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Cum Countdown – Goddess Dylan – My Little Maid

Goddess Dylan knows where to find you, in the kitchen cleaning like an obedient male. But she knows you want to cum so she will give you a chance to do so as she runs through your chores for the day.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Dylan – Edge That Cock For Me

Power is what Goddess Dylan enjoys, power over the males she owns. And of course the best way to demonstrate such power is with edging, allowing weak slaves like you to stroke their cock but not be permitted to cum until she says so.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Dylan – Worship My Pits

You adore Goddess Dylan so much that you will kneel, stroke and pay just to smell her armpits and inhale her delicious female essence. That’s fine by her as she likes having you addicted to all her scents and fragrances, it just makes it even easier for her to extract money from you.
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Cum Countdown – I’m Never Nice To You

Goddess Dylan is never nice to you because she doesn’t have to be. She knows you are just another male that is addicted to stroking his cock while being ridiculed, and she is happy to oblige so long as you pay her for the privilege.
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Cum Countdown – Working For Goddess Dylan

Cum Countdown - Working For Goddess Dylan

That’s the general dynamic between you and a pretty girl like Goddess Dylan. You work, and she snoozes. Being a paypig means you will do anything to please her, and anything to get permission to cum.
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Cum Countdown – I Don’t Fuck Losers Goddess Dylan

Cum Countdown - I Don't Fuck Losers Goddess Dylan

Goddess Dylan fuck a guy like you? Umm, no, there is little chance of that ever happening. That’s because she doesn’t fuck losers. However she will make you pay for the honor of having her control your orgasms. That she is more than happy to do with a loser like you.
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