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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – Cuck Licks Princesses Shoes and Feet Before Boyfriends Arrival (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kenzie’s boyfriend is going to arrive soon, and she wants her shoes to be clean for him. She uses her stupid cuck’s mouth to get all the dirt from the soles. Kenzie wants every part of her expensive shoes spotless. The cuck works hard to make his Princess happy. He cleans her shoes with his tongue. Kenzie spits into the cucks mouth to help him swallow the dirt for her. Then, she makes him worship her feet. She thrusts her feet deeply into his throat and makes the cuck gag on them. Kenzie pedals her feet across the cuck’s tongue. She reminds the cuck that this is just the beginning of his cleaning duties for the evening. When her boyfriend comes over, he will be expected to clean up his mess after he fucks her. If the cuck does a good job cleaning up all her boyfriend’s mess, he may earn a chastity reward from his Princess.
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – I dont Want Flowers from a Shoe Licker (1080 HD)

1080 HD Marcello is really ticking Princess Kenzie off. He’s light on his weekly tribute, the bills he brought are not her preferred denominations, and he keeps trying to make excuses for himself. Kenzie decides that marcello will not be getting out of chastity at all this month and makes him lick her dirty shoes. Kenzie is disgusted by marcello. He is not a real man. A real man would never lick dirty shoes. Real men do nice thoughtful things for girls, like buy them flowers. Kenzie gushes that just the other day she received some very nice flowers. Marcello reveals that he was the one who sent her the forty-dollar floral bouquet, anonymously. Kenzie is outraged. Marcello spent forty dollars on flowers?! That’s why his tribute was so short! Kenzie does not want flowers from a loser like marcello. She only wants flowers from a real man. Flowers are only meaningful if they are from someone you like. To remind marcello of his place, Kenzie makes him worship her feet. She decides that since marcello did not have her tribute in cash, she’s going to take his credit card instead and fuck it hard. Kenzie tells marcello to lick all the floormats in her car clean while she goes out with her sister to spend money on his credit card that he hasn’t even earned yet.
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: July 14, 2017 – Kenzie Taylor and Ramon Nomar

Kenzie Taylor is the Senator’s Daughter in this role-play fantasy. With her long blonde hair and big tits she is the perfect sex toy for Ramon Nomar and his sadistic plans. He wants to send a political message to her father so he takes his daughter Kenzie hostage and has his dirty, savage way with her. After taking her captive he drives to a undisclosed location in the middle of nowhere to a dark dungeony garage and reveals a blindfolded beautiful blonde tied up in the trunk. She’s got a ball-gag in her mouth and her huge tits are bulging out of her dress. He zaps her a few times to remind her to be a good girl. Ramon carries his prey off into the dingy sinister garage and prepares to take care of business. Kenzie is on her knees tied up tight in rope bondage and chained to the floor. After cutting off her shirt he torments her breasts with the zapper, tightens on some nipple clamps and then teases her with his hard cock. Due to sensory deprivation from the blindfold she can’t see anything so she is searching with her mouth for Ramon’s dick. After flogging her she gets a good deep slobbering throat fuck. Can’t let all that spit go to waste so Ramon fucks her tits. He ties her up doggie style and reminds her that she is there because of her father’s debts. He punishes her with more flogging and then tears into her pussy for some hardcore fucking. Her long blond hair cascades down her shoulders and her big tits bounce around while Ramon drives her crazy with his cock. After she cums a few times he slides his cock into her tight ass and fucks her silly. Ramon is a fucking machine with his non stop, relentless pounding. Ass to pussy to ass to mouth Kenzie takes it all. Next position is on her back wrists tied to ankles and legs spread wide open. Sexy muscular Ramon hammers her ass until her eyes are rolling back in her head. She can hardly talk from all the orgasms she is having. Last position is reverse cowgirl on a couch. More pussy fucking and anal, Ramon vibes her pussy while he fucks her ass until she is drooling and out of her mind. He puts her on her knees and shoots his hot load all over her face. Hmm there are privileges to being The Senator’s Daughter. This update is an over the top, non stop fuck-fest with lots of cum and fun!
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – Spends Morning Lounging on Human Furniture (1080 HD)

