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Goddess Foot Domination – Kneel Before Me

Model: Goddess Tatianna

Are you ready to experience the most gorgeous feet you’ve ever seen? Goddess Tatiana is ready to let you show your respect to those perfect soles, and she starts by demanding you start stroking your dick while you sniff her shoes. She insists you eat her feet, opening your mouth wide to suck her toes. She’s watching closely, so make sure you stay focused on working your cock, but don’t you dare cum without permission. She tells you to put her whole foot in her mouth, and then promises you a release if you do a good job. Don’t forget the other foot, and make sure you get in between the toes. She can tell how excited you’re getting, but tells you it isn’t time for you to cum just yet. Suck her big toe, and keep working your tongue and your dick because it’s going to take a lot to prove yourself to her. Finally, she commands you to empty your useless sack, and then, she’s done with you. Get out!
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