Tag: Harley Havik

My Spanking Roommate – Episode 258: Harley Spanks Kay in the Kitchen

Kay is especially bratty and has failed to do her kitchen chores, so strict roommate Harley Havik puts Kay over her knee in the kitchen and gives her a very long and hard spanking that gets Kay kicking and hollering and her bottom getting very red and speckled. Harley even breaks a spatula over Kay’s bouncing bottom. Kay is very contrite by the end of her ordeal.
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Spanking Sorority Girls – Episode 136: Veronica Punishes Harley Havik Severely

Harley Havik has been so bad and defiant that very angry senior girl Veronica Ricci must give her the harshest of punishments. She whips, canes, paddles and spanks Harley until she is tamed and left crying in the corner. This scene is very severe and includes bondage and several implements as well as full nudity and a variety of positions.
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My Spanking Roommate – Aug 7, 2017 – Episode 252: Kay Spanks Harley With the Bath Brush

Kay’s bottom is still sore from being spanked by Mr. Ford because of her roommate Harley’s trouble. So Kay (Kymberly Jane) decides to take it out on Harley’s bottom. She tosses her over her knee for a long, hard spanking and even breaks out the hard wooden bath brush to drive the lesson him. Harley already has a sore bottom herself, so she can’t sit down after this painful lesson.
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