1080 HD Kenzie spends the morning lounging on the furniture. Her furniture is human. It’s a male, and its kept in a chastity cage so that it doesn’t get the wrong idea when its beneath Kenzie’s divine ass. Kenzie goes through her typical morning routine. She eats a banana for breakfast, moisturizes her skin with some coconut oil, and calls a friend to make plans for later in the day. She does all this while sitting on her human chair. Eventually she leaves to go to her nail appointment.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: May 12, 2017: Kenzie Taylor is bound, pussy smothered, ass smothered, deepthroated and fucked to orgasms! | Kenzie Taylor | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

Kenzie Taylor is one of our favorite sexy bimbos, huge tits, a perfect ass, full lips, tan and sexy. Kenzie loves cock loves pussy and loves sex.

Bound on her back with her legs held open, and head over the edge of the table, Kenzie is completely helpess and exposed. Today we are going to overload our big tittes slut with pussy and cock. Dee will control her breathing with her perfect wet shaved pussy, her phat ass and massive boobs. Matt will stuff her throat with cock, not all of it fits in Kenzie’s throat but enough so she can’t breath while she is being throat boarded upside down. The pair completely controls Kenzie air intake. In the end our sex slave is spent from being made to cum over and over and over. A drooling dripping mess!
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: May 3, 2017: Kenzie Taylor is bound and helpless, while getting face fucked and pounded to several screaming O’s | Kenzie Taylor | Sergeant Miles

Kenzie Taylor is bound and helpless, while getting face fucked and pounded to several screaming O’s

Severely bound down, sexy Kenzie Taylor is destroyed by huge hard cock.

The battle is on, in this corner we have a sexy big titted helpless blond porn star. In the other corner we have bodybuilding, Purple Heart Veteran, American Hero, who now fucks like every day could be the last day. Who you betting on?
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Apr 5, 2017: Gorgeous Blond Kenzie Taylor gets facesat and throat fucked! | Kenzie Taylor | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

Kenzie Taylor gets a face full of Dee’s ass and a throat full of Matt’s cock!

Kenzie Taylor is stuck to the floor with a Hitachi bolted in front of her. The chains around her ankles hold her legs apart so that she can’t protect her pretty little pussy. Dee Williams comes to her with some oil and turns the vibrator on. The powerful vibrations begin to turn the heat up as Dee rubs the oil all over Kenzie’s giant tits. Kenzie moans and shudders at the intense sensation. The first of many incredibly beautiful orgasms erupt from Kenzie before there’s even a dick in her mouth.

When Matt slides his dick down Kenzie’s throat it becomes obvious how sexually excited she is. The dick encounters no resistance. When it finally comes out Kenzie’s face is drenched with her own spit. Matt fucks her throat until she’s wild for breath. Matt leave’s only to be replaced by Dee.

Dee uses her pussy to breath play Kenzie. Kenzie doesn’t even fight it. She licks and sucks on Dee’s pussy lips until finally she can get a breath. The spit flows freely and coats Dee’s sexy body.

