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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna, Goddess Kylie – Beat A Bitch

Goddess Brianna and Goddess Kylie are ready to beat their bitch! He is bound to a large, wooden Saint Andrew’s cross and at the mercy of these two sadistic, superior Goddesses, each wielding heavy, leather floggers. Their bitch disappoints them, however. He isn’t worthy of even being their pain slut, and the Goddesses demote him to being their heel cleaning whore. Goddess Kylie tortures his pathetic pecker with the spike of her heel as Goddess Brianna pushes hers down his throat. It’s his fault for getting in this predicament… he should have known better than to disappoint women like these! With his slut mouth on Goddess Brianna’s sexy heels, the bitch spills his load almost immediately, without permission from either Goddess. His punishment is to clean his cum off the dirty dungeon floor with his tongue.
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