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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Esmi – Hurry, The Professor is Cumming

Goddess Esmi is staying late after class, wearing only a tight, short, red dress and strappy heels hot enough to bring her professor to his knees. She noticed her teacher’s bulge as his eyes lingered on her sexy feet, and now he is at her mercy. He is all too eager to drop to the floor for his student and give her the control she demands, worshipping her greedy toes and sucking, kissing, and smelling her sweet feet. Goddess Esmi mounts the teacher’s desk and forces her him to fuck her soft feet, helplessly quivering as he rubs his cock against her pretty arches, desperate to cum before he is caught with his pants down and his hard cock pressed between her feet. She decides exactly when and where the professor will spill for his Goddess.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Esmi – Sinus Treatment JOI

You’re in need of a visit to a medical expert, and Dr. Esmi has an opening just for you. Her remedy for your stuffy nose is a bit.. unconventional. Goddess Esmi removes her sexy, black stilettos and forces you to inhale her dirty scent until your senses return. You’ll take deep breath after breath of her stinky soles, covering your face with her odor and tasting the sweat from in between her toes. Your doctor knows best, and breathing in her sweet essence is the only treatment for your painful, blocked sinuses. You’re her next patient. Are you ready for your appointment?
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Esmi – Co-worker in Chastity

Goddess Esmi takes her position at the office very seriously, demanding total submission from the weak men who work beneath her. In chastity for two weeks, she keeps her Employee of the Month under lock and key while he does everything and anything she asks of him. Goddess Esmi has complete control in getting exactly what she wants, and if her pathetic employee wants to keep from being replaced, he’s going to have to work for it–licking, sucking, and choking on her flawless, manicured feet. Spreading her thighs to tease you with her wet, swollen pussy, her employee begs to be released from his cock cage and finally allowed to cum. Goddess Esmi rewards her footslut’s hard work by milking her helpless co-worker’s sore cock with her sweet, soft feet before putting him right back into chastity where he belongs.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Esmi – You’re the Best Husband

Goddess Esmi, your beautiful wife, has spent all day cumming on the cocks of her strong studs while you work hard to bring her your fat paycheck. Now you’re home early and find her in bed, tired from getting fucked and still wearing her dirty, black lingerie and sexy stilettos. You’ve been such a giving husband that now she wants to give you a reward: letting you cum on her sweet little toes. Goddess Esmi wants to see you quivering with your cock in your hand while you smell and slowly lick her perfect feet and take her heel deep into your mouth. Being a good boy has earned you the privilege to cum, tonguefucking the tight space between her two soft arches before you’re finally forced to lick it all up off of her.
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Club Dom: Double Stuffed Bitch (Ass Fucking)/Esmi & May Strapon Fucking 2

Club Dom: Double Stuffed Bitch (Ass Fucking)

Goddess Esmi and Mistress May decide its time to double stuff this bitch. They make their slave Toby beg for big hard black cock. First they shove all 12 inches in his mouth telling him that will be the only lubrication used to fuck his man pussy. The more he protests the harder Goddess Esmi fucks him. The slave starts tying to creep away from the cock in his ass and she grabs him by his hips and slams him back down. Thrusting even deeper while Mistress May shoves all 12 inches of her black cock in the bitches mouth. The more he cries the harder he gets fucked.
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