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Femdom Empire – Jasmine, Lexi Sindel – Personal Foot Wipe

Do you think you have what it takes to join the stable of slaves and become our new foot wipe? Your sex life will only be about worshiping and cleaning feet as you become nothing but our own personal doormat. Now crawl in here slave and start licking!
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – How to Break a Slave

Miss Jasmine has her slave in a tough position. While he can get to his feet, that only works against him as Jasmine can force him up off the bench and flog him even worse. There is no holding back in this scene as Jasmine uses a variety of implements to break him completely. The slave is in this position Jasmine explains because he has talked back to her… and naturally he has to pay for something as deplorable as that. Starting with a thick wooden paddle she notes that his tan lines look a bit off and she plans to even him out with a tan that doesn’t require the sun. Once his ass is starting to show a nice glow, she switches to a cane. The intensity builds and the slave starts to ‘act up’ but Jasmine tells him a big strong man like him can take more and she wants to leave marks he can appreciate in the mirror later. She then switches to a two piece flogger which is very painful but after a short beating she decides she wants to make him even more uncomfortable and makes him stand up so she can beat him more. The slave struggles to stay upright while she flogs him further, then she mocks him for his bad posture and makes him stand straight up again so she can beat him some more. The slave is clearly in a great deal of pain while Jasmine is laughing and having the time of her life. She grabs his ass and comforts him a bit but only to throw him off as it’s followed by a blow that brings him to his knees. She makes him get back on his feet and starts the discipline again. The slave looks likes he going into convulsions… hopefully he is learning a lesson. Jasmine is not finished yet though, he is ordered back to the bench where she starts flogging him again with a different crop and this time the crop actually breaks across his ass. No problem, Jasmine takes the long part of the broken cane and uses that to take her frustration out on the slave. She strikes him so hard that the crop actually breaks again. Can this poor bitch take anymore? Well yes, because Jasmine reaches for a solid rattan cane and as a grand finale tries to break that too. This slave is bound to have a better attitude moving forward.

Mistress: Miss Jasmine
Category: Corporal Punishment, Bondage Device, Asian Goddess, Flogging, Corporal Punishment, Jasmine, Corporal, Asian
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Mistress T: Ballbusting With Jasmine

Vancouver Dominatrix Miss Jasmine joins me for some ballbusting fun! She has powerful, muscular legs from years of kickboxing!
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Epic Group Humiliation

Format: MP4
Duration: 11 minutes
Size: 11 minutes
Resolution: 1280×720

6 gorgeous, Dominant women! All having a few drinks & laughs at your expense. Can you imagine being stripped naked, exposed & toyed with…your body picked apart & made fun of, your penis ridiculed…if they made your stroke & get hard in front of them only to laugh at how small your penis still is even when erect! Then made to kneel behind another man & simulate gay sex acts! Crazy!
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