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Dirtydommes: Bound anal slut

Oh dear! Lady Mephista’s slave has angered his Mistress and now he will feel the consequences. He has been tied by rope, with his hands behind his back because we are only interested in his mouth and asshole. He will get his punishment and both of his holes will be stuffed by our strap-on cocks. He truly looks like a spitroasted piece of meat
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Dirtydommes: Ballbusted by our leather boots

Lady Mephista and I, Fetish Liza have a new ballbusting slave. Now to ensure he won’t chicken out, we firmly secured him to the bondage device and made a nice package of his cock and balls. Oh the fear is his eyes is such a turn-on for us, we love to be sadistic and take turns kicking him in the balls with our sexy stiletto leather boots. He must take it and accept his faith. His balls belong to us and we can abuse them as much as we want, with kicks, stomps and hard squeezing.
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Kinky Mistresses – Lady Mephista – The Bondage Slave

Kinky Mistresses - Lady Mephista - The Bondage Slave
Lady Mephista

Featuring Mistress Lady Mephista

See this amazing session with Lady Mephista from berlin. In the dungeon avalon she like to play nearly one hour with her slave, tie him up on a special bondage device in the dungeon. she is perfect in handling ropes and the slave havent any chance to move at the end and get used from his mistress, have to feel her heels, get hard cbt, nippleplay and she use also big steel sounds in his cock

Parts: 12
Total Duration: 74 minutes 24 seconds
Photos: 20

Tags: avalon, bdsm, berlin, bondage, cbt, diamoond, domina, femdom, fesseln, heels, high, lady, mistress, nippleplay, rope, sounds
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