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Kylie Rose Fetish – Kylie Rose – Wherever You Are, Jerk Off Now!

Whether you are comfortable at home in your living room, sneaking to view my dirty videos behind your wife’s back, or secretly getting off at work while your boss isn’t looking, you’ll listen to what I tell you to do. Wherever you are, I know you’re getting hard just thinking of my perfect, bare feet, and I want you to pull out your cock and jerk off, right this second. But that’s not enough for me. I want confirmation that you’ve completed this task. To prove how much you like my feet and the shiny, red, pointed stilletos that you bought for me to wear, you need to send me a photograph of your cum and tell me exactly where you were when you came for me. Start stroking your cock exactly as I tell you to, following my every word as you watch my gorgeous, little feet stretch, curl, and wrinkle in front of you. I’m going to count to 10, and when I finish, I want to see cum covering both of your hands. Don’t forget to send me your proof!
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Kylie Rose Fetish – Kylie Rose – Problem At School

Kylie Rose has called you in for a parent-teacher conference after catching your son stealing and smelling the dirty socks of schoolgirls. After repeated accounts of such bad behavior, you’ll need to speak with Miss Kylie in her classroom and find a way to make up for such a naughty act. If you refuse, she will surely expel him from the school. This hot teacher has a punishment suited to the crime: you need to worship Miss Kylie’s feet, starting with your hands on her tender soles and soft toes, and then your nose buried in the smell of her sweaty, bare feet. You have no choice but to follow Kylie’s curriculum, rubbing, smelling, and surrendering yourself to her perfect feet until your son can be forgiven.
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Kylie Rose Fetish – Too Small For Chastity

Get down and kneel before my bed. It’s finally time to train you as my slave in chastity. I’m placing your tiny, pathetic cock in my smallest chastity cage. With your disappointing size, I’ll have to keep you in chastity for a month longer than my other slaves. If your prick is too worthless to even fit, when I lock up your thin little dick within the cold, steel device, you’ll need to have it strapped on with skin tight zip-ties. This is the only way you’ll be able to serve me with a useless cock as pitiful and miniscule as yours. What are you waiting for? Lock yourself up and hand me the key. Your little dick is mine now.
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Kylie Rose Fetish – Kylie Rose – What Are You Doing?

I was out running and I injured my ankle! I went straight to my doctor’s office in crutches. I took off my sneakers, and the perverted podiatrist put his face right up against my sweaty, smelly socks and shamelessly began sniffing my feet. I couldn’t help it, I had to take advantage of his dirty foot fetish, making him stay there and take another big whiff of my stinky, nasty feet. He loved the sweet stench of my socks and begged me to expose my bare, pedicured feet. I’ll use his perversion as blackmail and make him examine my feet for free. That’ll show him for being a dirty doctor!
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Kylie Rose Fetish – Milk Yourself JOI

Get on your knees, take off your pants, and listen closely to Kylie’s every word. You’re going to milk yourself for Kylie Rose while she teases you with her beautiful, young body. Try not to get distracted by her patterned, over-the-knee stockings, her bare thighs spread wide just inches from you, or her see-through, lacey panties. She tells you exactly how fast or slow to stroke your cock for her. Your obedience will be rewarded with the privilege of cumming on the floor in front of her. Stop and go according to her word. You’ll only get off when Kylie Rose instructs you to.
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KylieRoseFetish – Kylie Rose – You’ll Never Cum Again

Your sole purpose is to please your Goddess, Kylie Rose. She’ll have you trapped in chastity for the rest of your life if she desires it. Looking up at her from down on your knees, Kylie leans back and spreads her legs wide, granting you a close view of her bare, smooth pussy. She demands that you to stick out your tongue and lick the outside of her pussy ever so softly. When she tells you to, you’ll taste her swollen clit and keep licking as she spreads her sweet, pink pussy lips for you. If you fail to bring her pleasure, she’ll find someone new and you’ll be thrown out like a piece of trash. Cover your face with her cunt and stick out your tongue as far as your can into her, tonguefucking her pussy until you hear her moan. This is all part of your training to be Kylie Rose’s perfect, pleasing pussy slave.
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Kylierosefetish – Kylie Rose – Dr. Toe Twinkle

My patient comes in to Dr. Kylie’s podiatry office for an exam, and upon checking his chart, I find that he has a huge balance due on his account. Completely unable to pay his debt, I give him two options: either leave this office right now, or take off my sexy heels and worship my feet! He reluctantly kisses the stinky soles of my feet and then licks in between my toes. It’s not good enough to simply go through the motions–he’s got to love worshipping my feet and cover every square inch of my feet with his mouth before I absolve even a portion of his debt.
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