Matt and Dee take turns having their way with Kenzie. Her moans and grunts are all the indication we need that Kenzie is Sexually Broken by the end.
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – Topless Handjob with Ball Punching (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Everybody loves Kenzie, but Kenzie hates you. Even though Kenzie hates you, you can’t help but be attracted to her. She’s blonde, she’s gorgeous, she’s a total brat. And she knows you like her. One day, Kenzie decides she’s going to be real nice to you, for a change. She invites you over and gives you the most amazing handjob. In her bed. Even topless. The catch? She punches you in the balls the entire time. You’re going to have to fight through the pain to keep your boner. LMFAO. What a conflict! Your bratty dream girl overpowers you right when and where you are most vulnerable. Which will win, the pleasure of her stroking or the pain of the impact? Maybe it’s the combination that sends you over the edge…
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – Finds the Darkness inside a Unicorn (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Everybody knows that only the wealthiest Princesses have unicorns. Unicorns are very rare. Most poor people don’t even believe they’re real because 99.9 percent of the human population has never seen one. Kenzie does not care that her unicorn is an “endangered species,†she is very mean to it because she is a mean rich girl. If she breaks him she’ll just get another. Like the time, Jennifer and Sasha got a new unicorn after theirs expired after an extreme ballbusting. Don’t believe it, we got it on video HERE ! They thought it was the last one, but it wasn’t. Everything is replaceable if you’re wealthy enough, even the rarest of fantastic beasts. Kenzie keeps her unicorn in chastity. She wouldn’t want it somehow finding a mare, reproducing, and driving the price of a unicorn down by increasing the supply. It’s not special if everybody can have a unicorn! Besides, this particular male is no real stud. Of course, Kenzie’s unicorn is not even a real unicorn. Did you really believe there were actual unicorns and you’re just too poor to have ever seen one? Haha, jokes on you. No, but seriously, this is just some pathetic slave Kenzie’s dressed up like a unicorn. This guy was just a normal-ish guy before Kenzie started training it with ponyplay. Now he’s dressed like a unicorn, on all fours, taking it in the asshole for his Princess. It could happen to any one of you, if Miss Kenzie were to get her hooks in. Hot blondes get everything they want, and Princess Kenzie wanted a unicorn. Kenzie fucks her unicorn slave with her strap-on. The more she fucks it, the more submissive it becomes. She makes it “nay,†while she pounds from behind. She spits on the pathetic unicorn slave and gets her whole hand inside it. Kenzie is training this male unicorn to play the sexual role of the mare. She’s asked all her Princess friends with studs to bring them over and has offered use of her “mare.†The ponyboy studs are going to have so much fun using Kenzie’s unicorn!
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Kenzie – West Coast Ballbusting Practice (1080 HD)

1080 HD: The bicoastal ballbusting tournament is just a few days away! Cali and Kenzie are representing the west coast this year and they want to kick their very best. Today, they are practicing so that they can destroy east coast at the match. Last year, east coast defeated them, so this year the competition is stiff as they strive to take the win from their rival. Best friends and star kickers, Cali and Kenzie, pair off on their slave and each do sets of ten reps. Each time the slave drops to the floor in agony, the girls’ team is awarded one point. Cali and Kenzie want to practice dropping this slave over and over to really get the edge in over the competition. This is a great practice; the girls drop the slave a lot. If they kick like this at the tournament in a few days, they’re going to be in great shape to take that win from the east coast girls.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jan 25, 2017: Kenzie Taylor is your typical porn bimbo, blond hair, big tits, tan, and loves cock in her mouth! | Kenzie Taylor | Matt Williams | Maestro

Sexy Bimbo is bound, made to cum on a Sybian while being throat fucked to the extreme!

We have Kenzie Tayor and her tan, big titted blond bimbo body. Bimbos love cock, love sex and love cumming. We love Bimbos.

Bound on the worlds most powerful vibrator, Kenzie finds she can’t stop cumming, she also can stop the boys of Sexually Broken from brutally fucking her hot throat. Over and over we jam hard cock down Kenzie’s wet mouth, and over and over again she cums. Drool, spit, its all running down her huge tits. There is nothing better then a cummed out, spit covered, dazed slut, with that “what just happened” look in her eyes. Nothing!
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Kenzie – Best Friends Facesit Chastity Slave (1080 HD)

