Tag: Lady Katherina

Kates Palace – Mistress’s new Whips 1

LADY KATHERINA has two new treasures in her repertoire. Whips! Black, elegant whips that fit ever so perfectly into her stern hand. You might think MISTRESS would waste no time beating out a catchy rhythm with her new Percussion Instruments on a willing slave who truly appreciates her musical accomplishment. But LADY KATHERINA has something far more sadistic in mind. She has lured a slave into her clutches, who has a strong aversion to flogging. The DOMINA has every intention of imposing her will on him and draws on a few friendly persuaders: electro-torture, nipple clamps and a little discriminating attention to the most sensitive of places are all it takes to help him learn to appreciate the finer things in life. LADY KATHERINA wants to bring him to the point where he looks forward to each sharp crack as the most fitting of all possible rewards. For this slave, however, it will be a long, painful journey before he gets there. Of course, getting there is half the fun.
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Kates Palace – Voyeurs Lection 2

The peeping tom is forced to endure the degrading enlargement of his asshole for a good long while, and LADY KATHERINA does not begrudge him a single second of that beautiful feeling. The creep must be properly punished! The submissive wanker will have to return to his training for his endless work as house slave, so KATHERINA lets him clean her dirty feet, uses him as her ash tray, tramples all over his miniscule cock and tests his willingness to obey HER every command while bathing him in HER golden shower. Then she gives him a proper milk enema, which the undisciplined wimp promptly sprays all over his bedding for the night. Since he will be sleeping inside a locked wooden box in the punishment cell, it promises to be a very aromatic evening indeed! Whether he will be allowed any further service after such an infraction of PALACE etiquette remains to be seen. Sweet smelly dreams while LADY KATHERINA considers his hapless fate.
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