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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Mindfuck Affair

You’ve been texting back and forth with this hot as fuck girl you met online. Weeks of steamy messages on both sides have left you aching to meet her in person. You two finally get a hotel together and it looks like you’re going to seal the deal on this physical encounter. Wait… what is she doing? She’s throwing your clothes in the hallway and getting a gag out for you. This wasn’t what you expected so you start to leave; only to find out she’s friends with your wife! She knows you’re a cheating bastard and she’s going to make you pay for every unfaithful text. She’s going to make this affair so rough you’ll never think about cheating on your wife again.
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Mandy Flores: Gold Digger

I am your sons gold digging girlfriend. You realize that I manipulate him and you are willing to write me a check to get me out of his life. You pay me $1,000 to break up with him and dump him right there on the spot, like a cold hearted snake. I now start in on the bigger prize and that is YOU. Your son never meant anything to me because I knew he was just a boy not a real man like you who has real money. No man stands a chance against me and I can manipulate any man. You disagree saying that you are happily married and that gives me a sinister idea. I start to flirt hard with you and the home wrecker games begin. I never lose. You cant help but to get turned on by me and I proceed to turn my tricks on you. I open your wife’s dresser drawer and start making fun of her old out dated clothes, instead of the hot sexy clothing I am wearing. Every guy wants to fuck me. Then I take one of your wife’s necklaces and put it on. I play around with it and ask you if I can keep it, still flirting with you. Your hesitant so I ask you if the necklace looks sexier on me or your wife. You admit it looks much better on me and you tell me I can keep it if I dont say anything and leave. I promise and I am great at keeping secrets. There is only one way to make this necklace even look better and you ask how? I seductively take off my clothes. I can see that you are embarrassed but you agree with me. This could look better one other way and you ask how? I pull out a pair of earrings from your wifes jewelry collection and put them on. I tell you that if you let me keep it, you can pull out your cock and jerk off. It will be our little secret. You are so turned on now, that you agree and proceed to stroke your cock to me. Are you going to be my new sugar daddy? You agree. I tell you that you can fuck me if you pay my rent for me. You agree. I jump on your cock and remind you that you said that you were in a great marriage. Dont worry your secret is safe as long as you pay rent of $1,500 and all my credit card bills. You agree and tell me that I can have whatever I want as long as I keep it a secret. Oh, I like this relationship already…. I tell you I could get any man and this is going to cost you plenty, maybe even your marriage and home. A gold-digger never stops. Silly man, Like father like son.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Alexandra Snow: Admit It, My Tits Have Destroyed Your Marriage

We have something important to discuss. You see my red bra peeking through my blouse? I know you can’t focus on much else because you’re marriage has been completely annihilated by my tits. You can’t think about anything else except my amazing tits. They are so perfect. It’s gotten to the point where you can’t think about your wife when you’re with her, you think about my breasts. You think about them all the time, every time you go to masturbate.
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Mandy Flores: Footjob Caught On Camera

The idea is that I’m a famous investigative TV reporter, and my camera man and I show up unexpectedly at your house and accuse you of being a "madame"…basically running a super-high end escort service, serving lots of rich and powerful men. I’m trying to expose you and your clients on national tv.

You totally act shocked and deny the accusations, but of course they’re true. And you’ve sized me up instantly. You can tell that I’m totally focused on your pantyhosed legs and and dangling high heels…I’ve obviously got a pantyhose, legs, and foot fetish. And I’m wearing a wedding ring! You wonder if my wife knows about all these freaky fetishes….

