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Amarotic.com: MariaDevot (31 Clip)

About Amateur MariaDevot: I am a horny and fickrige Bitch.Mag it werden.Bin fucked in all holes open for a lot. The most important thing is to do two fun!
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TheMessyChick.co.uk / ScatShop.com: Messy Chick (26 Clip)

Hey, Im Mia and I make dirty mucky clips for dirty mucky people!

I make a variety of toilet themed porn, I make the kind for when you are just a little curious and I make the kind for when you know exactly how you like it… take a look at my clips page to learn more! My partner has been slowly seducing me into the world of scat and messy play, my clips on here are like a personal journey into this filthy world, a personal journey that im sharing with you! My boundaries are being tested and pushed almost daily, its a very very exciting and sexy time in Messy Chick world right now! Could you be ‘the one’ to get me to do the next filthy thing?
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AnnAngelXXX.com / ScatShop.com: Dirty Angel/Ann Angel (6 Clip)

HEY GUYS! I’m Anna. Some of you may know me as the girl next door amateur model from my long running solo site Ann-Angel. I’m excited to share some of my more crazy shoots with you all. Naturally I get many requests for smoking fetish videos but, I get alot of custom requests for piss and scat fetish stuff. If you want me to do something special for YOU, feel free to let me know! I’ve pretty much done it all so don’t be shy. I’m ok with getting pissed on all over my body and in my mouth and I love to smear shit on my own body for your viewing pleasure. It is a whole new experience for me and there is something exciting about it. I’m up for custom requests and I would love to hear from you guys! Send me a private message.
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ScatShop.com: AstraCelestial – Scat Beasts. Complete Version (10 Clip)

Here is one more our Video full of filth. Welcome Aria, Lilith and Christine.
In this scat session we have mostly female scat, anal and enemas and of course saved scat baggs in the end for dessert.

This was sweet day and sweet fuck where everybody were satisfied several times in a straights, Aria oppened for herself new anal horisons, Christine was mstly filming but in some moment she lost it and teared the clothes away for joining us.
First we did it in female and male scat, then become mad about enemas, you will not believe it, in some moment we began to do and to do enemas on each other, one after enother in endless enema circle, Than sweet fuck with tonns of saved shit…
Yes, that day was great indeed!
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YezzClips: Mistress Emily

My dirty whore, if you want to eat my shit, you should always be ready to open your mouth so that I could give you shit. This should be with everyone who wants to be my slave. Toilet slave licks and sucks my shoes and heel. Smell my sweaty feet and lick toes, loser. Open your mouth and swallow my spit. Well, I shit on you. A good slave, catch pieces of my shit and enjoy the aroma of my dirty ass. Now eat all my shit. You’re only toilet for me, no more. Chew thoroughly every bit of my shit. Now, I’ll take it to the camera. Open your mouth, show me what you eat all my shit. You toilet slut, litter, servant to Mistress Emily.

Are you happy to be my toilet?
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