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Men Are Slaves – Goddess Sara – Do You Like My Kitties?

Aren’t Sara’s kitties so cute? The little kitty cats at the top of her oh so cute stockings, the ones that make this slave desperate to worship her legs? Well those aren’t the only stockings she has nearby for this slave to worship. She puts on two other pairs that make her legs look even better. It’s no wonder this slave accepts so much abuse from Sara, he is simply powerless against her stocking covered legs.
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Men Are Slaves – Goddess Sara, Goddess Jessica – Woof For Me

Men Are Slaves - Goddess Sara, Goddess Jessica - Woof For Me

Woof little slave boy woof! Act like a dog and amuse your female owners. The more he humiliates himself, the more Jessica and Sara are pleased. Of course they make sure to shock his cock in the process, to ensure that he behaves like a good little doggie.
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I Guess He Wants Chastity

Men Are Slaves - I Guess He Wants Chastity

Jessica and Sara are two twisted girls. They like to turn everything into a painful game for their slaves, making their male property suffer as much as possible purely for laughs. They already love to keep their slave Fido locked in chastity for long periods of time, but just to make it more arduous for him they tease him with their asses and whip him while he begs to be released from chastity. They have no plans to release him of course, they just want to give him the fleeting hope of release while they torture him without pity, then send him away locked up.
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