While on TV, you start to seduce me. I try to resist, but you expertly use my fetishes against me and I break down. I ask my cameraman for help, but it turns out you’ve already set him up with some of your girls, so he’s loyal to you now. You tell him to make sure he gets everything on camera as you get my pants down and give a virtual nylon footjob. After that I’m totally broken and you have your total way with me on tv. All the while you’re making fun of my poor attempts at resistance, talking to my wife through the cameraman, asking her if she "does things like this" for me, "teaching her" a few things how to please her man, making fun of my ruined marriage, and so on. This is what I get for confronting you!…..Mandy Flores
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Bosses might think they run the show in the office, but I know these sad pathetic men have miserable sex lives and ugly wives so they cant help having a hot seductress around. Ive got legs for days and they look like they go on forever when I wear my shiny pantyhose to work. I know Ive got my boss hooked the moment I walk through the door. My legs and ass wrapped in the shiny nude fabric has my boss dripping cum through your trousers. You wont be able to resist from stroking that tiny cock, so I command that you drop your pants and jerk for me. It appears Im in charge now, and if you want our little arrangement to continue and remain a secret from your family, then I suggest you start paying me more money or else Ill completely ruin your life. Im the boss now, so get to work.
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Mandy Flores – She Doesn’t Swallow Like I Do

We are no longer together but now you are dating my roommate. I walk in wearing something skimpy as usual and tease you how I know you must miss my mouth around your cock. I know she doesn’t give you head, let along swallow. You can’t resist me and soon enough I have your cock out in my mouth like old times. Making teasing comments about all the things I do that she doesnt. After swallowing your load I say that Im going to see her tonight and she’ll have no idea that your cum is inside me. Mandy Flores
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – I’ll Take Your Wife Too

You knew the reality of becoming addicted to me. You knew your life would begin to change forever. But what you didn’t expect was that I would take HER as well. That’s right, I intend to destroy your life and take your wife too. I will fully captivate her, convert her to being the submissive lesbian pet I desire, and turn her once love for you into disgust. Soon she will barely remember your name as she serves me, while your life falls apart all around you. No job, no friends, no income, no sense of self, just your hollow arousal to keep you company. Perhaps I’ll send you vacation photos of us together while you suffer in the cold..
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Humiliation POV Princess Kendi Olsen: You Can’t Stop Jerking While I Ruin Your Marriage

Princess Kendi Olsen

You’re so good to me, Daddy. You give me a very generous allowance. You leave work early to serve me. You take time away from your wife just to be with me. You’re the best sugar daddy I’ve ever had. You’ve spent entire paychecks on me, dipped into your savings. And you enjoy doing it because I let you jerk it to my perfect young body. It turns you on so much knowing you have a hot little school girl to play with. Do you wanna jerk it now for me?

Go ahead, take it out, and start stroking it for me. I want you to feel good. And I have a surprise for you today. And I want you horny and jerking and staring at my body before I tell you. I know what a sucker you are for my hot young body. Stroke your cock for me. That’s a good little sugar daddy. You’re so eager to jerk today, are you ready for your surprise?

Well you know how I told you that we’re so good for each other and I would do anything for you? Keep stroking while I tell you, I want you horny while you hear the news. Well since we both know how happy we are together, I’ve secured our future together so that we can spend even more time together. We’ve been doing this for awhile and I’m starting to feel like I don’t get enough time with you. I don’t get enough attention. And your wife takes away a lot of our time even though you don’t even like her. So this morning I sent her an email, I detailed everything we’ve been up to. All the shopping trips, those late night you told her you were working, and how hard you’ve been trying to get in my pants.

I also sent her some pictures of myself. She can’t compare to a hot young brat like me. I also gave her my phone number in case she had any questions. I told her everything we’ve been up to and I told her it’s time for her to go. I want you all to myself. Oh I didn’t ruin your marriage, it was doomed the moment you met me. You don’t need that stupid wife. So take off your wedding ring and look at the bright side, you’re going to have so much more money to spend on me now. Jerk for me, don’t worry, the divorce will be over before you know it. I promise baby. And then you’ll have so much more time to spend with me when she’s gone, no more sneaking around.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kate: Tell Your Wife You’re My Cocksucker Or I Will, Homewrecker Ruins Faggot Cocksucker

Princess Kate

I know how much you love to suck cock for me. And I know how afraid you are that I’ll open my mouth and tell your wife what a filthy cock sucker you really are. So you have to keep sucking dick for me so that I’ll keep my mouth shut. You just love thick, hard throbbing cocks, you love them more than your ugly wife. You love sucking dick for me so much more than fucking your wife. You don’t even want to be bothered by that stupid bitch you have at home. She only wants money, money that belongs to me. And she doesn’t give you what I can give you.

