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TOPGRL: Apr 4, 2017: GWC | India Summer | London River

India Summer thinks she was booked for a simple photo shoot but London has more in mind than that

India Summer and London River look good together. Their matching tan skin and dark hair make for the perfect pairing in a lingerie shoot. What India doesn’t expect is that London has had her set up all along. The photographer seemed like the real creepy guy with a camera, but it turns out that he is just part of London’s schemes. Once London has India in her clutches India realizes that this is not the shoot she was booked for.

London loves feet so she starts with them; slowly removing India’s shoes so she can caress and suck on her stockinged toes, but London soon decides that she would rather play a little rougher than light caresses. After punishing India’s soles she ties India to a metal bed frame propped on it’s side. From here she has access to India’s entire body. She flogs her, yanks her hair, and uses a vibrator to rip orgasms from her. She wants to challenger her pretty toy though and India is arched back into a beautiful, strenuous position that London leaves her in to watch her suffer.

Finally London decides it’s time to fuck her new playmate and after London warms her up with her mouth, India has had a change of heart. She moans with pleasure as London fucks her and even begs for her to continue. London knows how to get girls to warm up to her, even if she does start in non-conventional ways.
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Mar 3, 2017: Amateur Hour Revenge | India Summer

London River and O.T. are expecting a new face on Infernal Restraints today. From what London says she is a real professional, and London cautions O.T. not to be too rude to her and insult her or scare her away. He’s not so sure about the whole thing, but he’s willing to exert some self restraint if it will get the website some good content.

When the model arrives, she introduces herself as India Summer, and that is about as pleasant as she gets over the course of her visit. Immediately she starts requesting that people go on coffee runs for her, asking for ridiculous drinks no one could remember the whole name of. And worst of all, when she’s on the phone with one of her friend she starts making rude remarks, referring to her experiences in the studio as “amateur hour.” Well O.T. is about to show her who is the real amateur.

He locks her up in metal bondage, standing on a pole in high heels, praying to God she doesn’t slip and fall off and hurt herself. O.T. takes her apart. He bends her over, he beats her, he bruises her, he torments her until she can’t take it anymore. Maybe next time she’ll think twice before badmouthing a man with a dungeon.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Dec 28, 2016: Super MILF India Summer get’s broken with brutal throat fucking and pussy pounding! Wrecked! | India Summer | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Hot MILF is completely destroy by big dick, rough sex and bondage makes this slut cum hard!

To all the new girls in porn, check out how a real professional handles big cock and bondage. India Summer knows how to take tight bondage and big cock that is for sure!

It starts simple enough, on her knees, arms bound back. But then the cocks start in on her greedy throat. We fuck her face long, deep and hard. Soon India is in subspace and drooling all over herself. India survives a brutal throat fucking then we put her up on the device and pound her tight pussy to several brutal screaming orgasms. In the end, we make India squirt all over herself. Some girls can be broken, others kinda laugh at you and want more. India is the later and one of the best the porn world has to offer.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Nov 2, 2016: India Summer: The ultimate MILF is bound on the world’s only face fucking machine and on a sybian! | India Summer | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles

Two machines dominate India Summers, a custom blow job machine, and a sybian, DESTRUCTION!

India Summers is back and today she gets to ‘Enjoy” two machines! One is a custom blow job machine the other the most powerful vibrator on the planet, the sybian!

It is hard to describe in words what is exactly happening in this amazing update. India is locked into the diabolical blow job machine, that moves her head on and off the dick, she is also bound down on the most poweful vibrater in the world. Just watch the trailer, like we said, words are not adequate to describe the complete destruction of India.
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She’s A Perfect Toy Part 2 – India Summer

Strict Restraint - She's A Perfect Toy Part 2 - India Summer
India Summer

In the conclusion of India’s day, we push the limits of how powerful an orgasm can be. She is one of the most sensual women we have shot and it shows in every second of of the final scenes. Most girls try to get away from the vibe after a few orgasms, but she embraces it and begs for more. She is bent backwards with her arms pulled away from her body and her head held in place by wooden stocks. The G5 is used to exhaust some of her sexual desires, but she just wants more. The last position is very precarious, with only a head stock holding her perched on the cube. The Pope rips one orgasm after another out of her and leaves her there wondering how she got herself into this mess…
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Submissive Fuck Champ – India Summer

Cum Bots - Submissive Fuck Champ India Summer
India Summer

India happens to have her own collection of fucking machines at her house…yeah, I think she digs it…Speaking of fucking machines, she basically has one on her arm…she does a pretty good job of voraciously fucking her own pussy with her hand…stunning and sexual, but my dream girls cant even reach their own pussies, let alone, pleasure themself…There’s only answser…Bondage…we tie her to a table with her legs spread and fuck her for quite some time with our Cumbot…we add the magic wand and India revels in the submisison to our devices…
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Nov 28, 2014 – India Summer , Karlo Karrera , and Kayla West

India Summer recently finished her slave training in the basement where she learned the core principles of erotic servitude. Now, she is here on the to show us what she learned and earn her House collar and cuffs.