1080 HD: One of Cali’s favorite things to do with a slave in chastity is sit on its face. She knows her butt drives them crazy! Cali’s best friend, Kenzie, joins in the teasing. It’s fun to watch the slave grow helplessly in the chastity device! Soon the besties are taking turns grinding and bouncing on the chastity slave’s face. Cali shows her best friend how she likes to dangle the slave’s chastity key from her belly ring. When she is sitting on his face, she makes the slave keep its eyes very wide open so that it can see its key above him as she grinds. Kenzie helps hold the slave’s eyes open so that it can’t look away as Cali bounces and jingles the keys. “It’s a good little reminder for him that only I can cum!” Cali exclaims to her friend. Cali’s other favorite thing to do is bounce on the slave’s face. She bounces on the slave’s face very hard and really gets some air! It’s fun to use the slave’s face as a trampoline, so Kenzie wants a turn at it too, right away. Cali wants to take the slave to the edge with some assphyxia. That’s another of her favorite things. She wants to see its body shake from lack of air. Cali tells Kenzie to use her huge ass to just engulf the slave’s face so that it can’t breathe. Kenzie thinks the little games she and her friend are playing with the slave are very fun. Cali reminds the slave that it is just a plaything for her and her friend. Cali loves to share her human toys with Kenzie. Cali decides that next they are going to dress the slave like a sissy. It’s going to be extremely humiliating for the slave, but very fun for the girls.
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie POV – Fuck You Foot Addict Whore (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Kenzie has been walking around in her size 8 black boots all day. When she takes off her boots, she knows you want to grovel at her perfect stinky feet. Well, fuck you. You are so fucking pathetic. Foot addict whore, you’d do anything to feed your addiction. Kenzie wiggles her toes while putting her feet in your face, telling you over and over how useless and pathetic you are. Get ready to learn your place, foot bitch. You’re and addict and that’s pathetic. Kenzie’s feet hold all the power. She knows you want to lick them, want to suck them. Stick out your tongue, stupid. Kenzie wants to wipe her feet all over your stupid tongue because you’re a fucking addict. Everybody knows that addictions are problems. People with problems are so easy to manipulate. So keep groveling, keep watching, keep cleaning those sweaty feet, foot addict. Fall deeper and deeper into your addiction until there is no way out.
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Brat Princess 2: Cali and Kenzie – Edging Salon Teasers Demonstrate Ruined Orgasm Techniques (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Welcome to the edging salon, Princesses! This is a tutorial on how to edge your slave. Cali and Kenzie have a male specimen on the table for the demonstration. Observe, the male has been restrained. Always be sure to restrain your male while practicing your ruined orgasm techniques at home. Before starting any sexual stimulation, be sure that your male has been kept in chastity a very long time. This will ensure that he will be very eager to please and more willing to accept whatever you do to him. The slave in this demo has been kept in chastity for over two months. Next, put some lube on his little beta “manhood.” Even though your male has probably never been allowed inside your pussy, he will still respond positively to the feeling of wetness, even if he can’t remember why it feels good to him. You probably won’t need to encourage an erection, if your slave has been kept in chastity long enough one will happen automatically once the chastity has been removed. But, if your slave is scared or nervous about what you might do to it, you may need to force an erection. To force an erection, start your grip at the base of the penis and pull the upwards. It is a pinch and pull motion. Soon, the will be forced into the male’s cock and it will have no choice but to accept whatever you choose to do with it sexually. It’s always good to edge your slave before ruining its orgasm. Edging is about bringing the male to the height of its sexual pleasure, but not allowing it to go “over the edge” into the sexual release of orgasm. You can observe the breathing of the male to gauge how near the edge it is. The heavier the breathing, the nearer to orgasm it is. You want to keep it’s breathing heavy, but if you observe a change in your slave’s breathing, this might indicate that it is too near a sexual climax. Try stopping for a few seconds so that he doesn’t go “over the edge.” Males have a concentration of nerve endings in the tip of the penis. Be sure that you are giving the head enough stimulation. It is a proven fact that you can control the entirety of a male with just the tip of its penis. If you see your male getting too near orgasm, observable by rapid breathing often accompanied by a slight body shaking, pull your hand away immediately. You never want to allow your male to get what it wants. If it’s body is shows signs of desiring immediate sexual release, be sure that you are denying it fully so that you can keep it right at that edge. Other indicators that the male is nearing orgasm are an increase in the size or thickness of the penis as the starts to rush and cause swelling. Also the testicles, if they are not bound, will start to pull back up into the male’s body. If you notice a change in the thickness of the penis, or observe the testicles moving back up into the male’s body, hands off! Don’t let it go over that edge yet! If you can find a friend to assist you in edging your slave, it’s even better. This will insure that your slave never gets a break from the sexual frustration you want it to feel, and also you have someone to pass it off to when your hand gets tired. When you are ready to allow your slave to cum, be sure to ruin its orgasm. An orgasm is ruined when you remove sexual stimulation just as the male starts to cum. Cali and Kenzie demonstrate a perfect ruin. This clip shows a lot of great examples, but also have fun developing your own edging and ruined orgasm techniques with your slaves at home!
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SEX AND SUBMISSION: October 14, 2016 – Seth Gamble and Kenzie Taylor/Dear Mistress…