She doesn’t know how to treat the little cock sucking whore in you like I do. I know you want to be a dirty little whore for me, you want to suck cock for me, you want to make money for me. Not her. I should really tell her so you can better concentrate on what is really important, and that is sucking dick for me. Nothing else matters. Your wife costs time and money and both are better invested in me. Don’t you think loser?

I’m going to tell your wife whether you want me to or not. I’m going to tell her how much you love sucking dick for me. I’ve got videos of you so you can’t do anything about it. I’m not going to blackmail you, I’m just going to tell her. So that way she’ll leave you and you can live your life just sucking dick for me. It’s what you want, it’s what you need.

The only way you can stop me is if you go home right now and tell her that you’re leaving her because you need to suck dick, lol. Once you leave her you’ll have so much more time to suck cock for me. So much more money for me. She’s going to find out. Today. One way or the other. Can you feel the fear, the rush, the excitement? You will be alone, living to suck dick for me, forever.
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Worship Jasmine – IP Address Blackmail

a href=”http://imagetwist.com/z98y9pp7z07p/snapshot20170903224447.jpg”>

Description: Your always fantasizing about me using everything you get off to, against you. Well, here we go. Buy this clip and you’ll be blackmailed. Bet you didn’t know I get your IP address and name when you buy from most stores. Bet you didn’t realize, just because you had to jerk off, I could get ALL of your info. So, you want to be blackmailed, buy this clip. So my warning to you is, don’t buy this clip. I really do take my blackmail to the exreme.

Please Note: This clip is purely fantasy based. No IP address’ will be searched into unless you beg for it.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slut Wife Fuckover

Honey we need to have a talk. This marriage of ours is such a sham.. Our sex life is non-existent for you, but not for me. You see I’ve been slutting all over town. I’ve been fucking men right and left, and it’s about time that you knew. And I know that you won’t file for divorce because you need me, need my money, and you’re too pathetic to want to live without me anyway. So let me explain how things are going to work.. how I’ll be going out and satisfying myself, your time spent in chastity, and the potential rewards if I’m happy. You knew having a hot wife would come with consequences..
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Cleaning the Gene Pool

I hear that you’re trying to start a family with your wife, huh? She wants a bun in the oven and you’re looking to give it to her. Wrong. You see, you are not the kind of breeding material this world needs: you’re weak, pathetic, and easily seduced.. I can’t in good concious let you procreate can I? So I’ll be taking over that little dick and your malleable brain to jerk for me each night before you’re supposed to do your duty. I want to have your balls milked dry so there is no risk of preganancy! Soon you’ll be taking your wife to sperm banks to select more suitable fathers for your child.. and then you’ll have to raise another man’s offspring because you’re completely mindfucked by me!
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Bratty Stepdaughter – Cum for Kymberly Jane

Kymberly Jane is back in town. Your wild thing of a stepdaughter is taking some time off college and will be home for as long as her mom lets her, and that won’t be long, but while she is here she describes her nymphomaniac diagnosis from her shrink and her need for a "friend with benefits" set up. She’s changes in front of you and has the most amazing bod and as she says- your wife never wants to have sex. Kymberly teases you saying she has heard you are a little quick to come and wants to see how long you can go. She counts to 50 and it is the slowest 50 in the book but you want some of this so you jerk it nice and slowly for that naughty stepdaughter, Kymberly Jane.
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Princess Leia – Destroying Your Wife

I finally saw what your wife looks like at the business party last night. I’m completely shocked. You are married to such a huge cow! Your life must be awful with her… She’s just so unattractive and dull, I feel sorry for you. Have you ever thought about cheating? You must have. I know you must be unhappy with your marriage because you were staring at me so much last night. If you want me, you can have me. Right here, right now, in the office.I am so much better than her. I’m fit, attractive, with a pretty face and a nice ass. She’s fat, ugly, and saggy everywhere. I care about you more than her. I want you to fuck me. That will really destroy her! Fuck me right now and give me everything you’ve got. She doesn’t deserve any more of your cum!
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Worship Goddess Jasmine: IP Address Blackmail

Your always fantasizing about me using everything you get off to, against you. Well, here we go. Buy this clip and you’ll be blackmailed. Bet you didn’t know I get your IP address and name when you buy from most stores. Bet you didn’t realize, just because you had to jerk off, I could get ALL of your info. So, you want to be blackmailed, buy this clip. So my warning to you is, don’t buy this clip. I really do take my blackmail to the exreme.

