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Clubstiletto – Kick Him in the Junk

TS Rianna James joins Miss Jasmine for her very first ballbusting session. In a candid introduction she tells Jasmine that she has used implements on a guys cock and balls before but never her bare feet. The sound of skin slapping against sore balls is quite a turn on for Jasmine. After a number of hard kicks slave is quite turned on as well. The ladies order him to hold his cock out of the way as they simultaneously kick him hard. Lots of knees, slaps and kicks both front and back. They even take turn riding him while the other Domme kicks him. Lots of taunting dialogue, laughing at the slave and moans from the slave. Rianna says that this activity is wonderful and Jasmine readily agrees.

Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Goddess Rianna
Category: Ballbusting, Transsexual Dominatrix, Shemales, Femdom, Transsexuals, Double Domination, Transsexual Dominatrix
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Eurasian Persuasion – Small Dick Big Pain

Miss Jasmine and TS Rianna James have their lowly sub restrained in a straightjacket. He is wearing a metal cock ring with extremely sharp points. While Jasmine strokes his cock, Rianna teases his balls with a knife. Tiny dicklet is desperate to orgasm but the harder he gets the more the razor sharp points dig into his cock. Jasmine sits on his face and takes his ring off and strokes him while both Ladies verbally humiliate him. The challenge and conditions under which he’s alllowed to cum are brutal and difficult… will he cum or is he going back in chastity? Ruined orgasm, maybe?

Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Goddess Rianna
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Clubstiletto – Lousy Cocksucker Practices on Feet

Kandy’s bitch has thoroughly humiliated her by doing a piss-poor job of sucking TS Rianna’s dick. So, he is downgraded to sucking stockinged feet to gain some oral skills. Kandy, Rianna and Ms Blaze have tramped around outside in their nylons, stepping on God knows what. Not to mention, the floors inside aren’t exactly pristine either, what with the remnants of other slaves’s precum encrusted in the floorboards, etc. Certainly, as he tends to all 3 pairs of feet, this bitch will build up his immune system, as he very well should. Slaves don’t get sick days! The bitch is made to promise he will never embarrass his Mistress again, as the ladies make damn sure he licks every inch of their stockinged feet. The clip ends with the bitch being thoroughly gagged by Rianna’s foot…..Which of course, makes this poor cocksucker have a gagging fit.

Mistress: Ms Blaze, Mistress Kandy, Goddess Rianna
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Clubstiletto – Sucking, Failing, Then Sucking Some More

Mistresses Kandy and Blaze are excited to have a cocksucker on their hands, and they can only hope he is good at what he does. They warm him up on their large dildos, him on his knees, sucking, and they realize he is not adept at deep throating….But never mind! Ms Blaze’s hot TS girlfriend, Rianna, is on hand to have her dick sucked, and the cocksucker may as well reveal his full potential. The ladies have him multitasking straight away: Lips wrapped around Blaze’s dildo, hands kneeding Rianna’s balls. Unfortunately, Rianna isn’t impressed by his multitasking talents, and her reservations prove justified once he moves on to sucking her cock and does a very lousy job indeed. He comes nowhere close to deep throating. Rianna departs, dissatisfied, while Kandy and Blaze put the lousy cocksucker back on a training regimen: Hand on the back of the head, pushing his mouth down on a dildo until he gags and splutters. It’s the only way he make him learn!

Mistress: Ms. Blaze, Mistress Kandy, Goddess Rianna
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Clubstiletto – Desperate Cocksucker Cleans Boots

Nothing turns on TS Mistress Rianna more than a slave dressed in a tight, humiliating outfit grovelling at her boots. The boot bitch is craving cock, but that doesn’t mean Rianna is going to give it to him! All he deserves is toiling over her boots and she refuses to even so much as lift her feet off the ground to enable him to worship her sexy boots. The slave must lift her feet of the floor himself and guide the stilettos into his mouth without a helping hand from Mistress. Slaves are meant to work, after all! As the slave is licking her footwear, Rianna removes her panties and begins to stroke her dick. The slave is making love to the heel of her boot, wishing it were her cock. If he’s lucky, Rianna will shoot a load of cum onto her boot and he can lick it up! Slaves are just the ticket for licking up dirty things, be it armpit sweat, asshole juice or tasting a Mistresses cock and balls. Speaking of which, Rianna forces the slave’s face right up close to her dick, and while he attempts to reach it with his his tongue, he is banished back to boot duty. Will this slave ever earn the right to taste her cock?

Mistress: Goddess Rianna
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