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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Goldie Rush – POV Cuckold Blowjob

MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Goldie Rush - POV Cuckold BlowjobMeanWorld / MeanBitches: Goldie Rush - POV Cuckold Blowjob

HOT Brat Goldie Rush is your young teenaged wife who only married you for your money and then cuckolded you. She starts this clip by looking you in the eye with a little smirk on her face and telling you “Hey cucky boy… I have had so much fun fucking other guys in front of you and humiliating you.. so I went up to your office and found one of the Janitors.” She calls you a bitch and plays with his hard cock in front of your face and tells you “look at his big cock. this is the kind of cock I love.” She laughs at your tiny cock while she kisses and licks his big real-man cock. You are humiliated as you see how incredible her mouth is on that cock and wish you were a man so you she would suck your cock like that. She tells you that everyone in your office thinks you are a loser…she laughs when she says “Imagine what everyone in the office is going to say when they find out that your wife is fucking one of the janitors who works for you and you are too wimpy to do anything about it”. She tells you that he is her new boyfriend now and that she is going to make you do his janitor job while he fucks her on your bed. She gives him the blowjob of his life before he finally blows his Man-Load on her perfect little tits. MIND-BLOWINGLY HUMILIATING!!!
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MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Goldie Rush

MeanWorld / MeanBitches: Goldie RushMeanWorld / MeanBitches: Goldie Rush

Hot bratty Goldie starts by saying “I know what you are into”. She calls you a pervert and tells you that she knows you like watching little 20 year old girls dominating older men. She says “You wish I was sitting on YOUR face!”. She makes you say “I wish I was there!” as she wipes her ass up and down on her slave’s face. She tells you to beg to be where her slave is, licking her ass. Then she tells you to be a good boy like him. She strokes his cock while she taunts you. She says “You are going to be my bitch today and do everything I tell you”. She moves into Doggie Style and tells her slave “Lick my Butthole… NOW”. She makes her slave show you her asshole and then she orders you to lick your screen. Then she makes him stick his tongue deep her in Ass! She finishes with a cum countdown for you while she sits on her slave’s face! HOT!
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Jun 17, 2016: A Tale of Two Riggers | Endza Adair | Goldie Rush

All over this country, all over the world, there are young, hot sluts trotting around in tight clothes or barely any at all, trying to get the attention of men. Men that they know better than to tease, but these sluts just can’t help themselves.

Blonde sex-kitten Goldie Rush thinks that it’s OK to strip nearly naked, let a man run his hands all over her tits, moan like she can’t wait to be fucked, and then tell him that he’s gone too far. She thinks it’s alright to show off that tight body of hers, then try to walk it right out the door. But she forgot that she has no clue where she is, and no idea who she is fucking with. Before she even knows what’s hit her she’s locked down in metal bondage and begging for mercy. None is coming.

And far away is another girl who finds herself in too similar a situation. Endza Adair is locked down with legs spread wide, hoping that all her captor is lying when he says that he gets off on her tears. She’s terrified, crying before the caning even starts, and if he’s enjoying this as much as she is hating it, she knows that this is going to last a long time.

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HOGTIED: May 19, 2016 – The Pope and Goldie Rush

HOGTIED: May 19, 2016 - The Pope  and Goldie Rush

I know Goldie is capable of getting fucked up and dealing with the pain. I know that she enjoys the suffering while in tight bondage. Having this knowledge makes it easier for me to get in her little head and play my games. The day starts with brutality and and maintains that level of abuse for the entire day. Goldie is used like a cute little piece of meat with her flesh an my stomping ground for whatever I want to do to her.
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 04, 2016 – Aiden Starr , John Strong , Marco Banderas , Penny Pax , Audrey Holiday , Goldie Rush and Aidra Fox

THE UPPER FLOOR: Mar 04, 2016 - Aiden Starr , John Strong , Marco Banderas , Penny Pax , Audrey Holiday , Goldie Rush and Aidra Fox

Part Two of The Upper Floor’s legendary Halloween Costume Ball: Anal slut Audrey Holiday teaches young Goldie how to scream in a stress position on the vibrator while Audrey takes a hard fucking in her ass. Goldie obediently licks every bit of cum up while being electro punished and made to cum relentlessly as the guests laugh at her predicament and cheer for Audrey’s deep anal reaming.

In the other room beautiful women enjoy anonymous blow jobs behind masks, rope suspensions, tight rope bondage take downs, and being held down while they cum. Gorgeous slave girls take single tails and suffer beautifully for their masters.

Once again all the slaves are brought together in a sweaty fuck competition, Tits are bouncing every where, slave girls cumming again and again as Aiden Starr rides each of their faces in turn. Both our male guests have any one of four perfect slave asses to choose from, and the resulting fuck orgy is unbelievably hot. Covered in cum and sweat, which of these two new slave girls will be collared and kept by The House?
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THE UPPER FLOOR: Dec 25, 2015 – Aiden Starr , John Strong , Marco Banderas , Penny Pax , Audrey Holiday , Goldie Rush and Aidra Fox

At one of our liveliest shoots of the year, 200 gorgeous and creative sadists, masochists, swingers, and lifestyle players join the Upper Floor in a wild party celebrating hot sex and real BDSM play. The orgy is served by two returning anal slaves, Penny Pax and Audrey Holiday, who bring their slutty asses and submissive knowledge to the floor in order to train the new meat girls, Goldie Rush and Aidra Fox, who are locked in a cage and swallowing cock. The senior slaves must struggle out of their bondage while being whipped, shocked, and vibrated on the sybian, then go grab a new slave and teach her the ropes. On this particular night the ropes include brutal fucking, anal service, tight bondage, zippers, floggings, and keeping Mistress Aiden Starr’s pussy happy, all while collecting as many hot loads of cum as they can.
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Dungeon Corp – Title: Nov 14, 2015 – Goldie Rush

Dungeon Corp - Title: Nov 14, 2015 - Goldie Rush
Dungeon Corp

Goldie is an adorable young woman with such a pretty face, I have to imagine she feels shy when she gazes upon herself in the mirror…and that shyness of beauty permeates her entire sexuality, creating a lovely being of submission…and a perverted princess who enjoys pushing her limits and emotional expressions of pain…Goldie’s strength is in her ability to endure and experience heightened feelings of lust and ravenous desires, through being controlled…Its not obvious in her stature, but she is overflowing with fragile feminine energy which seeks to prove itself in very extreme ways, and enjoy it all like a good and honest sexual submissive, which Goldie might just see as being a dedicated lover who is willing to please her partners…and Im sure she does…
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