Kayla West is here as our hot little fuck toy. She enjoys being objectified and sexually humiliated. We put India in charge of the little tramp and order them both to service Karlo’s monster cock as the House guests cheer and jeer.
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Jun 20, 2014 – India Summer and Cliff Adams

Taking Down India Summer, Day One

Format: MP4
Duration: 70 Minutes
Size: 765 Mb
Resolution: 960×540

When MILF of the Year India Summer is taken to Training of O, she is taught that she must adhere to her own Principles of Servitude to survive in the basement. Brutal slave training takes her down a notch before she is allowed to earn her training collar. She is rewarded for her performance with a giant hard cock in the ass before being made to beg for come.
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Apr 1, 2014 – Lorelei Lee , DragonLily , and Wenona

Format: WMV
Duration: 43 Minutes
Size: 473 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Horney Hot Twins do foreplay with fighting then Gang Bang Barberella

Barberella’s ship has landed on Planet Ultimate Surrender. As Barberella continues her search for Dylan Ryan, she explores this new Planet and is startled by the not so friend indigenous twin people of the land. The Horney Hot Twins do foreplay with fighting then Gang Bang Barberella
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Oct 30, 2013 – India Summer and Lea Lexis

Format: MP4
Duration: 30 Minutes
Size: 1104 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Ass Licking Electricity!!!

India Summer is back on her hands & knees in this final position of her steamy Electric encounter with Lea Lexis. India is bound in doggie with an ass hook attached to her head harness, predicament bondage that forces her to keep her head up & ass in the air. She’s vet wrapped with EMS pads on her arms, legs & stomach, cunt and tits exposed. Lea enjoys the show for awhile before spreading her legs, teasing this little slut with her perfect wet pussy, & demanding her pleasure. India must work against the shocks being administered to her limbs, shaking & sweating, mouth open and reaching for that ass & pussy with her tongue.

Oct 30, 2013: Electric Lesbian Ass Licking!!

Hot brunette electroslut licks ass, worshipping her European mistress. This update includes asshook and EMS pads.

India Summer is back and on her hands and knees in this final position of her steamy Electric encounter with European dominatrix Lea Lexis. India is bound in doggie with an ass hook attached to her head harness, a predicament that forces her to keep her head up and ass in the air. She is vet wrapped with EMS pads on her arms, legs and stomach, with her pussy and tits exposed. Lea enjoys the show for awhile before spreading her legs, teasing this little slut with her perfect wet cunt, and demanding her pleasure. India must work against the shocks being administered to her limbs, shaking and sweating and reaching for that ass and pussy with her tongue.
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Aug 13, 2013 – India Summer,Francesca Le and Kirsten Price + 250 Pic

Format: WMV
Duration: 80 Minutes
Size: 1010 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Two sexy women submit to intense anal domination from a powerful Mistress. Featuring various extreme anal toys, anal fisting, giant strap-on, speculum and more!
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Jul 17, 2013 – India Summer and Casey Calvert + 327 Pic

Format: WMV
Duration: 77 Minutes
Size: 994 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Indian Summer and Casey Calvert look like they have known each other their whole lives – and they fuck like that too! India may start off showing Casey the way to a strong orgasm with pussy licking and ass fingering, but they both end up total out fucked and in cum space from the machines.

India shows Casey some clit tricks she has learned from the extra fucking years she has on the 23 year old and Casey squirts burst of cum while India works her clit into a sensitive mess and The SatisfyHer works her pussy. Both girls end their gym workout spent and sopping wet.
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Jul 12, 2013 – India Summer and Lea Lexis

Format: WMV
Duration: 29 Min Video
Size: 343.43 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

The insatiable India Summers in on for all of you to watch her anticipate, desire and experience electro sex for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER!! You have never seen a MILF this beautiful. Her skin so soft it shimmers. Her body so fit and tight. Every curve is makes you want to explore every inch, take every turn and not blink once in fear you may miss her glory. Beyond that, she’s BRAND NEW to electro sex. She has so little experience she not quite sure what to say “yes” to and what to turn down. She is my kind of kinky of newbie. Mistress Lea Lexis is about to show her the ropes and let her feel all the zaps. Sticky pads, electro-ass plug, and a brutal flogging is how wer’re going to start this day. You know what they say, you never forget your first time.
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