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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – CA

Katya Nostrovia is back – ripe and ready for a bare bottom spanking!

Katya Nostrovia has missed her lover John Friday, mostly for his money! Now her Sugar Daddy is back, it’s time for a bottom warming to remember. Katya’s deliciously bouncing bare cheeks are swiftly turned red under his hand as he warns her about bad behavior and over spending her allowance. But a spanking won’t keep her in line!
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – G

“Harder!” demands Katya Nostrovia as she’s soundly spanked at her request.

“Do you need to be corrected?” Sugar Daddy John Friday asks lingerie-clad Katya Nostrovia. “I’ve been very, very naughty,” she tells him as she lies across his knee to have her bouncing bottom spanked. “Harder, harder,” she yells as his hand turns her buttocks a deeper crimson. “Oh, it hurts so good sir,” she pants breathlessly…
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Principal’s Office – AP

Katya chooses a paddling in The Principal’s Office: see her buns bounce!

Changing her grade from a D to an A on a test paper lands hottie senior Katya Nostrovia in trouble in The Principal’s Office. She has the potential to make Harvard, but not by cheating. It’s a simple choice: suspension from school or 10 swats with Principal Friday’s stinging wooden paddle. See her buttocks bounce in tight jeans, in slow motion!
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BJ

Partying at her boyfriend’s canyon home earns Katya’s bare bottom a caning.

She spends his money, she tests his genrerosity and now gorgeous Katya Nostrovia throws a party at his expensive Benedict Canyon home in LA and drinks his expensive scotch with cola! In the series finale of Sugar Daddy, Katya is soundly caned by John Friday in a bottom-striping wakeup call. “The cane’s sting is really intense,” she admits.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BH

Brand new Mercedes SUV costs Katya’s bare bottom a 15-swat paddling.

Katya Nostrovia knows how to spend money, especially when it comes from boyfriend John Friday in Sugar Daddy. Buying a top of the line Mercedes is a step too far for him, but Katya knows it’s better to bend over and get her bare butt paddled 15 times than to take it back. “The board brings a real deep sting, no acting required to react” she said.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BF

A caning for Katya Nostrovia after being indiscreet with intimate information.

Talking about her relationship with John Friday to his work colleagues gets him all steamed up in Sugar Daddy. Spanking Katya is not enough this time. He fetches a springy rattan cane to use on her unprotected bottom. The stinging stripes across her jutting rear will remind her to be more discreet. “The cane was bad,” she admits.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BE

The dreaded hairbrush is the implement of choice for Katya’s bare bottom.

A wooden hairbrush stings like hell when applied to Katya Nostrovia’s tight jeans, and even worse when her bottom is bared by Sugar Daddy John Friday! Using his frequent flyer miles to jet off to
Tuscany is good cause for a sound spanking, and he makes sure she feels every smack. Her reactions to wood on bare skin are totally real…
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BD

She loves to spend money, but Katya’s bare bottom has to be strapped for it!

A $10,000 vase, extravagant shoes: the list is endless. Katya Nostrovia is an expert at spending her boyfriend’s money in Sugar Daddy. But John Friday has had enough! It’s time to break out his leather belt and apply it to her bare bottom. “That’s the problem, you still don’t respect me,” he says as the leather strap wraps across her curvy cheeks.
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BC

A $5,000 overdraft costs Katya Nostrovia a sound spanking, bare bottom.

Katya Nostrovia knows how to spend money when it belongs to her Sugar Daddy, John Friday. Everyone has to pay the check some time, so Katya’s bare bottom is soon upended over John’s lap for a dose of his stinging ping pong paddle. But will she agree to ask permission first next time? We don’t think so. The girl has spirit – and a red bottom!
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – J

Tearful 15-stroke caning for stunning Katya Nostrovia after damaging antiques.

Crawling on her knees with a rattan cane between her teeth, Katya Nostrovia fesses up to damaging John Friday’s valuable crystal glass collection training for kick-boxing. Those generous creamy buttocks are about to be striped with the cane 15 times as her Sugar Daddy takes payment. It’s done firmly and with affection: we love this hot couple!
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BA

Extravagant, wilful, sassy and sexy, Katya Nostrovia is soundly spanked

She’s so good at spending money, Katya Nostrovia’s Sugar Daddy decides a spanking is the only way to curb her extravangance. She tries to bribe him with a blow-job, but John Friday is getting to the bottom of the problem, smacking her swiftly bared jiggling cheeks crimson, ignoring her protests. Slow-motion bun bouncing replay – delicious!
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Firm Hand Spanking – Katya Nostrovia – Sugar Daddy – BB

Will a riding crop across her ass help Katya to stop spending money?

“You are going to learn respect…now bend over,” smiles John Friday as he loses patience with big-spending charmer Katya Nostrovia in Sugar Daddy. After being ignored all evening and paying for a magnum of champagne he can’t drink, John gets to the bottom of it all by whipping Katy’s bare bottom with a riding crop. Now that stings!
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