Please Note: This clip is purely fantasy based. No IP address’ will be searched into unless you beg for it.
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Worship Amanda: Home wrecking Babysitter

you know what was so funny? When you opened the door and found ME, this hot girl your wife hired. you couldn’t believe your wife trusted you enough to have me in your home constantly. She started to work more and you started calling me over more to help out. You noticed my shorts getting shorter and my tops getting smaller. You love getting to watch me walk around in My sexy outfits. It wasn’t long until the bonuses started coming in. I noticed you opened up a secret account to start paying Me extra. I love spending your money to buy little hot things like this.
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Humiliation POV Alix Lynx: Addicted To Your Virtual Homewrecker, All You Have To Do Is Press Play

Alix Lynx

Normally a homewrecker is a woman you sleep with who fucks up your relationship, but in our case, we have something a little bit different. I might be a home wrecker but I’m strictly virtual. It’s kinda pathetic actually when you think about it. You go behind your wife or gf’s back and you lie and you don’t even get to fuck me. All you do is jerk off for me. I’m your virtual homewrecker, and you are addicted to me.

You are addicted to jerking off for me, you’re addicted to my body, to my sweet voice. You know I’m on your computer screen whenever you want me. And you just can’t get enough. You’d rather sneak away and jerk to me than fuck your wife or girlfriend. You’re mesmerized by my hot young body and you need to hear my voice in your head as I mindfuck you to orgasm after orgasm. And you know the orgasms I give you are way better than when you fuck your wife. You’re completely wrapped around my little finger. And I don’t even know who you are, I don’t even care who you are. And I’m fucking up your relationship, LOL!

Does your wife or girlfriend look anything like me? No? I guess that’s why you keep coming back. Better to jerk off to a hot young porn star than to fuck your ugly wife, right? I love teasing you and keeping you addicted, showing you my tight young pussy that you’ll never fuck. It’s so much fun knowing how many relationships I’ve ruined. I love knowing how much money I’ve taken from your wife. So go on, jerk it for me. Keep jerking it for me. Don’t ever stop. Doesn’t that feel so good?

What would your wife say if she found out about your dirty little secret? I know just thinking about that gets you rock fucking hard. You love that rush you get each time you lie and go behind her back and jerk your cock to me. You come to me because you know you can relax and just jerk and be yourself with me, as I pull you in deeper and manipulate your thoughts. You love that I’m your virtual homewrecker, you love knowing I’m fucking up your relationship even though you’ll never fuck me. How fucked up is that?

Stroke it like a good boy for me. Show me how much you worship me. I know that with every word that I speak you’re getting closer and closer to cumming. I know you too well, I know you better than your wife knows you. I know the real you and I’ve never even met you. I know your cock is throbbing in your hands for me. It’s so hot how much power I have over you. You just can’t seem to stay away from me. That’s because I know you and I know what your weakness is and I know how to make you cum harder than your wife does. You need me. You better hurry and cum before your wife comes home.
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Lady Esme Faye Femdom and Fetish: I Can Make You Cum Again…And Again

I can make you cum like no one else. Once you jerk for me you can’t stop, and it feels so good when I finally allow you that release. This clip is going to drive you wild, and includes four cum countdowns. I can make you cum more than anyone pet, just you wait and see.

Clip Includes:

Female Domination, Masturbation Instruction, JOI, Goddess Worship, Femdom POV, Jerk Off Instructions, Orgasm Control, Masturbation Encouragement, Brat Girls, Cum Countdown, Cock Tease, Home Wrecker
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Mistress Chantel: 76k savings and marrage destruction

It’s all come down to this. This is what you have lived your whole life for. This is your calling, there is no escaping. You know its the right thing to do. Are you ready to take the first step in your new life.
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