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Elegant femdom: efcl501 double shoe licking fullHD

The first part of a light girl-talk with Lady Demona and mistress Jessica. They chat about food, restaurants, clubs, pubs and parties while the footslave lick their shoes humbly under their feet. The ladies completely ignore him during the chat.
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Elegant femdom: efcl505 cbt-footsmell game fullHD

Painful and humiliating femdom game. The slave’s balls is tied with a rope very tight. One of the mistresses put up her legs on a chair and allow the slave to lick and smell her feet if he can reach it. Meanwhile the other mistress from the other corner pull back him by the rope tied to his balls. The slobbering foot fetishist slave does his best but the pain in his sack seems harder. Funny amusing femdom game for females and a painful humiliating torment to the slave.
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Elegant femdom: efcl502 double nylon smelling fullHD

The second part of this session. In this part the ladies allow the idiot inferior male to take off their high heels and smell the sweaty nyloned feet. They chat and totally ignore him as if he was an object.
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Elegant femdom: efcl503 human ashtray fullHD

Mistress Demona and Lady Jessica sit on a barstool tasting and trying a new type of cigarette and as usual use the male disgusting mouth as an ashtray. Making him more humiliating and uncomfortable he must put his cock under the stool of Demona who sit him with full weight ignoring the pain she cause to him. In this position he must serve the superior sex.
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Elegant femdom: efcl486 foot slaps fullHD

Lady Jessica does not satisfied with the house maid because his cleaning ability is horrible so she sits, orders him to kneel before her and kicks him in the face many times with bare feet while scolds him. Great foot slapping clip.
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Elegant femdom: efcl481 shoe lick with cbt fullHD

Lady Jessica humiliates her slave. She commands him to lick her black high heels while she pull hard his cock and balls with a rope. He must lay under her feet and humbly lick.
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Elegant femdom: efcl483 slave under the chair fullHD

Lady Jessica teases the slave with some chips. He is very hungry and hopes that some morsel will fall down from the mistress. Jessica jokes with him saying if he reach it he can eat it. The task however is not so simple because his cock and balls is under the chair on which Jessica sits with full weight and he must hold the chips and a glass of wine for the lady. During the torment he also has to lick the lady’s shoes.
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Elegant femdom: efcl485 face slapping HD

Lady Jessica is in bad mood today, so she slap the slave in the face as a stress relief. He must kneel down and humbly suffer until she calm down.
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Elegant Femdom: efcl484 foot smelling HD

The slave under mistress Jessica feet smells and worships her sweaty black hosed feet. The lady just came from all day shopping so she orders the slave to remove her shoes and sniff her stinky feet.
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Suburban Sensations Ballbusting: Jessica The Testicle Destroyer

Black and blue balls are exactly what he got after this extreme ballbusting. Jessica is wearing a pair of knee high striped socks and a special top that we designed for our models. She loves both and completely devastates her partners balls. This is quite intense for him and a lot of fun for her. She ends with a knee to his battered balls and then she gets on top of her victim so she can examine her handiwork. His balls are swollen and black and blue. Jessica is very proud of it but he is going to need some help after all of this!
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Men Are Slaves – Please Whip Me Goddess

Such a good slave, not only does he accept the pain from the whip but he actually begs for more! That’s what Jessica and Sara love from their males, not only a willingness to take pain but hearing them beg for more. Good male, now suffer while the girls amuse themselves.
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Men Are Slaves – Training Fido

All pets need training, and this male pet is no exception. That’s why Sara and Jessica are training him to take pain. And not just pain from them electrocuting his cock, but they also make him shock his own cock as a demonstration of obedience. That and because it’s also just too damn funny to make him punish himself.
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Men Are Slaves – Playtime Is My Favorite

Jessica and Karmen love playtime. That’s because playtime typically involves making a male suffer for their amusement. In this case their male will endure the crack of their whip, but the girls will generously permit him to adore them after he suitably suffers for them.
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Brat Princess 2: Jessica and Sharon – Danni Breaks Down at Fetcon While Worshiping Feet (720 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Jessica and Sharon - Danni Breaks Down at Fetcon While Worshiping Feet (720 HD)