When Seth Gamble’s girlfriend, Kenzie Taylor, takes a job as a dominatrix, their relationship suffers from her working long hours with clients. Things reach a boiling point when Kenzie brushes off Seth’s sexual advances to go meet a client, and Seth goes to extreme measures to get his girlfriend back.

Super hot, big tit blonde Kenzie Taylor is smoking hot as the dominatrix that gets skillfully dominated and fucked by Seth Gamble. Kenzie is glamorous and beautiful in corset and fetish wear. She opens up wide for great anal shots in this movie, and Seth delivers the dominance in spades.
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – Sexually Rewired while Fucked by Bot (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Kenzie has her slave restrained and immersed in virtual reality. He is being forced to watch big black cocks. While watching the big black cocks, its asshole is violated by a fucking machine. He is kept in chastity the entire time. The slave must learn to accept anal penetration as its only source of sexual fulfillment. Kenzie cranks up the fucking machine and starts playing on her phone. The slave’s sexual rewire is fully machine automated, so Kenzie can kick back and relax. Kenzie likes to read and check her emails while sexually rewiring her slaves. All she has to do is occasionally re grease the machine. She takes the slave out of virtual reality after about three hours, so that she can remind it how worthless and unloved it is. Kenzie likes to dip her hand into the faggot’s ass juices, then fuck its mouth with her hand. She fucks its throat really deeply until it gags. Kenzie checks the slave’s chastity. She wears the key on a necklace that she likes to dangle over her faggot’s face. Kenzie takes off her bra so that she can put on a sexy dress for her boyfriend. She can’t wait to go see him and cum all over his huge cock. Because she loves her boyfriend, she’ll probably let him cum inside her tonight. His cum will drip from her pussy all over her panties on the way home from his house. The faggot is going to be put on toilet duty for the evening. He’ll have to drink all of Kenzie’s pee when she’s finished fucking her boyfriend. Then, he’s going to have to suck all of her boyfriend’s cum from her panties. This is why rewiring is really helpful, faggots love cum! Kenzie leaves the faggot tied up, with the machine still reaming its ass, then leaves to go fuck her boyfriend. She taunts as she leaves. “See you later, queer! Enjoy the cock up your ass!”
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: Amadahy Cali and Kenzie – Mean Girls Gang Bang a Chastity Bitch (With Bonus Feature) (1080 HD)

