pillow, Fuck Your Ass, And Eat Your Cum – NO JERKING

Princess Macey Jade

You get all worked up by hot bratty girls, but you know better than to chase after us because you know you’re not worthy, you know you’d never have a chance. You’re unworthy of having sex with a hot girl, in fact, you’re not even worthy of jerking off to me. How fucking pathetic! You’re a fucking loozer living a sexless existence.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Yoga Pants Mindfuck, Instant Mind Numbing Stupidity

Macey Jade

Go ahead and just stare at my perfect, juicy, perky ass in these tight yoga pants. Fixate your gaze upon my round, delicious ass cheeks. Just feel yourself grow stupid for it. Because we both know, that any time I show you my ass in yoga pants you go completely stupid. Completely fucking stupid for this ass. It’s almost like my yoga pants are a tool that I use, just to make you fucking men so weak. They drive you crazy, and the longer you stare the dumber you get. It’s so fun and easy.

All men, submissive or not, loser or not, all of you go weak at the sight of yoga pants. But it’s not just the yoga pants that make you stupid, it’s when they’re on a woman with an ass like mine. Instant mind numbing stupidity. But the best part is I can tell you how stupid you are, and how weak these pants make you, and that turns you on even more. My ass is so powerful, so mind numbing, that is just instantly addicts you. And the fact that this ass owns you, makes it even hotter, doesn’t it? And that is where the submission in you comes in to play. You just want to submit to my ass.

You see not only do you fall dumber and dumber with each movement of my ass in these pants, but you love every second of it. I’m manipulating you with just my ass. You’re growing more weak by the second. You just want to drop to the floor, worship my ass, and surrender to me. My ass owns your cock which makes it so easy to have my way with you. You’re that easy to control. You are that easy to own. Admit it, my ass owns you.

And I let you stroke to it because it makes you even dumber and weaker. You’re on your knees, just jerking to my ass. Losing your mind. Because my ass owns you. Because you’re stupid. You’re weak for my ass. And your rock hard cock just makes you even more of an addict for my ass. It’s just that easy loser. Your my ass addicted jerk off worshiper. I know exactly how to use my ass to have my way with you.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Since You’re Unworthy Of Pussy, Your Only Other Option Is Cock

Macey Jade

Seeing me in this teeny tiny body hugging dress just takes your breath away, doesn’t it? You love my slender, petit curves. But the effect that I have over you is quite different from the effect I have over regular men. You see my body, and rather than wanting to fuck me, you have a submissive desire to drop down to your knees and serve me. You have this urge to get on your knees and do crazy taboo things for me, don’t you?

You have this need, unlike regular men who wanna lick my pussy, to be forced by me to suck big, juicy cock. It started out as this little tease and denial fetish, which turned into cuckolding, and the next thing you know become so weak, so powerless, that you develop these slutty cravings to service big cock, because you know that you don’t deserve pussy. You don’t deserve to fuck pussy or lick pussy. So you had to convert those desires into something else. And since you’re unworthy of pussy, the only other option for you, is nice big cock.

And luckily for you there are so many men who just want their cocks sucked. They don’t care by who. They look for little fags like you who they can use. Men like you who don’t deserve pussy, you deserve to be abused by cock. Since you don’t fuck, you get fucked. It’s the only option for you. Your only choice is to bend over like a good bitch and take it deep and hard. Get on your knees and service cock that’s better than yours.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Let It Twitch And Throb As I Tease And Deny You

Macey Jade

A loser like you, never gets what he wants. You never get your needs met. All you get is fucked with, tortured, humiliated, and denied. And you pay handsomely for this treatment. So go ahead and pull your disgusting, ew, dick out, and let it just sit there. Because I am far too hot for you to stroke to. I’m way out of your league. All a loser like you deserves, is nothing but denial.

You’re just sitting there with that disgusting look on your face, eyes wide, mouth open, drooling, staring at what a loser like you will never have. Feeling your disgusting penis grow hard. And there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it. The only chance you could have with a girl like me is actually being given the permission to stroke. Ew, gross! You’re so fucking pathetic. Do you wanna stroke, you pitiful fucking loser?

Does the jerkaholic pig wanna stroke to me? Ewwwww, fuck you, yea fucking right! As if I would ever allow you to touch yourself while staring at my body. SO fucking gross! Disgusting. Never. You are unworthy. Just sitting there with your cock out, twitching. Watch it bounce, but you can’t touch it. Just let it twitch in agony. Tease, denial, humiliation, that’s all you deserve.

Sit on your hands while I use my hands to trace my perfect curves. The only time a disgusting loser like you gets to masturbate in my presence, is when you sacrifice for me. When you pay as you’re being degraded all the while. Torturing you with this view makes this so much fun for me, as you sit on your hands, just wishing that I would let you. But all you’re getting today is beautiful, sweet denial.

