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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: If You Were My Slave

Custom vid for Ryan, his name is used throughout. This is an interactive scene! I tell you exactly what you would be put through if you were ever lucky enough to be me slave. I would kick you in the balls, fuck you with a strap on and lock you in chastity. I would make you suck cock for me, even if you didn’t want to. You’re instructed to SMACK yourself in the balls every time I (randomly) say the word “smack!” I order you to get toothpaste or hot sauce & masturbate with it on your dick. In pain & humiliated I eventually order you to cum but you must lick it all up! (Props to have for this vid: your girlfriends flip flops or something to smack yourself in the balls with, you’ll cum on that item & lick your cum off of it. Toothpaste or hot sauce.)
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Mistress T: Ruin Your Orgasm With Me

This is an interactive vid where I coach you to ruin your own orgasm through ABANDONMENT. As soon as you start to ejaculate I want you to remove your hand and abandon your orgasm. Don’t keep stroking to enjoy your whole orgasm. I demonstrate it twice in this vid, yes, that’s right, I abandon/ruin his orgasm TWICE. Then I demonstrate post-cum-torture by stroking is sensitive cock vigorously (which you are welcome to do as well.) Let’s face it, you deserve to suffer & I will guide you through suffering for me…imagining that it’s me doing it to you.
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I’m The Only One

Format: WMV
Duration: 11 minutes
Size: 316.72 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

Note: BALLBUSTING is a part of this fantasy…if you’re into that, great, if you’re not, but you are into sensual JERK OFF INSTRUCTION you’ll still enjoy this. This is a custom vid (no name mentioned) for a slave who wanted to be punished for jerking off to porn with other women in it. He wanted to be sensually teased but kicked hard in the balls (POV style) for being a naughty boy. He wanted to be reminded that I’m the only woman he’s allowed to jerk off to. Sensual Domination with just enough cruelty to keep you in line.
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Sweater Fetish Interactive JOI

Format: MP4
Duration: 21 minutes
Size: 617.43 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

This is a custom vid for a guy who likes sweaters, a lot. I don’t say his name so anyone can enjoy this. It’s a DOUBLE (2 part) Jerk Off Instruction with interactive tasks. Cum Eating Instruction is also a part of it.
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