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Juliesimone: Rubber Lover Pt 2 Bound Orgasm Race

In Part 2 Julie Simone wraps Her submissive in a latex sheet, then adds rope over it to keep it in place. She gives him a rope blindfold to make it easier for him to drift into subspace. She leaves the slave to enjoy his bindings for a bit, then returns w a hitachi maid wand. Of course there’s a twist. Since Julie gets no pleasure in giving a slave an orgasm, She straddles the bound slave and tells him T/they are going to race. If Julie cums first, he doesn’t get an orgasm. If he cums first, then he’ll be subjected to post-cum torment until She orgasms. Either way, Julie wins! Julie Simone wears a latex hood, latex dress and latex bolero with striped Wolford Pantyhose. The slave wears a latex catsuit, latex bolero and hood.
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Nov 28, 2015 | Cathedral of Pain Part 2 | Harley Ace

REAL TIME BONDAGE: Nov 28, 2015 | Cathedral of Pain Part 2 | Harley Ace

Harley Ace is a sinner. She is filled with lustful thoughts and dark desires. She needs to be purged and corrected of her sins. We are more than happy to help. We are givers like that. We do the only reasonable thing that one could do in a situation like this…bind her over a prayer bench and fuck her brains out while beating her with a bible as she desperately clutches a rosary.

Latex nun Rain DeGrey has a ruler, a dick, a hairbrush and a heavy bible. And she is more then willing to use them. With vigor. She lays the bible down hard on Harley’s big bubble butt, bringing out a beautiful rosy red flush. Harley cries and whimpers, but that only makes us hit her harder. Then Rain puts her cock to use on her tight holes. It is an epic dicking down as Harley drools and cums her sinning brains out, her makeup running down her face.

Harley’s drool gets our bible pages all wet, so we rip them out and shove them deep into her shaved pussy before resuming the fucking. We can think of no better way to get the word of God into you than on the end of Rain’s merciless cock. You are welcome sinner. Pray hard. You will need it.
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TOPGRL: Sep 26, 2014: Pushing Daisy | Daisy Ducati | Elise Graves

Stunning latex-clad Daisy Ducati is taken on a journey through leather, metal, latex and squirt!

Daisy Ducati is the type of girl who likes to be pushed, not shoved. She likes to be seduced into dark alley ways, not garishly mowed over.

Daisy Ducati is a fierce female being. You must respect her.

There are many ways one can show their respect for such a woman. I choose to push her. Challenge her.

I ask Daisy to chase after the things I deem important. I instruct her what to do. This challenges Daisy, as she doesn’t like to be told what to do. Ultimately, though, Daisy submits.

She submits to the opportunity to express herself – even if that looks much different that she had intended it to.

Daisy is used to being a controlled, confidant young woman, who is “milking her youth like a swollen prostate.” But, here, we find Daisy uncontrolled. Here, she finds new corners in her familiar psyche. We witness Daisy battle a sense of panic, of discomfort and of pain.

With a girl like Daisy, be prepared to push her or what the hell is the point?

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