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Goddess Foot Domination – Submit to Get What You Want

Goddess Nadia is home relaxing when her step-daughter, Nikki, walks into the room dressed to go out. She was grounded for a week, so Goddess Nadia tells her there’s no way she’s getting away with it. Nikki’s begging give’s Goddess Nadia an idea, and she orders Nikki to her knees, commanding her to give her some foot worship. Licking her feet and kissing her toes, Nikki keeps insisting she should be allowed to go out, but Goddess Nadia has other ideas. She demands that her step-daughter strip out of her clothes, and tells her to continue licking her soles and sucking her toes. If she doesn’t listen, Nikki will be sent right back to her room. Goddess is so pleased with Nikki, even when she threatens to tell on her step-mom. Telling her step-daughter to lay on her back, she makes Nikki lick her soles as she tells her that being a good girl will earn her the outing she was begging for. Pinching her step-daughter’s nipples with the her long toes, Goddess Nadia giggles that she hopes Nikki’s date is worth this foot domination punishment, and gives her permission to go out.
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