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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte and Gwen – Workers Worshiping Skills Assessed during Performance Review (Part 2) (1080 HD)

1080 HD In part 2 of this clip the shoes come off! Taylor must sniff the young intern’s socks and worship his boss’ feet. Office domination, chastity and financial domination throughout this clip. See complete version for full clip description.
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte and Gwen – Bored Brats Rinse a Sugar Dummy (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Charlotte and Gwen are bored. They are moping around in Charlotte’s bed. Charlotte really wants to go to the mall, but her credit card is maxed out. Charlotte thinks her sugar dummy might take them shopping, but she doesn’t want to have to spend time with him because he’s a loser. She explains the arrangement she has with the sugar dummy to Gwen. Then, decides to call the sugar dummy while he’s at work to see if she can get some money from him so that she and Gwen can shop. The sugar dummy answers his phone at work. Charlotte really lays into him about not paying off her credit card balance. The sugar dummy argues back that he did pay the balance off, but Charlotte must have racked it up again. Charlotte knows that what the sugar dummy is saying is true, but she still insists that she is right and he is wrong. The sugar dummy eventually starts to crack. He asks Charlotte what she wants to go shopping for. Charlotte lists off a huge list of items she wants to buy. Gwen lists off the things that she wants, too. The sugar dummy agrees to buy them some stuff, but he doesn’t want to go too crazy at the mall. Charlotte throws a tantrum. The sugar dummy breaks down and agrees to meet the girls at the mall. The girls laugh at how well Charlotte has worked over the dummy. But they don’t stop there. The brats actually call the sugar dummy back to demand that he bring his black credit card so that they can get a cash advance with it. This is a really great clip. You get to see how a real life Brat Princess financially works over a loser.
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Brat Princess 2: Gwen – Cuck Worships Feet Before Night Spent Under Bed (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Gwen makes her cuck take off her pumps and smell them before smelling her feet. She is wearing pantyhose and the pantyhose are damp with sweat. The cuck inhales the smell of Gwen’s sweat deeply. After the cuck has been intoxicated by the smell of her Goddess sweat, Gwen has the cuck remove her pantyhose. She commands the cuck to worship her perfect feet. The cuck sucks on Gwen’s toes and kisses all along her high arches. When Gwen is satisfied with the worship, she has the cuck lay on the floor. She smothers the cuck with her feet until it starts to get sleepy. Gwen tells the cuck to crawl under her bed. She’s going to have a real man come to the house to fuck her soon, and she wants the cuck to stay under her bed so it can listen to her get fucked. The cuck will be locked in chastity and forced to listen to its Goddess pleased by a superior male.
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Brat Princess 2: Charlotte and Gwen – Bar Loser Bullied by Bratty Roommates (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Bratty roommates Charlotte and Gwen invite a loser form the bar to come home with them. He probably thinks hes about to get a threesome, but really they just invited him over to humiliate him. After talking about the loser behind his back while hes in the bathroom, the mean roommates make the bar loser sit on the floor instead of next to them on the couch. We were curious, how big is your penis? Charlotte blurts out. Its small, isnt it. Gwen states. The loser just looks at the floor in shame without answering. Lets see it! Charlotte demands. The roommates make the loser stand and drop his pants. They point and laugh at the losers small penis. No girl will ever fuck you. Gwen tells him. Charlotte adds, The only thing youre good for is rubbing and kissing feet. Charlotte makes the loser sit on the floor and smell her feet. Come on loser, kiss my feet, show me how bad you wanted to fuck me tonight. The loser kisses Charlottes feet while Gwen giggles behind her hand. Charlotte and Gwen humiliate the bar loser by making him lick the bottoms of their feet. They remind him again and again that he will never fuck a girl like them while he worships. The roommates decide that they like humiliating the loser so much, they want to keep him in a cage, so that they can have him service their feet whenever they feel like it. They actually have been looking for a third roommate, and the bar loser will be perfect. He can pay 100 percent of the rent and all of the utilities and have the cage for his room. Of course, hell have to stay in chastity the entire time. Its only appropriate for a pin dick loser living with two hot women to be in chastity the entire time. The loser theyve found at the bar will make the perfect slave for them.
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Brat Princess 2: Gwen – Domestic Girl Services her Princesses Feet after All Night Date (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Gwen - Domestic Girl Services her Princesses Feet after All Night Date (1080 HD)

1080 HD: Goddess Gwen has been seeing a new boyfriend and this has made things very difficult for her servant girl, Devon. Gwen has a tendency to go out frequently on all night dates and return home in the early morning hours. She expects Devon to have her pillows fluffed and her bed ready no matter what time she returns form her dinner date. This is very hard on Devon, because it means she has to stay up all night and be at the ready for Gwens return. Devon hears her Princess heels click down the hallway and she hurries to fix Gwens bedding. Gwen returns to find Devon fluffing the pillows and is disappointed that her bed wasnt turned down hours ago, as it should have been. Shes so tired and the shoes she wore for her boyfriend were a bit tight, but so expensive and cute. Devon removes her Princess heels after her long night out. She helps Gwen disrobe from her beautiful cocktail dress. Gwen has established the pre bed ritual of having the servant girl massage, oil, and worship her feet after a long night in heels. Devon massages the oil into her Princess tired feet. After Gwens feet have been rubbed with oil, Devon worships them. She kisses the soles of Gwens perfect feet, all along her high arches. Devon bobs her head on Gwens big toe in a manner not unlike servicing cock. The perfection of Gwens feet is highlighted by the shine of the oil in the first light of morning. Devon looks up in adoration at Gwen as she worships her feet. When Gwen is satisfied with her foot worshiping, she dismisses Devon to go draw her a bath
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