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Scatshop: JosslynKane – Maid pooping her panties

Maid have a lot of house work to do and she dosent have permission to take a break, she needs so bad to go to bathroom, she can’t hold it anymore, so she shit in her panties, a big poo, mmm she feels so good right now, but she become horny too, she start fingering her asshole and smearing the shit all over her ass and pussy, mmm this is so hot, but she did a big mess and boss is back home! upsss
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Scatshop: Scat in the morning

I start my day with a scat play, mm feeling my dirty asshole makes me feel so good, i start fuking my dirty shitty ass till i get the shit out and smear it all over my ass and my pussy, i take a bigger dildo and i fuck it hard and deep till i cum. Now is ur turn to cum, cum in my mouth bb, i wanna suck ur shitty cock and make u cum in my mouth, my shit taste so good, yummy! Enjoy!
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