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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Kat Dior – Cuckold

Your hot girlfriend Kat cuckolds you with your jerk boss! You will be humiliated, but you know you can’t resist anything Kat makes you do!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Kat Dior Homewrecker

Your stepdaughter Kat wants you to get rid of Mommy. She can be very very very convincing!!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Kat Dior – Facesitting

Hot Bratty Kat Dior turned her stepdaddy into her slave – now she wants to make you her slave too! FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, CUM COUNTDOWN AND MORE!
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Feb 20, 2017 – Feb 20, 2017: Kat Dior is handcuffed to a chair, face fucked, and vibrated to several screaming orgasms! | Kat Dior | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

Hot blond is bound, vibrated and face fucked, Handcuffed to a chair Kat is brutally face fucked!

Kat Dior finds herself a bit over her head, this little Princess is about to get a little bit abused.

Handcuffed to a chair this sexy blond finds out real quick Sexually Broken is the real deal, to much in fact. Some girls love their work, others struggle, and the struggle can be fun too.
We face fuck and vibrate Kat to a few orgams, while she is struggling with cock down her throat. The struggle is real, the sex is as real as it gets and the bondage is absolute.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jan 27, 2017: Kat Dior is a tiny little blond with a booming body, she gets bound and roughy fucked! | Kat Dior | Dee Williams | Matt Williams

Tiny fairy is bound, and brutally fucked, made to cum and deep throated. Helpless and wrecked!

Welcome tiny Kat Dior to Sexaully Broken, This little fairy has a tiny booming body that begs to be used!

Cuffed to a hard metal fucking post, Dee Williams and her monster boobs gets to destroy a princess, snowflake porn girl. We fuck her from behind as we shove cock as far as she will let us down her throat. After 7 minutes our snowflake is done. Sexaully Broken is a hard sexy place to work. If you like seeing porn Princess, struggle through rough sex and throat fucking today is your special day.
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Kat Dior

HOT cute Kat knows how to manipulate her stepdaddy into giving her what she wants. She wants the car keys so she crawls on top of him and slides her ass up and down on his face. He learns that he can’t resist her!
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MeanWorld / SlaveOrders: Kat Dior POV Slave Orders

Your hot young stepdaughter Kat wants the keys to the car and she knows how to get them. She teases you with her delicious sweaty young feet and her mouthwatering ass. She enslaves you little by little until you find yourself jerking off for her like a good boy!
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Femdom Empire – Strap-on Cheer Squad

When sex Goddesses Lyra and Kat aren’t at cheer practice they spend quality time turning wimpy frat boys into their perfect submissive fuck-holes! Once the bitch gets a taste of their gigantic cocks slamming deep into their virgin ass they can’t help but become completely addicted to dick. The girls take pride in transforming stupid boys into stretched out cock whores to only be thrown away when they are used up and begging for more.

Featuring: Kat Dior, Lyra Louvel
Categories: Spitting, Strap-on, Uniforms
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Femdom Empire – Evil Cheerleaders

Most guys would do anything to get to spend time around gorgeous cheerleaders, and gorgeous cheerleaders love to abuse their their power as popular Queens of the school. Lyra and Kat love picking on wimpy beta males, they have him stripped naked so they and slap and abuse his balls while taking turns smothering him with their white panties. They laugh as he gasps for and and moans under their asses.

Featuring: Kat Dior, Lyra Louvel
Categories: Ballbusting, CBT, Face Sitting, Uniforms
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Femdom Empire – His balls have to go!

When sexy cheerleaders Kat Dior and Lyra Louvel catch a nerd peeping on them while they are practicing a new cheer, they decide to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget. The girls have heard a rumor that this nerd enjoys being ballbusted, so they decide to see for themselves. Sure enough, no matter how many times they knee, kick, slap, or punch him in the balls, his dick stays hard; this pervert really likes being busted by hot girls way out of his league! The girls even come up with a new cheer to chant while they have their fun busting his balls.

Featuring: Kat Dior, Lyra Louvel
Categories: Ballbusting, CBT, Uniforms
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Femdom Empire – Sexy Cheerleaders Control Your Dick

Kat Dior and Lyra Louvel love being cheerleaders for the control it gives them over men; just the site of these beautiful women in their uniforms is enough to make any man fall to his knees. But unfortunately for you, these cheerleaders only have eyes for each other; a beta male like you is only fit for jerking off for their amusement. So get on your knees and stroke your dick just like they tell you as you watch them make out; maybe if you follow all their instructions you will be allowed to cum at the end of their countdown.

Featuring: Kat Dior, Lyra Louvel
Categories: Femdom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Uniforms
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Femdom Empire – Heartless Cheerleader Humiliation

Kat Dior and Lyra Law are two very cruel and snobby cheerleaders who love making fun of the pathetic bitch boys who will endure any humiliation just to be near their beauty. After a long day of cheering, their shoes, socks, and feet are all very smelly and sweaty – perfect for humiliating the poor bitch kneeling before them. The cruel cheerleaders make him smell their stinky shoes and socks, then order him to lick their feet clean as they make him gag on them and use his tongue as a footwipe. The entire time the two mean cheerleaders make fun of their foot bitch, making him sing humiliating songs as they degrade and laugh at him. Of course, no matter how hard he tries to please them, he keeps earning nothing but their derision and scorn.

Featuring: Kat Dior, Lyra Louvel
Categories: Foot Worship, Humiliation, Smelly: Feet, Shoes, Socks, Uniforms
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Femdom Empire – Kat Dior – Stroke for your Queen

Femdom Empire - Kat Dior - Stroke for your Queen

Kat is wearing a skin tight pink mini dress; she loves showing off her sexy tight little body. She knows just how to tease and manipulate men into her stroking drones. Look at her tits and ass as you become more and more addicted; the more you stroke the more weak you become. You may just become so horny that you won’t be able to say no to anything she wants… even licking up your own cum.

Featuring: Kat Dior
Categories: Femdom POV, Latina, Masturbation Instruction
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