Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – Cuck Licks Princesses Shoes and Feet Before Boyfriends Arrival (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kenzie’s boyfriend is going to arrive soon, and she wants her shoes to be clean for him. She uses her stupid cuck’s mouth to get all the dirt from the soles. Kenzie wants every part of her expensive shoes spotless. The cuck works hard to make his Princess happy. He cleans her shoes with his tongue. Kenzie spits into the cucks mouth to help him swallow the dirt for her. Then, she makes him worship her feet. She thrusts her feet deeply into his throat and makes the cuck gag on them. Kenzie pedals her feet across the cuck’s tongue. She reminds the cuck that this is just the beginning of his cleaning duties for the evening. When her boyfriend comes over, he will be expected to clean up his mess after he fucks her. If the cuck does a good job cleaning up all her boyfriend’s mess, he may earn a chastity reward from his Princess.
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy – Bikini Goddess Foot Worship by Cuckold (1080 HD)

1080 HD Amadahy uses her cuckold for foot worship while she enjoys a lollypop. The cuckold is kept in chastity. Amadahy wears the key to the cuckold’s chastity on her anklet. He has to look at the key while he worships Amadahy’s feet. Amadahy makes the cuck look at her butt, too. The cuck is in agony. He really wants to get out of chastity. Amadahy teases the cuck’s chastity with her perfect feet and toes. She explains to the cuck that she is so mean to him because he has been failing bas a toilet. She needs for the cuckold to get better at drinking pee from all the girls in the household. In the evening, the girls are having a house party with lots of beer. Because they are drinking beer, the girls will have to pee a lot. This will be a good test for the cuck to see if he can really hack it as a toilet.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa and Sasha – Varsity Brats Lick Lollypops Loser Licks Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Varsity brats Alexa and Sasha enjoy pink lollypops while an old loser licks their stinky feet. Alexa and Sasha are very demanding of their loser. They want a good foot worshiping after a long day at school. They lick and suck on their candy as the loser licks and sucks their feet. It’s kind of amazing what a hot varsity brat can get an old loser to do. The girls laugh and shake their heads at the old man while humiliating him. Sasha’s sucker has little confetti sprinkles in it, confetti sprinkles are super cute. Girls deserve cute and sweet, losers deserve stinky feet. The loser’s back is all marked up from earlier when the varsity brats beat him. Whip marks are like the loser version of sprinkles. The loser does whatever the pretty girls tell it to because if it doesn’t, it will get another beating. The pathetic old man is very afraid of the young hot girls.
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Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Bratty Lollipop Pigtailed Schoolgirl Sock and Feet Mindfuck

Humiliation POV Miss Honey Barefeet: Bratty Lollipop Pigtailed Schoolgirl Sock and Feet Mindfuck

Miss Honey Barefeet

Hi there loser. I knew as soon as you saw this clip youd start jerking for me. I look so hot as a school girl, sucking on my lollipop with my cute, white ankle socks. Youre going to get so addicted to me loser. Youre going to need to stroke your pathetic dick for me more and more while you look at my feet. I know they turn you on so much. Youre such a sucker for bratty schoolgirl feet, arent you loser? Awww look how hard you get when I call you a loser, youre so pathetic.

Do you like my cute ruffled socks? Do you want to sniff and worship them? Of course you do. Now Im going to show you my cute feet. Arent they so perfect? Dont you just love my toes? I know they turn you on more than pussy. Youre such a dirty foot freak, jerking off to my feet. Watch as I roll my lolli all over my toes. I know youre desperate to lick it off. Suck my delicious feet loser. Suck each toe and then lick the soles. Look at yourself you filthy pervert. My feet are such a turn on for you, you just cant get enough. Stroke it for my feet loser. Show me how pathetic you are.

Youre getting more and more addicted to my feet the more you jerk to them. You love a hot bratty girls feet. You just cant get enough. You crave my feet, my soles, my wrinkles, my arches. Youre such a jerkoff addict. Show me how you pump that cock to my feet. I want you to edge for my feet loser. And dont you dare cum until I let you. I want you to edge until you have blue balls, lol. I just love teasing you like this. I like to fuck with you loser.

I know youd love to rub your cock on my beautiful wrinkled soles, but of course thats not going to happen, because my delicious feet are not for jerkoff losers like you. Maybe Id let you suck on them, thats all youre good for, being my foot bitch loser. I know you’d love licking the lollipop off of my delicious toes. Now just stare at my feet. No more stroking. I want that cock to twitch in the air while you stare at my gorgeous feet. I know you love being dominated by my feet. Worship every curve of them loser. Youre so weak and horny for my feet. Youre getting so addicted. Kiss my arch loser. Good boy. I love when you are obedient. Im going to have so much fun with you loser.

I know youd love to be my personal foot slave. Id make you worship my feet every day. Youre such a fucked up freak, loser. Look at how hard your cock is. But no stroking while youre worshiping my feet. Let it just throb in the air. LOL youre such an idiot! Fuck you loser!
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