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Goddess Foot Domination – Lose Bet, Smell Feet

Lucie challanged her step-mom to a race but now she’s regretting it, because she lost a bet and now, she has to smell Goddess Tatiana’s sweaty feet! At first, Lucie tries to get out of her punishment, but there’s no escaping when Goddess Tatiana shoves her smelly socks right in Lucie’s face. She demands that Lucie get on her knees, and then pulls her face into the stench, making sure her step-daughter gets a good whiff. Removing her socks, she shoves the wet cotton in Lucie’s face. She isn’t finished with her step-daughter yet. and instructs Lucie to lick those salty, sweaty soles. Protesting the entire time, Lucie is helpless against Goddess Tatiana’s foot domination as she licks every toe clean. Eventually, Lucie stops whining so much and show’s her step-mom some proper foot worship. She does such a good job that Goddess Tatiana promises to race again tomorrow!
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