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Tied For Tickling – Spread for Fun – Krissy Lynn

Krissy Lynn is such a sex pot…I love to get chics like Krissy tied up spread eagle…a great way to feature their outrageous bodies and expose their precious pussies…and watching them thrash around isnt bad either…John Paul gives Krissy a bit of a tickle, and then a round with the magic wand…tickling does seem to increase the bodies sensitivities and Krissy is cumming soon after the vibing begins.
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Perfect Slave – Struggle to Cum – Krissy Lynn

Perfect Slave - Struggle to Cum - Krissy Lynn
Krissy Lynn

Krissy has some beautiful, massive boobs that’s no secret… In this next installment of her shoot with Perfect Slave, we take full advantage of her mammory prowess… We bind her tits tightly, what a sight! We position her on the table. She squirms as the vibe is switched on. Krissy’s struggles have just begun. She puts on quite the show as this beautiful Damsel submits before our eyes…
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Blonde, Bound, Begging – Krissy Lynn

Perfect Slave - Blonde, Bound, Begging - Krissy Lynn
Krissy Lynn

Krissy’s body leaves very little to be desired. In fact, it’s pretty much perfect. She’s a busty blonde California type and we were eager to see that body unveiled and what she would give us. We bound her massive tits tightly…what a sight! We watched her writhe a bit before we spread her legs and tied her tightly. She reacts exactly as we had hoped as she realizes she must relinquish control. Her gyrations are mesmerizing. Her titlts back as we hit paydirt…
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EVERYTHING BUTT: May 26, 2015 – Krissy Lynn , Abella Danger and Nicole Ferrera

EVERYTHING BUTT: May 26, 2015 - Krissy Lynn , Abella Danger  and Nicole Ferrera

Abella Danger and Nicole Ferrera are patiently awaiting Krissy Lynn’s tongue, fingers and toys. Krissy Lynn makes these girls suck the juices off anything that has just been inside an ass. Abella and Nicole duel for the affection of their Dominatrix. Abella wants to Gape for Krissy and Nicole wants to take the biggest toys she can for Krissy.
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A Long Night for Jackie – Krissy Lynn

Fantasy Damsels - A Long Night for Jackie - Krissy Lynn

This is a fantasy update featuring paid actors and actresses…Being all-American, bible belt boys, In thier spare time, John Paul and Ogre enjoy finding young prostitutes…So many new ones to choose from everyday, especially since the economic downturn as of late…even so, sometimes they have to offer these women a good amount of money to go along with thier plan…but for the financially desperate and the hopelessly kinky, it’s not that bad at all…all they have to do is agree to let the fellas have thier way for 12 hours and she will be brought back to the same street corner they found her on…richer and wiser…In this case, John Paul finds an eager Jackie Daniels, ready to please thier power fantasies for cash…he brings her into thier shadey, hollywood basement…a little place they keep on the side for such nights…Jackie is allready tied and doesnt look to be that unhappy in John Paul’s hands…but he has to go…and Ogre comes over…so he leaves her there with her feet tied to the wall…Jackie struggles for a few minutes, eventually calling for help when she realizes her predicament…being bound doesn’t really sink in until you realize that you cannot get out of your binds…Luckily for her, Ogre ends her anxiety…just for a moment…then he pumps it up…the mindfuck begins as Ogre directs her to strip and ties her spread on the sofa…then the magic wand…Jackie just doens’t seem too enthused about his offer of pleasure…but he blindfolds her, ties the vibrator to her clit and leaves her to struggle through orgasms…and the sensitive pussy remains bound to the magic wand…who knows how long he’ll leave her there…she has been paid…and it’s going to be a long night…
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jan 30, 2015 | Krissy Lynn | Matt Williams | Maestro

Busty bubblebutted Krissy Lynn is here for one thing and one thing only. To be used from both ends by big cock until she can not get her eyes uncrossed. Her body and her holes are built for hard rough sex and we are going to put them through their paces. Today Krissy finds out exactly what Sexuallybroken means. She is in for the ride of her life.

Blindfolded and handcuffed is the warmup, cutting off her vision and reducing her to a mouth hole for dick. We simply walk right up and make use of todays mouth hole. To make sure she can not cheat we add in a wooden tongue trap to prevent her pushing the cock out. Poor little Krissy is not used to having no way out, and she struggles uselessly against her cuffs.

Enough warm up. We throw our dazed and drooling slut over a stool and get down to the main course, stuffing her full of dick from both ends. Krissy moans in helpless pleasure as the dicks turn her into a sex sandwich. The cuffs keeps her firmly in place, she can not escape the dick. Her only option is to surrender to her fate, and surrender she does as she cums all over the hard cock buried deep inside her.

By the time we have had our fill, our bubble butted porn star is draped over the fuck stool like a wet rag, unable to even lift her head up as drool pours out of her well used mouth. This is what getting hit by the cock truck looks like. Welcome back to Sexuallybroken my dear…

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Bubblebutted throat slut used hard in both holes by big dick

Busty porn star Krissy Lynn bound and throat trained, roughly fucked by hard cock!
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: Dec 5, 2014 – James Deen and Krissy Lynn

True Slut Detective: SAS Feature Presentation

Detective Krissy Lynn goes deep into a kinky fantasy while she is investigating a crime scene.
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Evil Angel: Femdom Ass Worship # 13

Straight from the notorious website, meanbitches.com comes four thrilling vignettes featuring sleek and sassy porn starlets.

