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Clubstiletto – I Don’t Shave Office Boy, Now Eat My Pussy And Ass

Lady Katy is sitting at her desk as you crawl in. You are her new office slave and she tells you to kiss her feet. She tells you she is different than the other ladies in the office in that she is the dirtiest of them all. “You’ve probably been in other offices just worshiping feet, but here worshiping feet is just a start” She warns you. She tells you that you will be worshiping every inch of her. Prepare yourself as she directs you from her shoes, up her legs, up to her panties for a sniff and then the reveal of her massive hairy pussy. “I don’t shave”, She informs you, and explains the hair insures all of her sex clings to her making for a delightful fragrant smell that will be in your nostrils all day.

She tells you to kiss her pussy and says you will hate going to other offices once you have experienced her. “By the way, in this office you are also my toilet”, she adds. “When I have to piss you will open your mouth wide and when I have to take a dump you will open your mouth wide for that too.” She tells you she expects everything to be consumed then turns around and removes her panties, spreads her ass cheeks and you see her dirty hairy ass. She gets into some graphic talk here so you better be one of those subs who enjoys being completely used and debased. If that arouses you, then this is the clip for you. Katy sticks her finger up her ass to give you a taste and them laughs saying she knows when you crawl out of the office all the other girls will know exactly what you have been subjected to.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Would Never Fuck Something Like You

Lady Katy is laying on the bed naked and comments, “My slave gave me such a good orgasm from licking me that I’ve decided I need to be fucked.” The camera pulls back and you see the slave with the mouth dildo in his mouth and the protruding end of it up Katy’s pussy. She tells the slave it’s about her pleasure and that of course she would never fuck a slave in a normal manner. “This is how I get fucked by something like you.” She says in a very condescending way, clearly disgusted by the lowly creature between her legs. As the slave glides the dildo in and out of her she reminds him that his cock is useless and thus locked up in chastity forever. She tells him if he pleases her she might let him suck on her big toe, “Which is bigger than your cock.” She adds.

The slave diligently moves the dildo in and out and Katy starts to breath heavily, closing her eyes thinking of a real man. She tells him to admire her beautiful hairy pussy while he ‘fucks’ her. Katy really starts to moan, clearly very aroused now, most likely thinking of a black stud with a huge cock. The slave picks up the momentum and now she is really gasping and crying out in pleasure. She tells him to keep going and she places her hand on his head to direct him until she finally screams in ecstasy. Once done she makes him remove the dildo and suck it, “Lick that clean then you are going to lick my ass.” She tells her chastised bitch.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy – My Whole Body Is Starting To Sweat

Lady Katy loves to sweat and working out on the elliptical really does the job. She knows you love sweat and plans on getting so wet she’s positively dripping – and it will be your job to lick it all up. The sweat starts to drip off her nose as she breathes harder. “I like a nice tongue bath before I hit the shower” she says, then stops so you can get in close to lick the sweat from her ass. You can see beads of sweat all across her back and in her ass crack and she expects you to lick it all up. She spreads her hairy ass crack and you get a great view of her wet, matted bush.

She lets you have a lick before she resumes her workout. Her face, tits, and even her feet are all wet now. “When I’m done here I’m going to drag you into the bedroom, lie down on the bed, and make you lick it all off me” she tells you, as she really starts to work hard. When she stops again, she calls you over to lick her armpits and her face, and then it’s off to the bedroom.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy – This is the Nastiest Office of them All

FemCorp is completely run by Women… kinky women who understand that keeping men aroused keeps them working hard, even with poor pay… or no pay. Today you find yourself in the office of Lady Katy, who prides herself on having the nastiest office of them all. As you enter her office for your first day of work, you find her on her office chair vigorously fucking herself with a massive two-headed dildo. She tells you to stick the other end in your mouth, and as you get close, you see just how massively hairy her muff is. As you move the dildo in and out, she tells you she will be fantasizing about her boyfriend’s cock while you perform your task. She criticizes you a few times for doing poor work and makes you sit back while she takes over again. The proper rhythm gets her aroused quickly and she tells you her boyfriend will be there soon. You will be her fluffer and when she’s fucked and full of cum, you’ll be required to suck it all out of her.

