Tag: Goddess Sarah Brooke

Goddess Foot Domination – Suffer, Slut!

Every footbitch needs to be put in his place once in a while. Goddess Sarah Brooke and Goddess Brianna, both in black, leather platform heels and seductive cage bustiers, are here to deliver his discipline. With his face wrapped in their pantyhose, he worships these two incredible Goddesses and begs for more as they make him suffer. Goddess Sarah keeps his pathetic balls on a tight leash as he sucks on their dirty heels, laying prone and bound on the floor while they walk right over his cock, pressing their sharp heels into it. If Goddess Brianna doesn’t get the reaction she wants from him, she only pushes his limits farther!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Suck the Sweat from Our Feet

Goddess Sarah Brooke and Goddess Brianna just finished filming a very hot and sweaty wrestling scene. Their feet were dripping with wet sweat when they stuffed them into their sneakers. It’s a good thing they have a foot bitch like you around to come and clean them! Come closer and take a big whiff of the inside of their shoes. Appreciate the scent of their hard work. Open your mouth wide and taste their sweat. That’s not all… they also need you to take out your thick cock and jerk it to their dirty feet! Four filthy soles lined up for your mouth–you’re going to be one very busy boy. Cum to Goddess Brianna’s countdown. When she gets to 1, you’ll spill your load all over their feet.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Sarah Brooke – Taking Down a Worthless Cuck

Barefoot, catfighting Goddess Sarah Brooke is delivering her punishment to a worthless cuck for not being able to satisfy his wife. Goddess Sarah locks his pathetic dick in a chastity device and places a tight, black hood over his head. Using her strong muscles, Goddess Sarah tackles him to the ground and pins him down with her bodyweight, covering his face with her ass as she tells him what a pathetic loser he is. She locks her legs around his neck in a choke-hold to make him suffer. Finally, she stuffs her feet into his mouth, laughing and mocking him until he begs for mercy. I hope he’s learned his lesson!
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