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Femdom Empire – Asia Perez – Ass Splitter

Goddess Asia Perez takes strapon training to a new level with her gimp bitch. The more she stretches his ass out with her big dick the happier becomes. Goddess Asia gives him a new purpose in life by transforming him into a gaping slut-hole to be used as she desires.
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Futilestruggles: Jennah Likes it More than She is Willing to Admit – Part 1

Jennah is in denial, but she really likes to be the Damsel In Distress. She pays me every month or so to stop by and surprise her. I have a key so I just let myself in. She doesn’t necessarily like the pain, but she likes being scared and the thought of what I’ll do to her. She also knows that she is safe. I start todays session with her tied to a chair in front of her stripper pole. Her arms are in front. Her legs are spread and tied to a long spreader bar. Her wrists are tied to it and to the chair to keep her from raising it up. She is hooded and wearing an open mouth gag. This is very frightening to her, and I knew it would be. I grope her for just a minute and then I leave her alone again. When I see her start to panic, I remove the hood. I leave the open mouth dental gag in and I leave her nose taped. I untie her wrists from the spreader bar and the rope around her waist. I make her stand and I tie her wrists overhead to the top of the pole. Drool runs down her chin as I grope and manhandle my captive cutie. Her legs are tied so far apart that her ankles collapse to the side. I lift her shirt and pinch and twist her nipples before giving Jennah a tight crotchrope. I smack her ass before I remove her gag and the tape. Her tits get more attention. I smack and grab them both repeatedly. She starts making a little to much noise, so I clasp a Hand Over her Mouth and continue groping her. I finally untie her legs from the spreader bar as I have a new pretty position in mind. This is where Part 1 ends.
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FutileStruggles: Miss Glitter Pants in a Legs Spread Hogtie – Part 1

I asked the party girl Amanda if she wanted to come back to my place to do a little partying. I guess her idea of partying is different than mine. I bring her in with her wrists and thighs bound and a bag on her head. I unbutton her blouse and start slapping and groping her ample tits. I tie her neck off above, before clamping her nipples with clovers. I hang heavy nuts off springs, so any movement and the nuts start bouncing. I put spring clamps on each side of her nipples as well. I turn out the lights and leave her. After a while, I return. I grab her and start smacking her ass. The nuts start bouncing and pull on her nipples hard. I remove the clover clamps and the bag on her head. This is where Part 1 ends.
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Fetish-live: Tales of the rubber monastery

Another beautiful rubber tale from our monastery.
Today we look at Nun Josi and Mistress Sandra.
Join us and lets sin together right now…
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