Naturally, you’ll also do real work at the office each day, but a lot of your time will be devoted to servicing Katy and the other Ladies. Katy says she’s going to spend time every day thinking about all the nasty things she’ll do to you. “I want you crawling out of here so humiliated every day, hearing the other Ladies laugh at you because they know what has just transpired; surely you realize that these Ladies have no secrets between themselves. Katy tells you what sort of things you can expect – piss drinking, full toilet duties, licking her pits and ass, sucking her dildo, taking her strapon up the ass, sucking her black lover’s cock, eating his cream pie, and maybe you’ll even get thrown over a bench and flogged. Katy pulls the dildo out of her pussy and tells you to suck it dry. In and out she moves it down your throat. “I bet you wish I’d stick this up my ass so you could lick my ass juices” she says, and naturally you nod your agreement. You can’t risk getting fired, and because you’re pretty nasty yourself, she already knows you enjoy that sort of thing anyway. She tells you that after she’s had a dildo up her ass, she always has to take a big nasty dump and that it will go in your mouth before she facesits you and leaves it smeared on your face all day. You will crawl out of the office with your face like that when she sends you home at the end of the day. People will call you all sorts of names because Katy plans on telling more than just the office Women what she makes you do. She calls you over close and sits on your face; she’s going to feed you now.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy – Good Pussy Licking Pet

Lady Katy is a big girl who knows what she likes and takes what she wants from her slave boy. Today she’s ass smothering him, and she gives his dick a few tugs to encourage him… but only a few because this is about her pleasure, not his. The slave is soon kicking to breathe but Katy drags things out, and you see the slave frantically turning his head beneath her ass, in an attempt to breathe. She gives him a breath and warns that he’d better take a deep one because they aren’t finished until she says they are, and no Mistress likes to be constantly getting up off her slave.

She sits on him full weight again and doesn’t move. The slave does much better this time but eventually he needs air. Katy isn’t getting up without a fight from her slave first though, as she loves to see him thrash beneath her. Impressed with this effort, she decides to let her bitch lick her massively hairy pussy. Besides, she wants an orgasm. The slave lies on his stomach between her legs and worships her exactly as she has taught him. Watch as Katy gets more and more aroused and lost in her own pleasure, squeezing her breasts as she does. “Yes, yes, right there” she encourages him. Her breathing intensifies and her body quivers until she pulls his head into her pussy to ensure maximum pleasure. The slave must feel immense satisfaction as his owner start to spasm until she eventually has an amazing orgasm and her body finally relaxes. “Good pet” she says to him, sighing from sexual pleasure. The slave’s pleasure, of course, is in knowing he has pleasured her.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy – Worship My Big Hairy Muff And Ass

Lady Katy is famous for her high sex drive. The scene opens with her super hairy bush on full display as she fingers herself. You can actually hear how wet her pussy is. “I think this is a good time to put my slave to use” she says. Her boy has been dutifully kneeling in the corner so she orders him to the bed. “I want you to show your appreciation and gratitude by servicing my hairy muff” she remarks. As trained, he sniffs to begin with, then rubs his nose all over her hairy pussy. He knows he can only lick when told to do so. She decides to facesit him and orders him to get his tongue inside her ass while she sits on him in the reverse position. She sits for quite some time and is impressed he can hold his breath for so long. She shifts forward a bit so he can lick up and down her entire ass crack. Suddenly, without warning, she sits full weight and the slave soon begins kicking for air. He taps the bed as a signal to breathe… oops, Katy is facing the wrong way! “This is how I put him to sleep every night” Katy says with a giggle!
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Clubstiletto – Lady Katy – Crushed Under My Big Hairy Ass

Deliciously plump Lady Katy returns from her garden, her slave right where she left him, his head on the chair waiting to be crushed under her hairy and sweaty ass. She starts by sitting lightly on his head and ordering him to suck the sweat out of her panties. She talks seductively about how sweaty her hairy asshole is. She then stands up and removes her panties and you quickly get an amazing view of her hairy bush. She sits on her bitches face and talks about how sweaty and stinky her ass crack is and orders him to get his tongue deep inside her hairy hole.

She then settles completely on the slaves face and he gets the full impact of her weight. He starts to kick for air but she is in no rush to get up and when she finally does he gasps to breath. Now she spreads her massive ass cheeks and delights him with her pretty puckered asshole, surrounded by a dense crop of hair. She makes him tell her how much he loves it and the slave gushes like a school boy on his first date. “I love it so much” he says, “It’s so beautiful”. She tells him to get his tongue out and says “If you’re lucky you might get a big juicy fart”. The camera comes down low and points up so you see her ass on the slaves face in all it’s glory. She reminds him that he is easily replaced so he better do a good job. She starts to touch her pussy because seeing him kick for air really turns her on.

Next Katy gets up and leans over the chair so you get an amazing view of her divine ass. She orders the slave back in to lick her hole. “Tell me how much you love it?” she says. She titillates her slave as he licks by telling him he will be her full toilet, everything he consumes will come from her body and his tongue will act as her toilet paper. The slave licks with a lot of passion and it’s clear he loves being her oral servant. She gets so turned on that she actually has an orgasm just from his ass licking. “I’m exhausted” she says and sit
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