I’ll bet you wish that I was allowing you to jerk as I destroy your brain and your bank account. But today I’m just destroying your head with denial. Making you crave my abuse even more. You miss it. Soon you’ll be begging for my abuse, anything to touch that horny cock. But it’s not coming, not today. Mindfuck yourself with what you’ll never have, mindfuck yourself with the denial.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Pay Me To Tell You To Fucking D.!.E…

Macey Jade

You’re so gross, what are you even doing here? I thought I told you to fucking d.!.e. already. You shouldn’t even be here breathing my air, taking up my resources. Each breath in, you’re taking my air, and each breath out, you’re polluting my air. And I’ve simply had enough of it. You need to fucking d.!.e., you deserve to fucking d.!.e.. And not only do I want you d.e.@.d.. but you’re going to pay me for it too. You just love paying me to tell you what fucking scum you are, to tell you how much I fucking hate you, and how much better off the world would be without you here. You’re worthless.

I’d call you trash but at least trash can be recycled, it has potential. But you, you’re like the fucking slime that grows on the bottom of a dumpster. Disgusting. Nobody wants that $.h.!.t. That’s what you are.

You’d be much better off if you took a bag like this and put it over your disgusting head, and then throw yourself into a dumpster and just jerk off until you’re d.e.@.d.. You can just pay me to tie a bag around your head while you make a bed in a fucking dumpster, in some dark alley where no one will discover you and just jerk your pathetic dick as you think about what a pathetic piece of slime you are. Jerk your fucking dick as you begin to lose air, getting off on the fact that you’re going to d.!.e. while you jerk to the fact that you’re useless fucking slime. And all the while you’re going to be paying me. Paying me for the pleasure of d.y.!.n.g. under my instruction, paying me to rid you from society because nobody here wants you.

You’re going to pay the ultimate price. Financially, physically, literally. You’re going to fucking d.!.e.. for me.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Morning Mantra – Reaffirm Your Status From The Moment You Awaken

Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Morning Mantra - Reaffirm Your Status From The Moment You Awaken

Macey Jade

Look at you, up so early at the crack of dawn, ready to start jerking already. Youre cock is already throbbing in your hands. Your morning wood has taken full effect. Its all ready to worship and serve me. All of my obedient pets must awaken each morning and say your mantras, to me. This the perfect and only way to start your day, dick in your hand, reciting mantras to reinforce my control from the moment you wake up. Obedient boys like you will awaken each morning and cum in my honor, as you say your mantras, as you reaffirm your position beneath me.

You are a pervert and you jerk off way too much. And why is it that you obsessively jerk off? Its because youre a fucking loser who cant get laid. Youre a loser whos so far beneath women that you have to serve them. So Ive decided that your jerkoff mantra will reaffirm all of that. You will recite them daily, each morning.

So each morning you will awaken and start jerking and you will say, I am a fucking pervert who obsessively jerks off because I cant get laid. Its a fact, I know it, you know it, and this will further embed it into your brain. You will repeat this mantra out loud to yourself until you cum. Every morning without exception until it truly takes hold. Until you accept this mantra as reality. And you will drain all of that disgusting cum in my honor. And you will thank me, before you even get out of bed.

Go on loser, stroke and repeat, stroke and repeat. Jerk your weak, horny, desperate morning wood. Dont stop loser, press play on this video every morning and worship my body as you repeat your mantra. I am a fucking pervert who jerks off obsessively because Im a fucking loser who cant get laid. Say it again and again and again. And the faster and harder that you stroke, the faster and louder you will repeat your mantra. You need to reaffirm your status daily from the moment you wake up loser. Repeat it over and over and over again.

Youre so close to the edge, about to dive off that loser cliff, screaming my mantra. Each day you must reaffirm your position by giving all of your cum to Princess. You are so disgusting, You are such a fucking pervert, obsessive jerkaholic, ewww! Youll never amount to anything. And the more you keep repeating it to yourself, as you further reinforce it with your actions, the further you will fall down the deep dark hole of despair.
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Cock Sucking Sissy Cuck Hubby

Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Cock Sucking Sissy Cuck Hubby

Macey Jade

This is part two, click here for part one!

Oh honey, it pleases me so much to see you with your little cock out. I know you heard me making plans with my stud and I can see it got you hard. You sure do love knowing that your wife is going to be pleased by a real man with a big cock. It turns you on so much because you know its what I deserve and you know this is what you deserve. Im sure you loved sucking on the big dildo I got you while you jerked your little cock. You want to be a good cocksucker for big cocks just like I am, dont you?

I hope that youve been practicing and that you can work that ginormous cock all the way down your throat. You love big black cock, dont you? I know you do and so do I. And tonight I have another gift for you to enjoy while Im out with my stud. Youll be sucking that replica of my real mans cock while Im out sucking on it for real.

And its only fitting that while you are sucking cock that you are dressed properly in slutty pink lingerie. Isnt that right sissy cuck hubby? So I got you some hot lingerie and some anal beads for your ass while you suck that dildo. I want you to start training your ass so that one day you can take that big black cock up your ass. Youre going to have so much fun while Im out.

Youre going to be the perfect cock sucking sissy cuck hubby. You want that, dont you? So put on that lingerie, I want you feeling so slutty. Dont you feel so sexy? Tuck your little dick inside of those panties where it belongs. Im going to turn you into the perfect sissy for sucking big black cock.
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