Humiliation POV Princess Brittanya: Straight Men Do Not Buy F0rc3d Bi Clips

Princess Brittanya

If you bought this clip it’s because you’re gay. If you’re watching this it’s because you’re a faggot. Straight men do not buy f0rc3d bi clips. But little faggots like you who love getting f0rc3d do. Straight men don’t get f0rc3d into doing anything at all. And to be honest I don’t really have to f0rc3 you to do anything. You’re here so eagerly watching this clip. You bought it so willingly. So you might as well admit that you’re a big fucking faggot. Say it, say, ‘I’m a big fucking faggot.’

I like having fun with little faggots like you, little faggots who pretend that they’re straight. I know you keep it a secret from your family, your coworkers, and even your gf or wife, lol. But you and I both know that you love cock. You love stroking your cock to f0rc3d bi videos. You love stroking to porn, gay or straight, it doesn’t matter, either way you’re looking at the guy’s huge cock. Because you’re a faggot.

Jerk it faggot. Jerk it while you think about big hard cocks. I know you can only get hard for cock any more. I know how badly you want one in your mouth. I want you to jerk and suck on two fingers. Good fag. LOL look at you, you’re so pathetic! All you want is a big cock in your mouth. You want to suck it until it covers your face and mouth with cum. You just can’t wait to swallow it down. It turns you on so much. Admit it, you’d rather suck cock than lick pussy.

And I know that you’re such a faggot that cock in your mouth isn’t enough. You need it in the ass too. Yes I know how much that turns you on. You want a huge cock f0rc3d up that faggot ass of yours. So take those fingers you’ve been sucking on and put them up your ass as you jerk your cock. Oh yea, you fucking love that fag, don’t you? Of course you do, faggots love having things up their assholes. Look at you, you’re definitely not straight. I’m going to make you cum while you think about cocks, while you fuck your ass with your fingers. LOL look at you, do you think straight men get off like this?
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Humiliation POV Lady Fyre: Sucking Dildos Just Don’t Do It For You Anymore, Does It Faggot? (June 7th 2017)

Lady Fyre

Are you ready for more cocksucking lessons? You need a big long dildo that will go deep in that pretty little mouth of yours, all the way down into your throat. And I want it to be black. It will turn you on much more if you’re sucking a big beautiful black cock. That’s what a little faggot like you needs. Don’t deny it, I saw your eyes light up the minute I pulled out this big black dildo. But I don’t think you could hardly fit this in your mouth, let alone down your throat.

Why do you seem reluctant? A faggot like you should be so excited at the thought of sucking on a big dildo. But you seem, well, disappointed. I think I know what’s going on, this just isn’t doing it for you anymore, is it?

You never thought that you’d find yourself sucking on a dildo. You told me the first time that you didn’t want to do it, but I made you because I could see that you were a little faggot just by staring at your face. And I guess I trained you too well because dildos just aren’t cutting it any more, are they? No, now you’re a real faggot through and through. After months and months of sucking on dildos, you’re just not that turned on by it anymore. Well I know just what you need to do, you need to start sucking real cocks. It’s time faggot. Dildo sucking is just boring to you now.

I mean as much as you can pretend that this dildo is a real cock, your mind can only do so much. You need to suck real cock. You’re a real faggot, I knew it! You told me you weren’t but I could tell. And now this is the proof. You are one hundred percent a cock sucking faggot. You look at this dildo and you see plastic now. But your mind can still imagine, and you’re imagining being on your knees worshiping a big, beautiful cock. Dildos don’t throb in your mouth and you need to feel that. You need to feel the pulsating veins in your mouth. You need to feel that, don’t you? You need to feel the life of the cock, the power that it holds over you. You want to feel that cock growing harder as it reacts to your little fag mouth. I told you that you were a little faggot, you just didn’t believe me then, but you believe me now.