MeanBitch Productions presents domineering wenches in wacky scenarios that put sniveling wimps in their place worshiping superior female ass. ‘FemDom Ass Worship 13’ starsfour hot, fierce, shit-talking face-sitters: adorable, petite Kristina Rose; blonde knockout Krissy Lynn; tall ingenue Holly Michaels; thick bimbo Julie Cash. In POV segments eachmean bitch verbally abuses the viewer, dangling her unattainable holes so painfully close that you can (almost) smell her fragrant fury.Each girl follows up by degrading a wimpy bottom boy in a full session of ass smothering, rim jobs, pussy service, face slapping, spitting and foot licking, delivered with brutal verbal and physical humiliation!

After loquacious Latina Kristina orders you to smell her asshole, she emasculates herex-boyfriend, making him eat one of her pubes. Krissy teases you in spike-heeled boots and chaps that expose her meaty butt. She wrestles a panty sniffer to the floor, takes his money, then pulls a partially eaten donut from the trash, smashes it in her toes and makes him eat the mess from her foot! Six-footer Holly towers over you, a small wimp she can control… like her girlfriend’s father, whom she physically overpowers. Harshly squeezing his ‘little cock,’ she makes him squirt semen onto his own shirt. Cartoonish blonde Julie’s pink mini-dress can’t contain her big butt and thunderous thighs. She terrorizes a skinny neighbor,then envelops his face in her cheeks. Her fat, little hand makes him cum on his stomach. On your knees, ass worship freaks!
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Nov 11, 2014 – Dana DeArmond and Krissy Lynn

Butt Sluts: Dana DeArmond and Krissy Lynn

Two of our favorite girls play together for the first time in this very kinky extreme anal sex update.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Oct 3, 2014 – Darling , John Strong , and Krissy Lynn

Folsom Eve Review, Part I

It;s is Folsom Eve in the city, and The Upper Floor of the Castle fills with beautiful porn stars and slave girls for tonight’s show. The slaves are all lined up for review, and the meaning of sexual teamwork is drilled into them before they split into teams to get that dick!

Super sexy Madeline Monroe licks asshole and sucks cock while Crissy Lynn is double penetrated. Both beauties are fucked hard and used well, and they earn a huge load of hot come all over their pretty faces while the crowd cheers and jeers.
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Sep 24, 2014 – Krissy Lynn , Emma Haize , and Katrina Zova

Naughty Anal Sluts: Katrina, Emma and Krissy

Two misbehaved girls, Katrina Zova and Emma Haize get into trouble with head Mistress Krissy Lynn and are turned into obedient anal sluts!
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Sep 9, 2014 – Krissy Lynn , Holly Hanna , and Nickey Huntsman

Sexy Sauna Sluts take it up the ass

Krissy Lynn, Holly Hanna and Nicky Huntsman do a hot 3-way in the sauna with lots of wet ass licking, butt fucking and deep orgasms!
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Dec 29, 2013 – Aiden Starr,Bella Rossi and Krissy Lynn

Format: WMV
Duration: 65 Minutes
Size: 709 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Bella Rossi returns to to be on the receiving end of an all girl gangbang! Bella’s the new nurse at the private psych hospital of doctor Hudson & finds herself tangled in a web of deceit. Veteran nurse Aiden Starr has been planning to seduce & poison Mr. Hudson but when naive Bella has an affair with Mr. Hudson her plans shatter. In order to assure her devious destruction will continue Aiden & the nurses capture Bella then blackmail punish & fill her up with strap-on cock for getting in their way!
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Nov 5, 2013 – Sarah Shevon and Krissy Lynn

Format: WMV
Duration: 88 Minutes
Size: 1050 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Fist Punching Sarah: Krissy Lynn and Sarah Shevon

Krissy Lynn and Sarah Shevon do an amazing anal scene with lots of passion and chemistry! These two sexy and horny girls don’t need any men in the room when they have really big anal toys, probing tongues and hard hitting wrist deep anal fisting!

Nov 5, 2013: Fist Punching Sarah

Hard wrist deep anal fisting and huge strapon lesbians!

rah Shevon and Krissy Lynn do a passionate and supercharged scene with lots of heavy anal penetration! No guys needed here, just two sexy and horny girls with some really big toys, probing tongues and some of the most hard hitting, wrist deep anal fisting on the internet!
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Jul 30, 2013 – Cherry Torn,Krissy Lynn and Syren de Mer + 272 Pic

Format: WMV
Duration: 104 Minutes
Size: 1300 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Cherry Torn and Syren de Mer get their asses stretched, fisted, fucked and cleaned by Krissy Lynn is this smoking hot update!
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Apr 5, 2013 – Krissy Lynn,Allie Haze and Amy Brooke + 225 Pictures

Format: WMV
Duration: 50 Minutes
Size: 641 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Amy Brooke is entered into the psych ward for her strange delusions and obsessions with feet! She’s put in a straight jacket and once she drifts off the delusions only get more intense or maybe they aren’t delusions at all? Amy’s made to worship 3 hot nurses stilettos, pantyhose and sweaty feet. Amy is controlled by her intense fetish for feet. She licks, sucks, and sniffs all six feet, she moistens them with her own saliva and begs to be titty fucked by their feet. Amy is spanked with the nurses feet then held down and has her feet tickled to uncontrollable laughter! Krissy Lynn fucks Amy’s cunt while Brandy Aniston holds her down with her foot and makes her cum, cum and cum again. Amy’s feet contort, scrunch and spread with every orgasm! Finally the nurses double penetrate Amy with their size 8’s and size 6’s and Krissy Lynn fucks Amy’s ass with her entire foot until she squirts over everyone’s toes multiple times, outrageous prolapse and foot contorts with every uncontrollable climax!
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