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Goddess Foot Domination – Worship My Spandex Covered Ass and Barefeet

Goddess Briana is home after a long day of beating slaves, and needs her loyal foot fetish slut.She knows how much you love her delicious feet and her incredible body in all spandex. Her bare tattooed feet look so appetizing, but she instructs you to go slowly. Kiss every toe, each inch of her feet. She even indulges you, letting you touch her legs through the smooth spandex, before making herself comfortable. She tells you what a good slave you are, and how good it feels to come home to your devotion. She also knows how much you love to see her gorgeous ass in spandex, and give it attention with proper ass worship. You’re such a good slave! You feel so lucky with her bare feet and spandex-covered ass in your presence, and then she starts to give you jerk off instruction. Stroke your slave cock as you lick her wrinkly, soft soles. She’s pleased to see you excited by her feet and ass, so show her how you love her and rub your dick while you thank her for this treat. Smell her sweaty ass through the spandex and lick the bottoms of those amazing feet. You’re such a good pampering foot bitch, and you’re doing a great job. She loves to hear you sniffing her ass. It’s like a dream come true when counts you down to orgasm as you suck her toes. Spill your cum for your Goddess. Good boy, foot slave!
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