1080 HD: In their candy colored pastel lingerie sets, Amadahy Cali and Kenzie are feeling especially mean. They invite a chastity beta over to the Brat Princess loft. Even though its little beta dick is all locked up in chastity, its slutty asshole is totally ready for use. Amadahy Cali and Kenzie stand in line, each waiting their turn to run train on the chastity beta. The beta is super stupid, most are, but this one is especially lacking in wits. It thought it was going to come over and actually party with a bunch of hot girls. Stop having dreams, loser! The only way a little beta dicked loser could be even remotely entertaining to a group of hot girls is by making agonized sounds as a humiliating big, big, big dick wielded by a superhot Princess pounds its slut ass. This slut has never taken a dick as big as Amadahys cock, and She dives right in. No warm up, just straight into all 9. Cali Carter teases the betas chastity as Amadahys cock violates its rear. Cali, next in line, comes around to fuck the little locked up beta from behind. Amadahy makes it do ass to mouth. She pulls the big 9 cock right from its ass and shoves it straight down its throat. Cali really, really, rails it from behind. Kenzie wants a turn getting her cock sucked next. Kenzie spits on the sluts face while it is sucking her cock. Fuck him so hard its chastity jingles! Amadahy tells Cali, and they all laugh and laugh. Kenzie snaps some bubbles with her pink bubble gum as Cali continues to go to town on the tight asshole. When Cali pulls out, she makes the slut immediately go to its knees and suck the taste of its own asshole from the cock. Cali thrusts so deep, the huge cock disappears into the beta sluts throat. Amadahy gets super excited and forces her big cock back in next. She makes the slut get back up on the kitchen counter and spread its legs for her. This is what happens when you have the smallest dick in the room, she tells it as her cock again transgresses the threshold of its body. Im going to fuck it really hard now, Amadahy tells her girlfriends. Amadahy and Cali pass the bitch back and forth, tagging each other in to fuck its ass. It is relentless because between the two they never get tired of assaulting it. Cali aims to make the bitch airtight. Airtight means all holes sealed. On both ends Princess cocks are balls deep in the airtight beta. They make it say its a cum dumpster and a slut and beg. Its totally debasing. They completely fuck all the ego and whatever masculinity it may have had right out of it. And they make it thank them after. The Princesses discuss plans to tie the stupid beta up to a bench for the rest of the weekend. Bound and completely helpless, they will make this pegging slut their toilet for their weekend long Princess potty party. Its going to flush down into itself whatever is deposited by the toilet team. This clip also includes a behind the scenes bonus!
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Brat Princess 2: Kenzie – Ass Licked Clean after Sweaty Workout (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Kenzie - Ass Licked Clean after Sweaty Workout (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Whenever Princess Kenzie gets home from her workout, she expects her cuck to lick her ass clean. Kenzies workouts make her sweat and her boyfriend is already on his way over to fuck her, so Kenzie needs the cuck to clean her ass especially well today. While the cuck cleans her ass, Kenzie talks about how she was hit on by some meatheads at the gym. Sometimes its really hard to be a pretty girl. Guys can be so annoying. Anyway, Kenzies very excited that her boyfriend is on his way over. She hasnt seen him in a few days and shes very horny. Kenzie loves having her ass licked clean. She thinks that every hot girl should have someone stupid and pathetic enough to do it for them. Kenzie graciously spits in the cucks mouth so that it can swallow all of the sweat from her ass. She gives the cucks chastity a thorough inspection. Nice and secure! Kenzie has the cuck finish licking her ass clean. She even promises the cuck a reward for its good work. Once its sure her boyfriend has left, shes going to let lick every drop of his cum from her pussy.
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Brat Princess 2:Amadahy Cali and Kenzie – Kenzie Tries Out for the Ballbusting Team (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Kenzie wants to try out for the Ballbusting team, but first she has to prove to Amadahy and Cali that she can really bust balls. Amadahy and Cali are super competitive, and they dont want to have to carry any deadweight on the team. Cali tells Kenzie that she will need to go full force so that they can see that she can really kick at their level. Amadahy demonstrates a perfect kick for Kenzie to see. Can you do this? Amadahy asks. Kenzie steps up to the kick position. Her first kick is excellent. She drives the kick bags testicles straight up into its throat. Cali gets so excited watching Kenzie kick, she just has to cut in front of her. Cali gives a barrage of hard kicks to the bag. Amadahy just has to kick more too! Come on guys, you are hogging him! Kenzie points out. This is supposed to be her audition and now Amadahy and Cali are just showing off. Kenzie is right. This is her try out, so the girls step back to see what she can do. They tell Kenzie that in order for her to make the team, they need to see ten perfect kicks. It doesnt matter how many kicks it actually takes, though, to get ten perfect ones. Kenzie easily demonstrates ten perfect kicks. She makes the team! Yay! Ok, so now that they know Kenzie has talent, she still needs some time to practice. The next step is for Kenzie to get 100 perfect practice kicks. Again, it doesnt matter how many kicks it actually takes for Kenzie to get 100 perfect ones. Everyone is super excited Kenzie made the team! Kenzie happily starts the process of making 100 perfect practice kicks.
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