You wanna feel that real cock in your mouth. You need it. That is the next step for you. From now on you won’t be able to get off unless you’re sucking a real cock. And you know what else? Dildos can’t cum for you. And you need to feel that warm cum shooting down your throat, don’t you?
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Humiliation POV Princess Kate: Cum Craving Faggot, Desperate For More Cocks In Both Of Your Holes (May 22nd 2017)

Princess Kate

I know you think about it all the time. I know your dirty little secret. I know you fantasize about taking cock in your little faggot holes. It’s ok, you can tell me, admit it, you can trust me because I know what to do with little faggots like you. I’ll help you take those big throbbing cocks in your mouth, and one in your filthy little asshole. Don’t you want that? I know thinking about it makes your cock hard. Is your cock hard right now? Do you want to stroke your dick for cock? Of course you do.

You want to stroke for cock that goes into your tight ass and into your whore mouth. You’re going to stroke for cock, thinking about how you’re a dirty little faggot for me. You’re going to become a cum craving faggot, desperate for more cocks in both of your holes. Stroke it for dick that fucks you in your ass and fucks your little whore mouth. You just can’t get off unless you’re thinking about big cocks plowing one of your holes.

And while you’re jerking I want you to take a big dildo and shove it up your asshole. Fuck your ass you little whore, you love that, you need it. Then take another dildo and suck on it while you fuck your ass. You don’t need a hand to jerk, you need your hands for those big cocks. See your cock is still rock hard and you’re not even touching it. You’re just fucking yourself from both ends. That’s what turns you on. Take them deeper faggot. Fuck yourself good.

Soon I’m going to make you take real cocks for me so you better practice. The men I find for you aren’t going to be gentle, Lol! They’re going to cum in your mouth and you’re going to get addicted to their cum. You’re going to be a good little cum guzzler for me. Slurping it all down. You love that don’t you? We both know you need it. You need all the cock and cum you can get.

Admit it, you’re a dirty little faggot. I know you are because you’re so horny right now just listening to me. You’re going to make a huge mess for cocks for me. Cocks make you cum so hard. When you cum I want that dildo deep in your ass and the other in your mouth, picturing having all these big cocks around you, waiting to take turns on your ass and your mouth. You’re a dirty, filthy little faggot that can’t get enough cock. Cum for big juicy cocks faggot. Doesn’t it feel so good to be a dirty little faggot for me? Next time you’re going to take some real cocks for me.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kelly Sunshine: Suck Dick To Get Us Into The After Party

Princess Kelly Sunshine

You asked me out so many times and today I finally said yes. And we had such a good time! And I agreed to go because you said you’d pay for everything and well I just felt like being spoiled. I know how badly you want me and I love teasing you with my hot body. But I don’t want the night to end, I want to party. And there’s this after party I really want to go to but it’s going to be hard to get in. But that’s where you come in.

The party is at this big mansion and the guy who owns it is this older, really well known gay guy so I can’t use my beauty and charm to manipulate him like I can most guys. So I was thinking, since you do look kinda good tonight, and people have asked me if you are gay. I know that you’re straight and all but maybe you could help get us into the party. I know you’d do anything to continue hanging out with me. You’ve wanted this for so long.

So I know the guy who’s working security at the party and I sent him your picture and he thinks that he could get you in with the owner of the house. And well… you’re going to have to do more than flirt with him to get us in. I think, that if you gave him a blowjob, maybe we could get into the party! LOL! C’mon won’t you do this for me? I really, really want to go to this party. I thought you liked me and that you’d do anything just to spend some more time with me. So if you do this and can get us in, maybe I’ll consider having sex with you.

But that’s a big Maybe. That is if I’m not hooking up with some hot guy at the party then we could go back to my place and you could see what’s underneath this hot little outfit I’m wearing. But… you’re going to have to prove yourself to me first. I wanna go to this afterparty and you’re my best bet at getting in. You’ve really never done anything with a guy before? Really?

It’s not that hard, I’ve done it, all you have to do is get down on your knees and close your eyes and think about how happy you’ll be making me. Think about the possibility of having sex with me. Just open your mouth and take his old cock into your mouth! LOL! C’mon it won’t be that bad. I’m sure he’ll cum quick. Lol! Do this for me. And if you don’t I’m going to tell everyone that you’re a complete loser and a pervert. You don’t want that, do you? Don’t you remember how hard it was for you to get me to go out with you in the first place, do you really want to fuck this up? I know you want to please me and give me what I want and this is what I want. So you’re going to suck this old guy’s cock for me and maybe afterwards… well we’ll have to see.
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