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Cum Countdown – Goddess Bella – Shower Goddess With Money

Goddess Bella has many human wallets around that world that she drains without pity. Whether it’s a cute bikini or pretty shoes, you know they were funded by slave labor like yours. Occasionally though your hard work does earn you the chance at orgasm privilege, will today be the day?
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Bella – It’s Time To Go Work For Me

The reason Goddess Bella is still in her sleeping outfit is because she’s not the one going to work today. Instead you are like a good piglet, as you wake up and haul yourself into the daily grind called a job. But at the end of the day all that money you earn goes to her, which always brings a big smile to her face.
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Cum Countdown – Goddess Bella – We Don’t Want No Short Men

Teeny weeny short dick men? Oh no, Goddess Bella has no interest in that, certainly not in her personal life. But short dick men like you do have a use, namely her amusement. That’s why you’re nothing but a slave to her as men with small cocks are meant to be controlled, humiliated and used.
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Cum Countdown – Double Foot Sandwich

What a hilarious sight, watching you choke on two feet. Goddess Bella knows you worship her feet but she will make it difficult for you as she makes you worship both of them like a double foot sandwich while you ridiculously stroke your cock.
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