Did you see the little pink tiny chastity? I bet we could get him to do anything. What’s his name? Dummy…Danni? It’s ridiculous,” Says Sharon. Sharon and Jessica are talking behind danni’s back while he is in the other room licking all of their shoes clean. Danni enters to ask if Sharon and Jessica need anything else. “Eww. What are you stuttering for? Don’t stutter.” Says Jessica. The girls point out that danni hasn’t yet cleaned the shoes they are wearing. Jessica has danni lick the soles of her rhinestone stilettos. The girls invite danni to go to the mall with them. They want more shoes once these ones are clean. Danni licks the beige soles of Sharon’s platform sandals. They are visibly dirty. Danni confesses to the girls that he has spent his whole paycheck on shoes in the past. The girls interrogate danni about his finances. They find out he has only one credit card with a very low limit. It’s ok, though. The girls work out a solution. Since danni has established good credit, he can get a store card for every store in the mall. Then, the girls can max out each individual card. The girls want to max out a card at Victoria’s Secret, first. Then, they’ll head over to Express and max out a second. But for now, “Worship my feet!” Demands Jessica. Danni is reluctant to destroy his good credit. He clearly needs to be broken down further. The girls decide that he will not be allowed to stop worshiping their feet until he agrees to the plan. They play head games with poor danni until he reluctantly consents to getting his wallet r*ped
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Femdom Sex – Forced Cum 41

Femdom Sex - Forced Cum 41

Freddy, angezogen mit Frauenklamotten soll auf Befehl von Bizarrlady Jessica auf ihre schwarzen Lackstiefel spritzen. Unter ständigen verbalen Zurechtweisungen wixt Freddy, bis er schließlich auf ihre Stiefeln abspritzt.
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Brat Princess 2: Jessica and Sharon – Little Nerd Beatdown and Humiliation (Part 2) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Jessica and Sharon - Little Nerd Beatdown and Humiliation (Part 2) (1080 HD)

In part 2, the girls continue to destroy Danni, they shove their feet in his mouth and make him suck their toes. They even spit all over his face. The tone then comes down a little. The girls begin to manipulate little Danni. They tell Danni they will take turns fucking his credit card over the next two days. They will alternate fucking his wallet each day. Danni tries to fight back. He meekly says it is not fair they get to use his wallet like that. Jessica sets Danni straight. He is just a lowly wallet slave. He will stay in chastity and be used as a wallet for girls the rest of his pathetic life. He is not boyfriend material. The tone in both of these clips is extreme emotional cruelty.
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Brat Princess 2: Jessica and Sharon – Little Nerd Beatdown and Humiliation (Part 1) (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Jessica and Sharon - Little Nerd Beatdown and Humiliation (Part 1) (1080 HD)

Jessica and Sharon are up for some financial spoiling. They come into little Danni’s hotel room to get him and his credit card for some retail therapy. The credit card to buy things with and Danni itself to carry bags and fetch things. They are so excited. But Alexis has already dropped by and scooped up his credit card for the day! Jessica and Sharron are furious! It is all his fault! He will have to learn. The mean brat girls make fun of and bully little Danni, they make him lick the bottoms of their shoes and mock his little penis in his pink chastity tube. The girls verbally destroy little Danni and make him lick clean the bottoms of their shoes clean. The tone in this clip is mean and abusive. The girls yell and spit at little Danni. He is completely humiliated by these girls. Part 1 finishes with some foot worship.
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Cry From Heel Pain

Men Are Slaves Cry From Heel Pain

Sometimes filming can be frustrating when I miss the random action happening with the girls because I don’t have the video camera nearby. This time though when I saw Jessica and Sara systematically torturing the slave with their high heels, I quickly located the camera, ran back and started recording! The pain this slave is feeling is excruciating, intense and not for the meek. His cries of mercy are oh so very real. This slave is clearly suffering for his female owners, who are methodically grinding their sharp high heels into his chest and nipples with little pity. That’s because these girls look for more from their male slaves than just humiliation, financial slavery and general debasement. They want them to be willing to hurt, to suffer large amounts of pain for the simple purpose of putting a smile on the face his female owners. He accomplished that today as Jessica and Sara were both pleased with his suffering.
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Love My Feet

Subby Girls Love My Feet

Aww, Leya’s cute feet are hurting! Not to worry because Jessica will come to her rescue and take good care of her loving pet, so while Leya sinks into the bean bag Jessica goes ahead and massages her pretty feet. Now the poor doll can relax after having walked so much today on her tender tootsies.
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