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Goddess Foot Domination – Sierra Milks Her Footslave

Goddess Sierra Nicole wants to reward her favorite slave for a month of being well behaved, and decides it’s time for his monthly cock milking! Removing her shoes and his metal chastity device, she lays him on the floor and teases his cock with her foot while he licks her toes. Praising him as she begins his monthly foot milking, she strokes his cock with the arches of her perfect feet. She continues rubbing his cock with her feet until finally, she’s ready to see how much cum he’s saved up for her this month. She takes what’s hers, using her feet to drain his swollen balls, and praises him for the load thats all over her feet before making him clean his man filth off of her feet with his tongue. After he eagerly swallows his cum, she locks his cock back up in chastity, and it’s back in the cage for her slave.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Foot Slave Nightly

Goddess Sierra Nicole is getting ready for bedtime, and she needs you to clean and worship her feet before she can sleep peacefully. She tells you to come close, and promises that if you lick her feet properly, tomorrow, you might get a release from your chastity! She informs you that she wants both feet sparkling clean, teasing you with the key to your cock cage in her hands. Swinging the keys in your face, she tells you that you’re slacking, and instructs you to stay focused. You’re doing a good job now, and she praises you for it. You must really want a chance to cum tomorrow, slave. Be a good foot slut, and suck on her toes before she goes to bed. Otherwise, you might stay on dick lockdown for even longer. When she’s had enough, she sends you lay at the foot of her bed, telling you that you did a great job. If you’re lucky, she’ll still feel like letting you out of chastity in the morning!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Cure My Stinky Feet!

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Goddess Sierra Nicole makes a trip to the doctors office to find out why her pretty feet stink no matter how much she washes them. Her doctor explains that it isn’t his specialty, but she insists that he smell them anyway. Pushing her smelly toes in his face, she demands that he lick them and diagnose her problem. Her salty, smelly feet in his face, she demands that he lick them clean to solve her problem. He doesn’t want to, but no man is immune to her foot domination. After a bit more foot licking, she begins rubbing her soles on his crotch, and he can’t deny he’s enjoying it now. Getting him more aroused, this foot worship Goddess is amused enough to push him even further. When he pulls out his cock, she starts to give him a stinky foot job, and he can’t believe whats happening. As she strokes him with her sexy arches, she leans back and teases him, playing with her nipples and giggling. After he cums all over her feet, he looks up to see that shes recording the action with her cell phone! Threatening to blackmail him with the video, she demands a shoe-shopping trip this weekend, or else!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Lick My Boots Clean!

21238546_21236741_goddess_sierra_nicole_lick_my_boots_clean-wmv_snapshot_01-29_-2016-11-14_12-10-12.jpg 21238547_21236742_goddess_sierra_nicole_lick_my_boots_clean-wmv_snapshot_04-26_-2016-11-14_12-10-17.jpg

Goddess Sierra Nicole has been waiting for you, and orders you to crawl over and kiss her sexy white leather boot. She demands you stick out your tongue and clean the dirty soles. Prove you’re a good foot slave by showing her your dirty tongue, and swallowing the grime from the bottom of her feet. You’d do anything for her foot domination, including boot worship of the dirtiest kind. She’s amused by your enthusiasm and when she sees you getting hard and gives you clear jerk off instruction while you finish cleaning her boots. Your Goddess wants to see you sucking her heels like a cock, but you’re not very good at it, and she’s clearly dissapointed. You’d better get it right, or else she’s not going to let you cum! Keep stroking your cock while you suck on her heels until she tells you it’s time to cum on her boots. When you’re finished, you’d better be a good slut and clean your filth off of her boots.
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